Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Saving People


Human figures swarmed together, kicking up clouds of yellow sand.

Five Crystal Formation Realm martial artists were currently in the midst of a fierce battle with a gigantic scorpion.

The five martial artists were all late-stage Crystal Formation Realm; there were three Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm, one Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm, and a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm.

But very clearly, the peak Tier 3 giant scorpion’s strength was above these five individuals.

The five people fought while running. Their bodies all had injuries, appearing very pitiful.

“Younger Sister Yan, you quickly bring the Violet Illusion Blood Ginseng back to the tribe! We’ll hold back this damn fellow!” said a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm with the greatest strength as he pushed a girl out of the battleground.

The one called Sister Yan was the only female among these five people. This Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm clearly wanted to protect her.

“How can that do! This Crimson Tailed Scorpion is almost about to evolve to become a Tier 4 demonic beast. You guys are completely not its match!” Sister Yan said in near tears.

The Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist gritted his teeth and said, “Quickly leave! If all of us die here, what about Young Patriarch!”

When Sister Yan heard these words, her face showed conflict as she stood on the spot at a loss on what to do.

The young patriarch was the number one genius in the tribe. If he died because of her, then even a hundred deaths could hardly absolve her from the blame!

But to let her abandon her comrades and flee for her life alone, Li Yan could not do it.

That Crimson Tailed Scorpion’s strength was very powerful. Her four companions were all dancing with death. Even Li Hong who was the strongest could not fend it off either.


A Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm was struck in the chest by the Crimson Tailed Scorpion’s giant pincers, flying out backward.

When Li Yan saw this scene, she clenched her teeth and charged back in!

When Li Hong saw Li Yan join the battlefield again, he could not help flying into a thunderous rage, roaring, “Li Yan! What are you doing?! Do you know that young patriarch’s life and death is all in your hands?!”

Li Yan held back her tears as she said with a stubborn face, “I’m not leaving! Big Brother Hong, you cared for me since young and concerned yourself with me. Asking me to leave you guys and escape with my life alone, I can’t do it!”

“You! I’m really exasperated to death by you! Be careful!” Li Hong swung his longsword, deflecting away the Crimson Tailed Scorpion’s giant pincers, saving Li Yan’s life.

Li Hong gave a sigh and said, “Forget it. Come on back then. Meet the attacks carefully! The three of you restrain it. I’ll circle around to it’s flank and attack it; I’ll strive to deal it a lethal strike!”

. . . . . .

The five people’s full attention was on fighting the Crimson Tailed Scorpion and was completely oblivious that not far away, there were two people currently observing them.

“Lan Feng, quickly go and finish off that Crimson Tailed Scorpion,” Ye Yuan commanded Lan Feng.

“Yes, Master!” Lan Feng acknowledged with a bow and vanished like a gust of wind.

And right at this moment, Li Hong finally reached around to the Crimson Tailed Scorpion’s side, looking for a gap to attack the Crimson Tailed Scorpion’s soft spots.

But just as Li Hong finished making an attack, the Crimson Tailed Scorpion’s tail appeared before Li Hong like ghosts and goblins!

Li Hong’s expression changed drastically but wanting to change his move at this time was already too late.

Li Yan and the rest also saw this scene and could not help but shout in despair, “Big Brother Hong!”

The Crimson Tailed Scorpion’s tail was its strongest weapon. But up till now, this was the first time it used this lethal weapon.

The result was predictable!

Li Hong was aware that he could not escape this catastrophe and shut his eyes painfully.

At virtually the same time, Li Hong felt an extremely powerful force graze past his ear. He snapped his eyes open, then saw that Crimson Tailed Scorpion being smashed flying into the air!


A strong breeze swept by. A blurry silhouette passed by his body, dealing yet another punch to the Crimson Tailed Scorpion in the air!


The Crimson Tailed Scorpion was sent flying again!

Lan Feng followed up once more and punched again!

This time, the Crimson Tailed Scorpion finally ceased any movement. It did not even let out a squawk before being disposed of by Lan Feng.

When Li Hong saw this scene, he was first flabbergasted, following that was wild elation!

At the life and death juncture, he was actually saved!

“Thank you very much for Senior’s life-saving grave! This junior is Li Hong. These are my clansman. The five of us are people from the Cloud Prancing Tribe. I wonder which tribe senior came from. We’ll surely pay a visit and thank this favor!” Li Hong brought Li Yan and the rest to bow towards Lan Feng.

Lan Feng had the air of an expert currently as he waved his hand and said, “You all don’t need to thank me. The one who saved you isn’t me; it’s my master.”

Li Hong was secretly taken aback. But verbally, he hastily said, “I wonder who is Senior’s master . . .”

To be able to use a Sea Transformation Realm expert as a servant, he surely had a powerful background!

Lan Feng said coolly, “Follow me.”

Li Hong and the rest naturally did not dare to defy and kept in pace with Lan Feng.

Before long, a 15 to 16-year-old youth appeared in their sights.

This Li Hong was evidently somebody who had experienced the world. Seeing Ye Yuan, he hurriedly bowed, “This lowly one, Li Hong and clansmen, give thanks to Young Master for your life-saving grace.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said indifferently, “Just some simple help. Which tribe are you all from?”

“Replying Young Master, we’re from the Cloud Prancing Tribe,” Li Hong said respectfully.

When facing Ye Yuan, Li Hong did not know why, but he actually felt a powerful pressure.

Originally, he revered out of gratitude. But now, it was awe that came from the depths of his heart.

This feeling was very absurd. Why would a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm sense pressure in front of a Second Level Crystal Formation Realm?

This young man was not simple!

“Does your tribe have a transmission array?” Ye Yuan asked directly.

Li Hong was stunned. Clearly, he did not think that Ye Yuan would have such an inquiry. But Ye Yuan was their savior. He naturally would not hide the truth.

“Where does Savior want to go? Our Cloud Prancing Tribe is the largest tribe in the circumference of 10 thousand miles. We naturally have a transmission array,” Li Hong said.

“I came out from the Central Capital to temper myself. Now that the trial period is already over, I want to return close to the Central Capital. I wonder if your tribe can allow for this convenience?” Ye Yuan casually made up a reason.

Li Hong hesitated slightly before saying, “Not hiding from Benefactor, only the patriarch can make the decision to allow outsiders to use the transmission array. The few of us dare not speak rashly. But Benefactor saved us, which is the same as saving Young Patriarch. I believe that the patriarch will definitely approve. I wonder if . . . Benefactor can come back to the Cloud Prancing Tribe with us?”

“Oh?Why do you say that?” Ye Yuan asked out of curiosity.

“Young Patriarch is the strongest person in our Cloud Prancing Tribe’s junior generation. Originally, his strength stood head and shoulders above all others with the air of a great general and was the idol and goal for our junior generation. But a month ago, his temperament suddenly changed drastically. He lost all appetite and shut himself in his room all day. Half a month later, he fell ill and was confined to his bed. Now, he’s already at death’s door. We set out on this trip in order to seek out the Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng to refine for him the Blood Cleansing Pill. That’s how we got into this hunt and almost lost our lives. Benefactor saved the five of our lives which is naturally tantamount to saving Young Patriarch’s life!” Li Hong clarified.

“Sudden temperament change? Lost all appetite?” Ye Yuan ruminated on the symptoms that Li Hong said.

It was very clear that his old weakness surfaced again.

“Yes. Is it possible that . . . Savior knows this illness?” Li Hong enquired.

Ye Yuan diverted the topic by laughing and saying, “Since you guys are here for the sake of saving your family’s young patriarch, then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and go!”