Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 346

Chapter 346 Lan Yu


“You didn’t find them?”

Seeing Lan Feng’s expression, Ye Yuan immediately felt a foreboding feeling.

“This . . . Master had better ask him.”

As he spoke, a figure appeared in front of Ye Yuan. Who could it be but Pang Wannian?

It was just that his body was currently covered in wounds. His face was already swollen. Clearly, these few days had not been very pleasant.

The second Pang Wannian saw Ye Yuan, he felt a multitude of feelings surge up and tears gushed out.

But there was no longer much time for them to catch up. Ye Yuan said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Pang, keep things short. Lan Bao might have already returned to the Lan Family Tribe. We don’t have much time! Where did Elder Mei and the rest of the apprentices go?”

Pang Wannian was shocked and hurriedly said, “Elder Mei and the rest were escorted to the Central Capital. The Lan Family tribe members said that they were to be sold over there as slaves! Because I’m missing an arm, they felt that it’s unsightly. That’s why they left me in the tribe.Ohyeah, it’s the Lan Family Tribe’s patriarch who personally escorted them there!”

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted. This surprise thoroughly disrupted his plan.

“Why were the Lan Family Tribe’s actions so quick? They shouldn’t know that I’m coming to save them, right?” Ye Yuan said bewilderedly.

“Nothing to do with Master. It’s Lord Patriarch’s decision! The realm passageway is already linked together. He must report to Lord Wind Emperor at the first moment. Hence, he brought a portion of the tribe’s experts and master’s fellow apprentices and set off that very night to hasten to the Central Capital,” Lan Feng explained.


“Yes! The patriarch is the strongest expert in the Lan Family Tribe. The one and only Soul Sea Realm powerhouse! Our Lan Family’s mission is to guard the passageway between two worlds. Therefore, he dared not dawdle and had to report to His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, as soon as possible about this matter.”

Ye Yuan felt a wave of helplessness. Truly, plans could not catch up changes.

He thought that he could catch the Lan Family Tribe completely unawares and rescue his fellow apprentices away. Who knew that something like this would actually happen?

This way, his plan to catch them off-guard completely fell through.

Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, “Can’t stay here too long then. Since Elder Mei and the rest of the disciples have already been brought to the Central Capital, we still need to talk about this at length.”

Ye Yuan’s voice had yet to fade when a bugle call sounded from Lan Family Tribe a little way off!

“Not good! Lan Bao’s movements are too fast! Looks like he already discovered that something’s wrong with Lan Feng and is chasing over right now! Let’s leave quickly!” Ye Yuan said.

Lan Bao’s strength was a great deal stronger than Lan Feng’s. Even though Ye Yuan had broken through now, he still was not Lan Bao’s match.

Direct confrontation right now was not the move of a wise man.

Not far away, sand clouds billowed. The Lan Family Tribe was actually marching straight for Ye Yuan!

Wang Pannian was also very anxious when he saw the situation and said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, what should we do now? Flee in the direction of the Central Capital?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “No. We’ll flee towards the Level Four Gale Region! Lan Feng, you and Senior Apprentice Brother Pan enter the spatial artifact first!”

As he said, Ye Yuan transferred the pair into the spatial artifact. Tiptoeing, Spirit Void Shattering Space was executed, and he transformed into a streak of blue smoke that dashed towards the outer gale regions.

. . . . . .

15 minutes later, Lan Bao brought Lan Hu along with the rest and appeared at the place where Ye Yuan was at previously.

Lan Bao spat viciously and said gloomily, “Truly didn’t think that Lan Feng really turned traitor! Why?!”

Lan Hu remained silent. But another person beside Lan Bao said, “Lan Bao, there’s something I don’t know if I should say.”

That person was called Lan Yu; he was also a Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm expert like Lan Bao.

The patriarch brought along the experts in the tribe and left the Lan Family Tribe. He and Lan Bao became the ones with the greatest strength in the tribe.

“En?Lan Yu, what’s there not to say between us brothers?”

Lan Yu nodded and said, “When I saw Lan Feng earlier, I felt that something was amiss. But it was not obvious, so I didn’t pay much attention either. Looking at it now, he seems to have really . . .”

Lan Bao’s face darkened slightly. “Really what?”

“He seems to be . . . controlled by somebody! Thinking about it now, his eyes back then were rather slack; without that energy before. Because he said that he was previously injured by that Endless World brat, I didn’t pay much attention too,” Lan Yu said.

“Are you saying that he had a slave seal planted by someone?!” Lan Bao was shocked and enraged.

Lan Yu nodded his head and said, “Only that can explain why he would do such an abnormal action!”

“Impossible! That brat just broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm. How can he possibly plant a slave seal on Lan Feng?” Lan Bao bellowed at Lan Yu.

But the more he roared, the guilt-ridden he felt.

Lan Bao, Lan Hu, Lan Feng, and Lan Yun were cousins who grew up together since young. Their relationship was very good.

Now, hearing that Lan Feng actually had a slave seal planted by someone, how could he not be furious?

Lan Yu did not speak. He knew that Lan Bao actually already believed it in his heart.

Honestly speaking, he also did not think in this area when he saw Lan Feng.

Although he heard Lan Bao say before that Ye Yuan was terribly cunning, in Lan Yu’s impression, Ye Yuan was merely just a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist after all. How could he possibly plant a slave seal on a martial artist two major realms higher than him?

That was too preposterous!

But right now, this was the only explanation that worked!


Lan Bao half-kneeled on the ground and smashed a fist onto the ground. Yellow sand billowed up!

“Ye Yuan! If I catch you, I’ll definitely peel off your skin and pull out your tendons!” Lan Bao gnashed his teeth hatefully and said.

Lan Yu patted Lan Bao’s shoulder and said with a sigh, “Alright, now’s not the time to be saying this! Lan Feng’s aura vanished after he reached here. In my opinion, they are very likely to be carrying a spatial artifact on them. I asked the guards. When Lan Feng came out, he was alone. That one-armed slave is definitely hiding inside a spatial artifact!”

Evidently, this Lan Yu was able and shrewd. He was certainly an existence like an intelligent military advisor in the Lan Family Tribe. Otherwise, the patriarch could not possibly have put his heart at ease by leaving the tribe to him too.

In comparison, while Lan Bao’s combat strength was high, he was clearly slightly inferior in the wits aspect.

Being spoken to like that by Lan Yu, Lan Bao was shocked awake abruptly. He hurriedly said, “Right! The matter on hand right now is to capture that brat! I will definitely hack him into tiny pieces! He should already know that that group of apprentices of his was already brought to the Central Capital. I’ll bring men to chase after in that direction right away!”

As he spoke, Lan Bao was about to bring men and head in the direction of the Central Capital.

“Hold your horses!” Lan Feng said.

“En?What?” Lan Bao asked questioningly.

Lan Yu said, “Although I’ve never met that Ye Yuan, but from what you said, this boy is bound to be crafty and resourceful! What we can think of, he can surely think of it too! If we head in the direction of the Central Capital, it might just be exactly what he wants!”

“You mean . . . he’s headed for the Level Four Gale Region?” Lan Bao said puzzledly.

Lan Yu nodded his head and said, “I’m 80% sure! At this time, smart men won’t go towards the direction of the Central Capital! That’s no different from seeking their own doom! How about this, I’ll go back and bring a Fierce Wind Vulture over. But, only you alone can pursue him.”