Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Array Formations Three Volumes


“Old Wei has guarded here for thousands of years. Just this loneliness can match the people who died in battle back then.” Ye Yuan consoled him.

It was unlikely that Wei Xiao holed himself up inside this Grand Yan Space in order to avoid the chaotic war. He definitely had a role to fulfill.

Wei Xiao sighed again and said, “Since the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array is already broken, the Endless World will surely fall into a chaotic war again. But in this time and age, who can execute the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array once again? Forget it, forget it. This is already matters after one’s death. Leave it to you young people to worry about!”

His gaze turned to Ye Yuan and said again, “You’ve already seen through the second level’s array formation and found the Grand Yan Space’s entrance. This means that you’re a fated individual. My Grand Yan True Sect’s inheritance needs to rely on you to carry forward!”

Hearing Wei Xiao’s words, Ye Yuan’s expression unwittingly became odd again.

Back then, he wanted to obtain Lu Linfeng’s Formations Path Nine Scripts but did not get it. Who knew that vicissitudes of the world would change? He actually became his successor now, becoming his disciple.

If he met Lu Linfeng in the Divine Realm in the future, would he jeer at him or not?

Once he thought of that smug smirk of Lu Linfeng’s, the corner of Ye Yuan’s mouth involuntarily twitched.

When Wei Xiao saw Ye Yuan’s expression, he thought that Ye Yuan did not wish to receive the Grand Yan True Sect’s inheritance. He urged, “What is it? Could it be that you’re unwilling? Young man, do you know what my Grand Yan True Sect’s inheritance signifies?”

Ye Yuan smiled wryly and said, “Old Wei has already said before to Junior. How can Junior not know?”

“Since that’s the case, what misgivings do you still have?” Wei Xiao’s facial expression became somewhat unhappy.

When the Grand Yan True Sect was at its zenith, it was one sect with six sovereigns. Such a line-up was rarely seen since time immemorial too.

Such an amazing inheritance, giving it to others, they would have already been moved long ago until they were wailing inordinately. This brat actually had a face full of unwillingness.

Ye Yuan was filled with resentment in his heart.Even if you, old man, are a freaking genius, you also won’t be able to guess what scruples I have!

When he met Lu Linfeng that old man in the Divine Realm next time, did he have to go forward and give a deep bow and call him ‘Founding Father’?

Just thinking about it felt absurd!

If I dared to bow, would that old man dare to accept?

Better not say that. He might really . . . No, he would definitely dare to accept it!

Heh, screw him. If I behave shamelessly and refuse to acknowledge when the time comes, what can that old punk do to me?

“Old Wei misunderstood. You don’t know this, but this Junior is one of the Southern Domain’s Eight Great Sect’s Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple; someone with a master. I’m afraid . . .” Ye Yuan casually found a reason.

Old Wei did not become angry when he heard that. Instead, he nodded approvingly and said, “You respect your teachers and esteem truth, which shows that you, boy, are worthy of my entrustment! Don’t you worry, I don’t want you to enter the Grand Yan True Sect. But you have to promise me to definitely find a successor to pass on my Grand Yan True Sect’s Dao teachings!”

Ye Yuan was overjoyed when he heard that and said, “That’s of course! Junior thanks Old Wei first!”

Seeing Ye Yuan flowing with true sentiments, Wei Xiao lauded even more in his heart. It was hard to come by that this young man actually respected his master and teachings so much. He was surely an honorable person!

How could Wei Xiao know that Ye Yuan did not even have a sectarian bias in his heart at all?

He was fine with acknowledging anyone as master. Just so long as he did not have to call Lu Linfeng that old fellow ‘Founding Father.’

At the thought of that proud look from Lu Linfeng, Ye Yuan would feel abhorrence in his heart.

Since Ye Yuan did not need to enter the Grand Yan True Sect, then he naturally did not need to call him founding father. Ye Yuan obviously flowed with true sentiments.

But Ye Yuan was not that kind of faithless person. Things that he promised Wei Xiao, he would naturally accomplish them.

Wei Xiao waved his hands and said, “No need to thank me with words. For you to be able to pass through the layer upon layer of trials to arrive here means you’re the person selected by my Grand Yan True Sect. I waited for thousands of years here for your sake.”

“En?Old Wei’s meaning is that . . . the various types of array formations in this mystic realm was in order to select a successor?” Ye Yuan’s mind was astute. When he recollected everything that happened along the way, he involuntarily produced a hint of understanding.

Wei Xiao nodded and said with a smile, “That is so, of course! After the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array was completed, the sect master set up this selection method before passing! One who is able to pass through the layers of tests to enter here will be my Grand Yan True Sect’s successor!”

Ye Yuan could not help being filled with a vicissitude of emotions again. That generation’s Grand Yan True Sect Sect Master was indeed a prodigious talent. The ingenuity of his mind, the might of his strength, were matched by few.

The entire mystic realm was enclosed by the Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array. Firstly, it could prevent high-level martial artists from entering and destroying the seal. Secondly, it could lower the age and realm of the selected individual.

The Confounding Mist Forest was similarly extremely profound. Without exceedingly high array formation attainments, one would simply be unable to walk out of it. At the back, there was the even more powerful Absolute Blaze Barrier Grand Array, as well as seeking out the array formation for the third level’s entrance. Each layer was interlinked.

Although this level of design was a little brutal, it could genuinely select the person that the Grand Yan True Sect needed.

“It’s just that I never thought that the one who arrived here, in the end, would be a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist!” Wei Xiao shook his head and said with a smile.

“Oh?Is Old Wei looking down on me, this Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist?” Ye Yuan also said with a smile.

“Haha!You, boy, are quite persistent. I like that! But some things, you got to accept it even if you don’t want to. Your realm is too low. To be able to reach this place most likely has a large part to do with luck as well.”

Ye Yuan asked with a smile, “How so?”

Wei Xiao ignored Ye Yuan’s deriding look and continued, “Don’t be unconvinced. I know that your attainments in the array formations path likely isn’t shallow. But my Grand Yan True Sect’s pinnacle inheritance is the Array Formations Three Volumes. Before Founding Father Grand Yan True Lord ascended to the Divine Realm, he left this within the Grand Yan Space. It’s not some secret cultivation law, but it requires you to comprehend it yourself. Sect Master’s talent back then was immensely high. But even with Ninth Level Divine Traversing Realm cultivation, he only comprehended 50% of it. At your young age, do you want to challenge Sect Master?”

Ye Yuan chuckled but did not dispute it.

Although he knew that the sect master was a prodigious talent, Ye Yuan himself was likewise a peerless genius. This point, he had never humbled himself unduly before!

One was a lower plane’s pinnacle genius, while the other was a Divine Realm’s pinnacle genius. The two people were not even on the same plane to begin with!

Even if Ye Yuan refuted, Wei Xiao naturally would not believe either.

But the name of this Array Formations Three Volumes drew Ye Yuan’s attention.

He knew that Lu Linfeng’s greatest asset was the Formations Path Nine Scripts. Presumably, it was derived from this Array Formations Three Volumes!

This Array Formations Three Volumes should be Lu Linfeng’s pinnacle work before ascending.

It was just a pity that after he ascended, nobody else in the Grand Yan True Sect could reach his level anymore.

Of course, this was also a normal phenomenon.

After all, the Grand Yan Divine King, Lu Linfeng, was an existence that could laugh proudly and wander the Divine Realm as he pleased. How many people could measure up to his talent?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s disapproving look, Wei Xing unwittingly shook his head inwardly.

This Ye Yuan indeed had exceptional composure. But he was still young and spirited after all, and did not know the immensity of heaven and earth!

But . . . who was not young before?

Even the sect master at that time, didn’t he also fear nothing and no one?

Let this brat take a hit, then he will know and repent!