Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 350

Chapter 350 Comprehending True Intent Again


Lan Bao ran wildly as if he was crazy, wanting to find Ye Yuan’s silhouette.

But it was as if Ye Yuan disappeared into thin air. No matter how he let out his sense, there was nobody all around.

“Argh!Ye Yuan! Get out here for me!” Lan Bao howled like a wild beast.

There was still nobody that answered him. It was as if he was the only person left in the entire world.

Lan Bao gave up all hope!

He racked his brains and also could not figure out how the hell Ye Yuan disappeared!

Ye Yuan had clearly been inside his perception the entire time. Why did he vanish all of a sudden?


From the corner of his eyes, Lan Bao seemed to have discovered something.

Walking closer to take a look, he noticed that the ground was spotted with blood!

“Haha! Turns out that he overestimated his own strength and was blown away by the gale winds! Really gave this Father of yours a fright! But . . . even if you’re dismembered by the gale winds, I also want to see your corpse!”

The bloodstains on the ground had yet to dry. Clearly, it had just dripped. There were only Lan Bao and Ye Yuan, these two people. Who could the bloodstains be but Ye Yuan’s?

Seeing this pool of bloodstains, Lan Bao finally heaved a great sigh in relief.

This situation reversed too quickly, making a Sea Transformation Realm expert like Lan Bao feel very out of sorts.

He was still waiting in hell earlier. Now, he flew to heaven all at once.

Looking around, Lan Bao finally found another area of bloodstains and could not help being ecstatic. He started following the direction of the bloodstains and chased over!

. . . . . .

Those bloodstains were indeed left by Ye Yuan. His body was covered all over with wounds left by wind blades!

His arms, legs, chest, back, and even his face had streaks of bloodstains. These were all wounds left by the wind blades.

Ye Yuan’s clothes were already fully soaked in fresh blood, looking horrifyingly ghastly!

But Ye Yuan seemed to be completely oblivious to all this; like he could not feel pain.

At this moment, Ye Yuan was not running on land but was swept up into the air by the gale winds!

Ye Yuan’s body drifted far along with the fierce winds just like a piece of paper, seemingly as if he already lost control of his body and could only submit to the whims of the wild storms.

But looking over closely, Ye Yuan’s body seemed to be swaying slightly with a rhythm.

Although that extent was very tiny, small until it could be overlooked, he was indeed moving!

If Lan Bao was present, he would surely jump out of his skin!

Because Ye Yuan already withdrew protective essence energy! He was currently completely unprotected! Taking off protective essence energy in the Level Five Gale Region, this was no different from suicide!

The all-pervasive wind blades would mince martial artists into meat paste anytime.

Even for Fierce Gale World martial artists who lived each day in the gale winds, nobody dared to do so too!

But not only did Ye Yuan did it, he even stubbornly survived until now. Although the wounds on his body looked very dreadful and shocking, it was beyond all doubt that he was still alive!

. . . . . .

Lan Feng chased the bloodstains all the way. The initial exhilaration became doubt. Then, it turned into a foreboding feeling!

The deeper in, the more intense that ominous feeling got.

Evidently, Ye Yuan did not die!

If Ye Yuan really lost resistance, he would be diced into pieces by these materialized wind blades very soon.

And the bloodstains on the ground were only some flecks and spots. It looked rather like it dripped from some minor wounds.

And along the way as he tracked, he discovered that the bloodstains on the ground were becoming lesser and lesser!

When he had just started, there were bloodstains the size of two palms on the ground. Later, it gradually became one palm size. Then, to the back, there were only bloodstains the size of a chicken egg.

What did this show?

It showed that Ye Yuan’s wounds were currently healing!

Lan Bao sucked in a deep breath and forcefully mustered up essence energy to increase speed and hunt him down!

He wanted to see just what deceitful trick Ye Yuan was deliberately doing.

Half a day after entering the Level Five Gale Region, Lan Bao finally saw Ye Yuan who was drifting in the air!

When Ye Yuan appeared in front of Lan Bao, words were really unable to describe the astonishment in his heart.

The bloodstains on Ye Yuan already dried up. But that miserable feel came from straight ahead.

Except, Lan Bao could not become happy at all when he saw Ye Yuan’s tragic appearance.

Because that was not the main point!

The main point was that Ye Yuan was actually comprehending the Concept of Wind in the Level Five Gale Region!

Comprehending the Concept of Wind by itself was not something impressive. One could say that Fierce Gale World martial artists have been comprehending the Concept of Wind without a moment’s pause since birth.

But there had never been anyone who would use this sort of insane method to comprehend concepts!

Removing protective essence energy to let their bodies be fully exposed to the gale winds. Nobody dared to try this kind of suicidal cultivation method!

Ignoring that this was the Level Five Gale Region, even at the Level Four or even the Level Three Gale Region there would not be people doing this sort of thing!

But Ye Yuan did it just like that!

Not only did he do it, he even survived proper and well until now!

This was truly something beyond understanding!

Without essence energy protecting the body, how did Ye Yuan avoid those countless streaks of concentrated wind blades?

When Lan Bao saw Ye Yuan’s movements clearly, his pupils involuntarily constricted!

Ye Yuan’s body was swaying about in an extremely tiny range. And each time he swayed, he could evade the wind blades skillfully!

With Lan Bao’s visual prowess, he actually could not see clearly just how Ye Yuan avoided it!

But undoubtedly, the wind blades that were everywhere and that could only be withstood using protective essence energy in his eyes, Ye Yuan could avoid them niftily!

Those wind blades could not harm Ye Yuan!


A wind blade cut Ye Yuan’s body. Ye Yuan furrowed his brows in pain. Several drops of fresh blood flowed down his body!

Seeing this scene, Lan Bao’s heart plummeted.

He plainly saw earlier that when that wind blade arrived in front of Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan already had nowhere to evade.

But the final outcome was that . . . it just left a trivial wound on Ye Yuan’s arm!

And just in that instant earlier, there were no less than several hundred wind blades that attacked Ye Yuan. But only this one wind blade left a shallow wound on Ye Yuan’s body!

“No way! I can’t let him continue to comprehend! Take this chance to kill him!”

Lan Bao had an ominous feeling. He decided to make a move!

The next instant, Lan Bao’s Sea Transformation Realm aura abruptly erupted. Only to see his body transform into an afterimage, sweeping over towards Ye Yuan in mid-air!

“Tumultuous Violent Wave! Go die, Ye Yuan!”

An extremely violent punch, formidable until it made people feel stifled.

But Ye Yuan in mid-air seemed to still be immersed in the world of comprehending the Concept of Wind and was oblivious to Lan Bao’s attack.

Lan Bao’s explosive power was extremely strong and his speed was also exceedingly quick. His figure crossed a distance of several hundred feet in a blink of an eye and arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

Powerful essence energy undulations blasted away all those materialized wind blades, forming a vacuum zone without wind blades!

One could imagine just how formidable the might of this fist from Lan Bao was!

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan who had his eyes shut the whole time suddenly snapped them open. Looking at Lan Bao, the corner of his mouth showed a derisive smile.

Lan Bao was shocked inwardly and immediately felt that things were not going well.

Indeed, he only felt a blur before his eyes. Ye Yuan’s figure vanished from sight!

“You came at such a perfect timing. I can test the Wind flow True Intent that I’d just comprehended!”

It was as if Ye Yuan’s voice came from hell.