Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Trouble Comes Knocking


Reaching the Level Three region, the gale winds were noticeably weaker.

The human martial artists living in this region were mostly living in a tribal manner.

Ye Yuan rode on a miniature spirit boat. After two days of flying, he finally arrived at the Cloud Prancing Tribe.

Along the way, Ye Yuan poked around and got the information that the Cloud Prancing Tribe was very far away from the Lan Family Tribe and completely could not extend here. This made him set his mind completely at ease.

“Young Master Ji, ahead is our Cloud Prancing Tribe,” Li Hong pointed a little way off and said.

The Lan Family Tribe all knew Ye Yuan’s identity. Ye Yuan obviously would not use his real name and walk around. Hence, he gave Li Hong a fake name.

Of course, it could not be counted as fake either, because Ji Qing, this name, was also considered Ye Yuan’s real name.

Ye Yuan naturally saw the Cloud Prancing Tribe too, because this tribe was much bigger than the Lan Family Tribe, looking rather like a small town in the Endless World.

Once they entered the tribe, a rather primeval aura reached his face. Ye Yuan had to admit that the Fierce Gale World’s living conditions were indeed overly grueling.

Li Hong and the others brought Ye Yuan straight to the patriarch’s compound. But the scene before their eyes made them dazed. A foreboding feeling welled up in their hearts.

Gazing over, white silk hung everywhere outside the compound. It was actually the manner of having a funeral.

Li Yan’s tears already flowed down uncontrollably.“Sniff, sniff,is Young Patriarch . . .”

“Shut up! Young Patriarch will step into the Soul Sea Realm in the future and inherit the patriarch position. How can he possibly die?” Li Hong said through clenched jaws.

In truth, he already knew too. Holding a funeral procession at this time, it was almost certain that something happened to Young Patriarch. It was just that he was unwilling to admit it verbally.

Right then, seven to eight people suddenly walked out of the mansion. All of them were in mourner attire.

The face of an elderly person at the front darkened when he saw Li Hong and company. He said to the group of people behind him, “Come, men! Take down these five rebels for me!”


The seven to eight people behind him acknowledged right away and was about to come forward to arrest Li Hong and the rest.

Li Hong’s expression changed, and he said furiously, “Elder Zhu Shan, the five of us are loyal and steadfast to the tribe! When did we become rebels?!”

Zhu Shan smirked coldly and said, “Loyal and steadfast?Harrumph!I think that you have ulterior motives! Young Patriarch was terminally ill, and we asked you all to go hunt for medicinal herbs separately. In the end, the other three groups all returned on time. Only the five of you took so long to come back, causing Young Patriarch to leave this mortal world! Li Hong, do you still dare to say that you’re not rebels?”

“What?! It’s really young patriarch?! No way, impossible . . .” Li Hong muttered under his breath.

Confirming the news of young patriarch’s death from Zhu Shan’s mouth, Li Hong’s entire person was overwhelmed.

“Humph!What’s impossible?! Before the five of you set off, Master Dao Yuan repeatedly urged you all to absolutely bring back the Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng within two days. But you actually delayed for a full two days! The Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng is one of the most crucial spirit medicines. Without it, Master Dao Yuan also can’t make something out of nothing! In the end, last night, Young Patriarch, he . . .”

Talking up to here, tears also coursed down Zhu Shan’s old face. Clearly, he felt great pain towards Young Patriarch’s passing.

An elderly man was already filled with such bitter grief, let alone the others. Li Hong and the others already had tears flowing down their faces long ago.

This Zhu Shan’s excuse was impeccable from the very start. Even Ye Yuan was also hoodwinked.

The lifesaving spirit medicine did not arrive. Zhu Shan arrested Li Hong and four in his rage. This was also human nature.

After all, to the Cloud Prancing Tribe, Young Patriarch was their future, their hope.

But right when tears were flowing down Zhu Shan’s old face, a young man behind him sold him out.

The others were still fine, but the excitement and exhilaration on the youth’s face could not be concealed no matter what. To this end, he even lowered his head, fearful that others may discover it.

It was just that this scene was captured by Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan did not say anything much. This was other people’s family affairs after all. He, an outsider, naturally could not poke his nose in. But it left a mark in Ye Yuan’s heart.

After all, his goal was still to borrow the use of the transmission array.

Li Hong, Li Yan, and the rest took a blow from this news. Their minds were already in kind of a stupor long ago.

“We’re at fault, we’re really guilty! It’s all our fault that we didn’t bring the Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng back in time! Except . . . Elder Zhu Shan, can you let us see the young patriarch for one last time?” Li Hong said agitatedly.

But Zhu Shan snorted coldly and said,“Humph!Young Patriarch was our Cloud Prancing Tribe’s future. You committed such a heinous crime against him and still have the face to see him? Aren’t you all afraid of profaning him and letting him unable to get peace in death?”

Zhu Shan’s words struck the heart word by word. With him saying that, how could Li Hong have the face to go meet Young Patriarch a final time?

Seeing that his words already took effect, Zhu Shan said to the people behind him again, “What are you all still standing there for? Quickly take them down!En?Hang on! Who are these two people?”

Actually, Zhu Shan saw Ye Yuan and Lan Feng long ago. He only pointed the spearhead to Ye Yuan at this time.

He did not pay heed to Ye Yuan. It was just that Li Hong they all actually brought a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm back. This made Zhu Shan rather fearful.

Zhu Shan’s words made Li Hong feel frightened in his heart. He only remembered that Ye Yuan was still by the side at this time.

Causing Young Patriarch’s death already made him unbelievably guilty. If he even implicated his savior, he would really find it hard to absolve his sins even with a hundred deaths.

“Elder Zhu Shan, the five of us met a Crimson Tailed Scorpion on the brink of advancing in the Level Four gale region. Fortunately, Young Master Ji rescued us. I request for Elder Zhu Shan not to make things difficult for him.” Li Hong hurriedly explained.

Who knew that Zhu Shan’s face changed and he said grimly, “You all are clearly aware that the tribe is facing troubled times right now. You actually still dare to bring outsiders over?! In my view, they are highly suspicious! Did you all purposely collude with outsiders to harm Young Patriarch?”

“How can Elder Zhu Shan say such things? The five of us are staunch and steadfast to Young Patriarch. This point, Patriarch can stand witness! Young Master Ji and us really just met coincidentally! I hope that Elder Zhu Shan can let them leave!” Li Hong was taken aback as he said.

“Humph!Young Patriarch’s ailment is originally very odd already. The cause still hasn’t been found out up until now. Young Patriarch just passed away last night, and you guys brought outsiders to the tribe. It’s seriously too suspicious! The way I see it, it’s still better to keep the two of them here! If investigations reveal in the end that they really have nothing to do with Young Patriarch’s death, we’ll naturally let them leave!” Zhu Shan said.

Ye Yuan’s eyebrows furrowed. He did not find trouble, but he did not think that trouble still came knocking.

Immediately, he said icily, “Keeping us here also has to depend on whether or not you have this capability!”

Zhu Shan smiled coldly and said,“Heh heh,revealed your true colors? If you don’t have any ulterior motives, why would you be afraid of us investigating? Looking at your appearance, are you planning on resisting stubbornly to the end? Isn’t it just a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm? How can our Cloud Prancing Tribe be unable to even bring out a couple of Sea Transformation Realms?”

Ye Yuan was just about to speak when Li Hong resolved his heart and blocked in front of Ye Yuan!