Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 352

Chapter 352 Objective Central Capital

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With Lan Bao’s death, Ye Yuan’s tightly wound nerves relaxed immediated.

But it was only to see his legs turn to jelly. Even standing upright was actually quite strenuous.

The few days of sprinting at his limits already wore Ye Yuan’s body and mind out immensely. At this moment, he could not sustain any longer.

Lan Feng’s figure suddenly appeared. He was startled when he saw Ye Yuan’s condition and hurriedly supported him.

Having the slave seal planted, all of Lan Feng’s words and actions centered around Ye Yuan and did not have his own personality.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s all scratched up appearance, Lan Feng felt concern from the bottom of his heart.

“Are you alright, Master?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said weakly, “Bring me out.”

Lan Feng nodded and piggybacked Ye Yuan towards the Level Four Gale Region.

. . . . . .

Two days later, somewhere in the Level Four Gale Region, an essence energy tempest towered to the skies, isolating the biting cold gale winds.

Around an hour later, the essence energy tempest dissipated, revealing a white-clothed youth with glimmering eyes and an imposing aura!

This white-clothed youth was precisely Ye Yuan!

Although these few days of pursuit was impossibly arduous for him, it was also a valuable gain.

The pursuit-evasion journey these seven days and nights not only let him comprehended the Wind Flow True Intent, it even let his realm reached the Peak First Level Crystal Formation Realm inconspicuously.

Hence, after he recuperated from his injuries, Ye Yuan chose to break through directly!

The Ye Yuan who had just broken through to the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm had his essence, energy, and spirit reached peak condition, sweeping away the dispiritedness previously.

The body that was initially riddled with injuries by the gale winds was also already completely recovered now.

Those scars on his face had already vanished fully right now, he seemed the same as usual.

But having been through such fierce consumption, Ye Yuan’s Condensed Fragrance Pills and Haste Pills were pretty much all expended entirely.

A Condensed Fragrance Pill was a Tier 3 essence energy recovery medicinal pill. It was unbelievably marvelous, much stronger than ordinary Tier 3 Qi Returning Pill.

If he did not have Condensed Fragrance Pills earlier to replenish essence energy, Ye Yuan would have been caught up by Lan Bao long ago.

It was also relying precisely on the Condensed Fragrance Pills and Haste Pills, these two types of heaven-defying Tier 3 medicinal pills, that Ye Yuan dared to play such a great chasing game with Lan Bao; he won in the end.

“To think that the Concept of Wind and Concept of Fire would actually have such formidable offensive power when combined! It’s just a pity that I only comprehended the Transmission True Intent for the Concept of Fire. If I comprehended the Scorching True Intent, the power should be able to rise another level! Indeed, the effects of merging true intent are even stronger!” Ye Yuan mused to himself.

When facing off with Lan Bao previously, luck favored Ye Yuan as he had an inspiration and thought about incorporating the Concept of Wind into the Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon. He did not think that it would garner an unexpected effect!

The so-called ‘fire borrowed the power of wind, and wind aided the might of fire’ was this logic.

The Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon’s offensive power during an instant was even stronger than the Thousand Flowing Petals!

Thousand Flowing Petals combined both offense and defense, belonging to the pure killing people with blades type. Furthermore, Thousand Flowing Petals could attack in a variety of ways and was exceedingly hard to fend off.

In comparison, Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon was a pure offensive type martial technique!

As long as Ye Yuan’s finished casting it, its instantaneous offensive might would be remarkably powerful. This point could be seen from Lan Bao’s end.

“Looks like . . . much still remains to be accomplished on the road to comprehending concepts!” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

Wanting to become a Divine Realm’s peak existence, comprehending concepts was a path that had to be taken!

Ye Yuan knew for a fact that the Ten Great Divine Kings were all martial artists who comprehended at least three kinds of supreme true intent!

And he only just comprehended one kind of supreme true intent’s elementary form up till now. Saying that much remained to be accomplished was expected.

It was just that if Ye Yuan let the Ten Great Divine Kings hear his words, they would probably cough up blood on the spot.

When they were at Ye Yuan’s age, forget about supreme true intent, they might not even have touched upon the boundaries of true intent.

And Ye Yuan already comprehended four types of true intents, and fused two of them into the elementary form of a supreme true intent!

Such monstrous talent, even the Ten Great Divine Kings would feel deeply ashamed.

While Ye Yuan had knowledge surpassing this plane and also the experiences of a Divine Realm’s Alchemy Emperor, these were insufficient to let him comprehend true intent so quickly!

Ye Yuan relied entirely on his effort and talent to be able to comprehend four kinds of true intents!

. . . . . .

Seeing Ye Yuan finish breaking through, Lan Feng who had been protecting by the side the whole time came forward and said, “Congratulations to Master on the breakthrough!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and asked Lan Feng, “How far is this place from the Central Capital?”

Lan Feng said, “Replying master, this place is still the Level Four Gale Region. If without flying spirit artifacts, rushing to the Central Capital will probably need several years!”

“En? Why is it so far? Lan Bao and I ran for six days and nights and finished running through the Level Four Gale Region. Reaching the Central Capital actually requires several years?” Ye Yuan asked puzzledly.

He only used six days to finish running through the Level Four Gale Region. So he felt that the Fierce Gale World’s area should not be large.

Looking at it now, it was not what he had actually imagined!

“The Fierce Gale World’s broadest expansive regions are the Level One and Level Two Gale Regions, followed by Level Three Gale Region. The vast majority of the Fierce Gale World’s inhabitants also stay in these regions. In the Level Four Gale Region, there are virtually no signs of human inhabitation. And the Level Four to Level Nine Gale Regions added together is roughly the size of the first three Gale Regions. Moreover, the Level Four Gale Region is actually just a transition zone. The land area is not vast. Hence, Master only used six days to finish running it,” Lan Feng explained.

Ye Yuan only saw the light now. “So, that’s how it is! Then, are there any places nearby with transmission arrays leading to the Central Capital?”

Since walking on foot took too long, they obviously could only go through transmission arrays.

Lan Feng said, “Fierce Gale World’s formations path is undeveloped. The tribes in the vicinity with transmission arrays leading straight to the Central Capital, as far as I know, there’s only the Lan Family Tribe.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and was not surprised by this. Since the Lan Family Tribe was left here by the previous Wind Emperor to guard the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array, having a transmission array leading to the capital was very normal.

“Since direct travel won’t work, do a layover then. Can’t be that there aren’t mid-way transmission arrays, right?”

“Of course there are. Some of the slightly larger tribes nearby have transmission arrays leading to the Level One region.”

“Alright then. You bring me to a tribe that’s relatively easy to talk to. Hmm . . . should I disguise myself?” Ye Yuan asked.

Ye Yuan’s outfit and skin color had a clear difference from Lan Feng’s. One look and they could tell that he was not a Fierce Gale World native. Ye Yuan naturally had this query.

But Lan Feng said, “No need. The Level One Gale Region’s gale winds won’t be so strong like the outer boundaries. Everyone’s living conditions are comparatively much better. Many of the noble family’s juniors in the Central Capital are the same as master; all very refined people and won’t be rugged like us. Master just has to change into Fierce Gale World’s attires and other people won’t become suspicious.”

Ye Yuan caught on and changed into the clothes inside Lan Feng’s storage ring. His entire person’s demeanor took on a new feel; decreased a few parts of elegant air, increased in some unyielding feel.

The two people got their belongings in order and were just about to set off for the Level Three region when all of a sudden, a battle cry sounded.