Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 359

Chapter 359 Paying Back In His Own Coin


Within Zhu Yun Manor’s hidden room, Vice-Patriarch Zhu Yun’s eyebrows were locked tightly, appearing very somber.

“Oh,Dao Yuan, where did this boy come from? How can he have such capabilities? That Li Yang was clearly already dead. How can he possibly have resurrected?” Zhu Yun opened his mouth to ask.

Master Dao Yuan similarly had knitted brows and was very gloomy. “That boy’s finger technique is unbelievably profound. It’s indeed rather odd! But . . . he only opened up the obstructed meridians in Li Yang’s body and let him revive for the time being. My Mind Loss Powder is incurable. Li Yang can last for at most another two days. He still has to die!”

Zhu Yun’s eyebrows raised up. “Dao Yuan, is what you said true?”

“Of course it’s true! Mind Loss Powder is colorless and tasteless, a type of poison that paralyzes a martial artist’s nerves. It’s simply incurable! I made Li Hong and the others go seek out the Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng just to find a scapegoat to help you all clear away some obstacles! In fact, what antidote is there?” Dao Yuan said, brimming with confidence.

“Then that’s good, that’s good! As long as Li Yang dies, the title of number one genius in the tribe will fall on Little Tian’s head. The next patriarch will incontestably be him!” Zhu Yun let out a sigh in relief.

Zhu Shan gritted his teeth and said, “It’s all that damn punk. Otherwise, our plan would have already succeeded. Now, many unexpected complications cropped up! After Li Yang dies, I must think of a way to kill him!”

Dao Yuan immediately concurred, saying, “That’s right! That boy is sinister as hell. He mustn’t be kept! We have to think of a way to kill him!”

Being threatened by a junior, Zhu Shan and Dao Yuan were both filled with pent-up anger. Furthermore, their plan was originally flawless but was ruined by Ye Yuan. How could this not infuriate them?

Zhu Yun clearly did not have much of a favorable impression of Ye Yuan too. He said indifferently, “Relax. As long as Li Yang dies, Li Teng would completely not be in the mood to bother with tribe matters. At that time, wanting to deal with a brat, wouldn’t it be effortless?”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The secret room’s door was knocked on violently.

Zhu Yun’s brows furrowed, appearing rather annoyed.

“Little Tian, this boy, is always so quick-tempered. How will he take on great responsibilities in the future?”

As he spoke, Zhu Yun causally fired out a blast of essence energy. The secret room’s door opened on its own.

The moment the door opened, a fretful looking Zhu Tian barged inside. “Father, disaster is imminent!”

Zhu Yun said impatiently, “Talk slowly, what’s the hurry? The sky hasn’t fallen yet!”

Zhu Tian said anxiously, “The sky has already fallen! Li Yang, he . . . he . . .”

Zhu Yun frowned and said, “What about Li Yang? He died?”

“Aiya!Li Yang didn’t die! He was saved by that punk!”


“Li Yang was brought back to life by that punk!”

Zhu Tian repeated again. Dao Yuan and Zhu Shan stood up.

“How is that possible?! My Mind Loss Powder is absolutely foolproof! Even I don’t have the antidote. Where did they get the antidote? This is impossible!” Dao Yuan said incredulously.

“What do you mean no antidote?! There’s news from over there that Li Yang has already completely recovered! Now, they are all praising Ji Qing that punk the miracle hand of god over there; a living divine doctor!”

Zhu Tian was full of indignation. The young patriarch position that reached his hands was going to be handed over so quickly. How could he not be depressed?

Zhu Yun did not speak. His eyebrows locked tightly as he paced around inside the room.

After some time, he suddenly looked at Zhu Tian with shining eyes and asked, “You said just now that news came from over there. Is it not confirmed yet?”

“It was said by the undercover that we arranged inside the Patriarch Manor. The news can’t be wrong!” Zhu Tian said.

“Then, did he see Li Yang?” Zhu Yun pressed on.

“Uh,that’s a no! But he said that he saw that after Li Teng and Li Hong walked out of Li Yang’s room, they were grinning from ear to ear. Following that, this news was announced. It shouldn’t be wrong! Now, Li Teng regards Ji Qing as a distinguished guest and nearly praised him to the skies! Looking at the momentum, it’s about to surpass Master Dao Yuan!”

Zhu Yun did not say any more but exchanged a look with Dao Yuan and asked, “How do you see it, Dao Yuan?”

Dao Yuan was originally very nervous too. But hearing Zhu Tian’s words, he relaxed.

“In my view, Li Yang wasn’t revived at all! How can the poison of the Mind Loss Powder be so easy to resolve? Even if that child started learning the alchemic path in his mother’s womb, it’s also not possible to have the ability to resolve the Mind Loss Powder poison. If Li Yang is really fine, Li Teng should be taking care of him at this time, not entertaining Ji Qing with great fanfare! But . . . Li Teng might have already detected our affairs!” Dao Yuan said.

Zhu Yun nodded and said with a sigh, “I was his assistant for so many years. Already reached this extent and he’s still unwilling to let go! Him doing this is forcing me to take action!”

Zhu Tian was at a loss listening by the side. He totally did not know what these two were talking about.

“Heh heh,he’s the one forcing us! Originally, I didn’t plan on taking action this early either. But since it already reached such an extent, the first to strike naturally has the advantage! Moreover, we have already been preparing for several years. How can he arrange anything appropriate in a short duration of time?” Zhu Shan said with burning eagerness.

“Uh,Father, what are you all talking about? Are you going to make a move?” Zhu Tian had a baffled look.

Zhu Yun looked at this son and did not know what he should say either.

Zhu Tian was indeed preceded by Li Yang in terms of martial strength. But in terms of wits and stratagem, Li Yang tossed him several streets behind!

Zhu Yun could only control his impatience and explained, “Li Yang wasn’t resuscitated at all! In fact, he’s already dead! The reason why Li Teng is entertaining Ye Yuan with such a great fanfare is because he became aware of our intentions and wants to soothe us first, and to make us not dare to take reckless actions so that he can arrange for a backup plan to deal with us!”

Only then did Zhu Tian come to a realization. He said excitedly, “Turns out that Li Yang is dead already!Haha!From now onwards, I’m the number one person in the Cloud Prancing Tribe’s junior generation!”

But Zhu Yun ignored him and said to Zhu Shan, “Gather all of our men. Tonight, at midnight, we’ll sneak into the Patriarch Manor silently and utterly crumble Li Teng’s forces!”

“Yes!” Zhu Shan accepted the order and left.

. . . . . .

Midnight, a group of experts silently sneaked into the Patriarch Manor.

Zhu Yun and Li Teng, the two of them established the Cloud Prancing Tribe together. Zhu Yun might even be more familiar with the Patriarch Manor than his own home.

In terms of martial strength, Zhu Yun and Li Teng, the two of them were around the same; they were both at the Peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm.

But tonight, Zhu Yun brought a number of experts forth. Just the Sea Transformation Realms had four people!

Five versus one. With a sneak attack, he, Zhu Yun, could not possibly lose.

As long as he took down Li Teng, the Cloud Prancing Tribe would naturally fall into his hands.

The group of people sneakily entered the courtyard and started to creep towards Li Teng’s residence quietly.

But as they walked, they discovered something off.

Zhu Yun discovered that they had already walked for a very long period of time. Why was it still so far away from Li Teng’s residence?

Zhu Yun turned back around and could not help being greatly startled. The few people that he brought here were all missing!

“Sh*t! We walked into a trap!” Zhu Yun felt that things were bad.

But right at this moment, Patriarch Manor suddenly became brightly lit. A large group of people appeared in front of him!

“Lord Vice-Patriarch, why aren’t you sleeping at home late at night but come here to wander around instead?” Ye Yuan asked Zhu Yun with a grin on his face.