Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Nine Nine Return To One Crystal Formation Realm


Ye Yuan already laid his foundation extremely solid during the Spirit Condensation Realm. Breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm now was something that happened without effort.

Sometimes, breaking through realms also needed to be done in a single vigorous effort. Being overly cautious would adversely affect the success rate of breaking through instead.

When Ye Yuan broke through to the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he already accumulated this momentum to the peak condition.

Choosing to break through to the Crystal Formation Realm right now was the best option!

Nine-nine,181 spirit liquid drops seethed inside Ye Yuan’s dantian. Ye Yuan’s aura rose continuously without pause!

Under the guidance of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, these nine-nine, 81 spirit liquid drops, actually started revolving in high speed inside Ye Yuan’s dantian!

At this time, Ye Yuan did not compress the spirit liquid within his dantian but circulated these spirit liquid to let them swim inside his meridians!

The revolving spirit liquid gradually formed a vortex. The more it revolved, the faster it went! The more it revolved, the lesser it became!

That vortex shrunk at a speed discernible to the naked eye. All the spirit liquid transformed into essence energy inside Ye Yuan’s body and begun circulating.

Finally, that vortex shrunk to the limit, virtually disappearing.

“Nine-nine return to one! Condense!” Ye Yuan howled.

An extremely soft splitting sound seemed to have come from inside the dantian.

Looking over closely, Ye Yuan’s dantian actually had an additional extremely tiny crystal. And that crystal was still revolving at high speeds.

Right at this moment, the essence energy within Ye Yuan’s body just happened to finish circulating one complete cycle, returning to the dantian once more.

When the essence energy returned to the dantian, it was immediately drawn in by the crystal, circling one round around the crystal before flowing towards the meridians once again.

And at this time, that tiny crystal expanded by a bit!

“This brat, such a large commotion breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm?” Wei Xiao involuntarily furrowed his brows.

The essence energy inside the array formation poured into Ye Yuan’s body crazily, but Ye Yuan took it all in.

The essence energy was like floodwaters that opened the gate, filling Wei Xiao who was watching with apprehension.

Ye Yuan’s body was akin to a bottomless pit. No matter how the floodwater poured in, it could not be filled!

81 spirit liquid drops forming a crystal had probably never appeared before in the Endless World’s history. Therefore, Ye Yuan’s upheaval when breaking through appeared tpp outrageous in Wei Xiao’s eyes.

The frenzied essence energy kept circulating a great circulatory cycle inside Ye Yuan’s body without stopping. That small crystal was also expanding continuously.

Finally, after orbiting nine-nine, 81 great circulatory cycles, Ye Yuan’s aura withdrew abruptly, ceasing the frenzied absorption of essence energy.

And presently, a pale yellow crystal suspended peacefully in the center of his dantian.

Ye Yuan finally broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm!

Wei Xiao’s gaze grew intent, but he heaved a long sigh and muttered to himself,“Heh,this brat really succeeded! Seriously reckless!”

Ye Yuan also breathed a slow breath of turbid air but did not ease up.

To other martial artists, divine soul transformation was a very relaxed step. But to him, this was a deadly step!

Before long, the essence energy which had just calmed down became agitated again.

Ye Yuan’s mind suddenly burst in pain. The torment of the divine soul ripping apart came once again!

This sort of perverse transformation manner really made Ye Yuan feel like going crazy.

He knew that this kind of transformation was because of those golden texts inside his sea of consciousness. He also knew that he would obtain even greater benefits from such a transformation.

But the anguish experienced during this process was unimaginable by ordinary people!

This time, Ye Yuan was mentally prepared long ago. Clenching his teeth tightly, his pair of fists also balled up tightly.

Even so, a series of muffled groans was still emitted from his throat.

Right at this moment, that black bead which had been lying quietly inside Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness the entire time stirred!

The black bead quivered slightly and actually shook off some black powder.

When the black powder fell off, it instantly vanished.

Immediately after, Ye Yuan felt a trace of cool refreshingness coming from within his sea of consciousness. His head which initially felt like it was exploding actually did not ache anymore!

However, Ye Yuan could clearly sense that his divine soul was still being ripped apart.

The present Ye Yuan was like a spectator observing his own divine soul being torn bit by bit coldly.

Finally, those golden characters moved out!

These golden characters were like exquisite tailors, sewing up Ye Yuan’s shredded divine soul again. But there were no fissures at all!

“Huuuu . . .”

Ye Yuan spat out a long breath of turbid air. The divine soul transformation finally ended!

“What in the world is that black bead, to actually have such miraculous effects?”

As a Divine Realm’s pinnacle existence once, Ye Yuan actually had not heard of such a miraculous black bead before. It was clear that its origins were absolutely extraordinary!

It was just that from the surface, he simply could not tell this black bead’s value. It also did not have any unusual aspects.

If it were not sucked inside his sea of consciousness by the golden characters, he would probably have treated it the same as garbage and threw it aside, right?

Sensing the power belonging to Crystal Formation Realm martial artists, Ye Yuan felt like he was brimming with strength!

The crystal within Ye Yuan’s dantian was formed by the condensation of nine-nine, 81 drops of spirit liquid. The quality was much higher than the average First Level Crystal Formation Realm.

Disregarding all else, just talking about essence energy, Ye Yuan’s current First Level Crystal Formation Realm was not in any way weaker than the average Third Level Crystal Formation Realm!

When Wei Xiao saw Ye Yuan walk straight out of the hidden room, he could not help being stunned.

“Why did you come out so soon? You just broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm. Aren’t you going to consolidate your realm?” Wei Xiao asked puzzledly.

Most people would have to enter closed-seclusion for a period of time after newly breaking through realms to consolidate their realm. Who would exit seclusion directly like Ye Yuan?

“No need. Old Wei, thank you for your care these two days, but I’m still worried about my fellow apprentices, so I’ll bid my farewell here. No matter what, I have to confirm their life and death!” Ye Yuan said.

Wei Xiao said, “I can understand your feelings. But even if you broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm, leaving also can’t change anything, right? In my opinion, you should stay here to raise your cultivation well, and leave after reaching the Soul Sea Realm. Only this way will you have the strength for self-preservation in the war between two worlds!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “The Six Extreme Seals is unbelievably powerful. It can only be damaged further from Endless World’s side. But even if the seal was destroyed right now, the Fierce Gale World would not be able to launch a massive attack for some time too. Even if my fellow apprentices are no longer around, I also have to hurry back to the sect. I don’t wish for my friends to meet with any mishap!”

Wei Xiao sighed and said, “Since your mind is made up, I won’t hold you anymore. But since the passageway between the two worlds is already linked together, you have to take care of yourself after leaving.”

Finished talking, Wei Xiao brought Ye Yuan to a transmission array.

Ye Yuan bowed deeply in Wei Xiao’s direction and said his goodbyes, “Take care, Old Wei!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan stepped into the transmission array.

Ye Yuan’s eyes blurred, and when he reappeared, he returned to the second level of the Eternal Splendor Palace again!

Currently, the Eternal Splendor Palace was devoid of people, looking rather bleak.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate and walked directly towards the direction of the exit.

Ye Yuan was just about to go down one level when alarm bells suddenly sounded. A silhouette leaped out from the side. Who could it be but Lan Feng who was guarding here?

“You finally came out! I’ve waited for you for very long!”