Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 355

Chapter 355 You Can't Accompany Him Even If You Die


“Elder Zhu Shan, Young Master Ji is my, Li Hong’s, savior! I can’t let you bring him away!” Li Hong said firmly.

When these words from Li Hong came out, Li Yan and the others also slowly shifted their feet to block in front of Ye Yuan.

Seeing this sight, Ye Yuan felt rather surprised.

Originally, him saving Li Hong and the rest was just a matter of convenience. Li Hong agreed to bring him here to use the transmission array. It was also considered a fair deal for both sides.

Ye Yuan and the Cloud Prancing Tribe had no connections at all. He naturally did not wish to be involved in their domestic affairs. Moreover, he was in a rush, so he was disinclined to bother with these things.

He initially planned on teaching this Zhu Shan a lesson before leaving the Cloud Prancing Tribe. But he did not think that this Li Hong was so loyal.

Since that was the case, there was no harm in him meddling in this side business.

Seeing Li Hong’s actions, Zhu Shan did not get angry but was delighted instead. But his face had a furious look as he said, “Li Hong, is this you steeling your heart to revolt?”

“Why does Elder Zhu Shan say so? I, Li Hong, am a member of the Cloud Prancing Tribe in life, and a ghost of the Cloud Prancing Tribe in death! It’s just that to let me watch helplessly as my savior is thrown into jail, I can’t do it!” Li Hong said without being servile or disrespectful.

“Fine! Since that’s the case, then don’t blame me! All of you listen up! Li Hong colluded with outsiders and caused Young Patriarch’s death! In the name of elders, I command you all to execute the five of them!” Zhu Shan said grimly.

Li Hong’s expression changed. He moved his lips wanting to explain but ultimately did not say anything. Instead, he turned around and said to Ye Yuan with a bitter smile, “I’m so sorry, Young Master Ji! I didn’t think that I’d implicate you two to be wronged unjustly! The deaths of the five of us are insufficient! Lord Ji Feng, please hurry up and bring Young Master Ji away from here!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You fools. Other people are exploiting your loyalty to eliminate dissidents and you all still stupidly deliver yourselves to the door to let them kill you.”

Li Hong was stunned and asked uncertainly, “What do Young Master Ji’s words mean?”

Ye Yuan waved his hands but did not clarify his words. Instead, he said, “You don’t bother with what my words mean first. Bring us to see that young patriarch.”

Not that Ye Yuan did not wish to talk, but it was not convenient for him to say some things right now.

The matter within a tribe, if he, an outsider, talked too much, he would invariably be suspected of sowing discord, and it would be hard to avoid drawing suspicions.

In addition, Zhu Shan stated categorically that he and Li Hong conspired to cause young patriarch’s death. These words became even harder to say.

“But Young Patriarch already . . .” Li Hong’s face dimmed.

Ye Yuan patted Li Hong’s shoulder and said smilingly, “Take a look first, then talk! You guys and Young Patriarch were as close as brothers. Can’t be that you’re not even going to see him one last time, right?”

Being patted by Ye Yuan, Li Hong finally mustered up his courage and nodded his head fiercely.

“Even if I get smacked to death by Patriarch in one slap, I also have to give Young Patriarch a kowtow!” Li Hong said.

Finished talking, he turned to Zhu Shan again and said, “Elder Zhu Shan, please let me go and give Young Patriarch a kowtow and admit my fault. I’ll commit suicide before him to apologize for my offense!”

Ye Yuan was stupefied but did not say anything. With him making a move, Li Hong might not even get a chance to commit suicide!

“Taking your own life to apologize for your crime? Bringing these two outsiders? You aren’t trying to wreak havoc in the mourning hall, are you?! What are you all waiting for; get to work!” Zhu Shan said.

“Stop!” Just as everyone was about to make their move, a voice barked.

When Li Hong saw the arrival, his face involuntarily showed great ecstasy. “Elder Li Min!”

Li Min nodded slightly and said to Zhu Shan, “Patriarch asked them to go inside and explain the reason. If there really was an intentional delay, punishing them then won’t be too late.”

Finished talking, Li Min turned right around and went in.

Li Hong was overjoyed when he heard this. With Patriarch’s order, he believed that Zhu Shan would not dare to say anything else.

Zhu Shan’s face was green as he looked at Li Min. Clearly, he did not think that Patriarch already knew what transpired outside the door.

. . . . . .

The group entered the inner hall. A coffin was placed in the center of the inner hall. Inside should be the young patriarch.

The moment Li Hong and the rest saw Young Patriarch’s coffin, they immediately lost control and burst into tears, kneeling in front of the coffin.

“Young Patriarch, it’s all Li Hong’s incompetence! I killed you!” Li Hong, a grown man, cried like a baby.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he also knew that Li Hong and this young patriarch were as close as brothers.

Zhu Shan also followed in at this time. But he smiled coldly when he saw this scene and said, “Li Hong! Stop acting! I’m afraid that Young Patriarch’s illness was caused by you from the start, right?!”

“Zhu Shan, don’t jump to conclusions! Lord Patriarch will naturally make a decision!” Li Min frowned and said.

Before Zhu Shan spoke again, an old man at the helm opened his mouth and said blankly, “Little Hong . . . you come over.”

This old man was shockingly a Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse. It was just that his complexion was very haggard and he looked downcast.

The voice was not loud, but Li Hong’s body suddenly trembled and he stopped crying too.

“Lord Patriarch, Little Hong . . . is guilty! Little Hong came late!” Li Hong said as he kneeled onto the ground with a slam, choking through sobs as he took out the Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng.

The patriarch sighed lightly but did not take the Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng. Instead, he said, “Little Hong, I’m the one who watched you and Little Yang grow up. I know your feelings. It’s just that this time . . .sigh. . . tell me the process of how you guys obtained this Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng.”

Li Hong nodded and recounted the course of events on how they obtained this Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng, including the matter of Ye Yuan saving them.

When Li Hong was talking, the old patriarch lifted his head slightly to take a look at Ye Yuan but did not say anything.

“This means that you all didn’t delay even for a moment?”

“Patriarch, Li Yang and I regard each other as brothers. He was gravely ill and on the verge of death. How can I dare to delay at all? It’s just, I didn’t think that . . . I was still a step too late in the end!” Li Hong said with a face full of self-condemnation.

At this time, another elder sitting at the head snorted coldly and said, “Li Hong! This step too late of yours is so coincidental! Little Yang he just passed away last night, and you brought outsiders to the tribe today!”

Li Hong eyebrows knitted when he heard that and was just about to speak. But he heard the patriarch let out a sigh and said, “Little Hong, after Little Yang breathed his last yesterday, the Elders Association made a decision . . .”

The patriarch did not say the words at the back. But everyone present all knew what he was going to say.

Evidently, the Elders Association already set his crime, pinning Li Yang’s death all on Li Hong’s head.

Li Hong sucked in deeply, stood up, and slowly walked before Li Yang’s coffin, and said slowly, “Li Yang, we practiced swords together since young, stole Lord Patriarch’s medicinal pills together, and fought together. I didn’t think that you would leave first today! It’s all this Brother’s fault! I didn’t bring the Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng back in time! But, I absolutely didn’t betray you! The sky and sun bear witness! Li Yang, I’m coming to accompany you!”

Finished talking, Li Hong revolved essence energy and smacked a palm towards the top of his skull!

When Zhu Shan and Zhu Tian watched this scene, the corner of their mouths showed a pleased sneer.

But right when Li Hong’s palm was about to touch his crown, a figure appeared beside him like a ghost.


Li Hong’s hand was hit away!

“Young Master Ji! Why did you stop me?!” Li Hong exclaimed in surprise.

Ye Yuan smiled lightly. “You can’t accompany him even if you die.”