Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Lesser Confounding Formation


Zhu Yun’s expression changed. He saw one familiar face after another.

Li Teng, Li Hong, Li Min, so on and so forth. Of course, there was Ye Yuan.

When his gaze landed on Li Yang’s body, it involuntarily shrunk! Ji Qing that punk really cured Li Yang!

Also, no clue whether Ye Yuan did it deliberately or not, but he stood at the forefront; a certain distance away from the rest.

Zhu Yun originally already despaired. But seeing this, he was secretly thrilled.

“Seeking death!”

Zhu Yun erupted suddenly and clawed at Ye Yuan’s throat. He wanted to hold Ye Yuan hostage!

But when he arrived in front of Ye Yuan, he immediately felt that things were not good. It was as if Ye Yuan did not see him. He actually did not evade or dodge!

There was a blur in front of Zhu Yun’s eye. He actually passed directly through Ye Yuan’s body and could not help being greatly alarmed!

“Lord Vice-Patriarch is really composed in the hour of peril. To actually still think of taking me hostage. However . . . you won’t have the opportunity.” Ye Yuan still stood at his original spot as he looked at Zhu Yun with a wide smile.

How could the grand array that Ye Yuan spent a full day to set up be easily broken by Zhu Yun?

To be able to make Ye Yuan spend an entire day to lay it out, the power of this grand array could be imagined.

This array formation was born out of none other than precisely Lu Linfeng’s Asura Confounding Array!

Ye Yuan called it, Lesser Confounding Formation!

Although the name sounded very ordinary, its power was remarkably terrifying!

The complete Asura Confounding Array was an illusionary killing formation. Forget about Sea Transformation Realm martial artists, even if the Fierce Gale World’s Wind Emperor, a Boundless Realm powerhouse, entered within, it would also be certain death!

Back then, if the Grand Yan True Sect’s sect master could comprehend this set of array formation, he completely would not need to sacrifice the entire sect to protect the Endless World. He could directly use this grand array to trap the Fierce Gale World’s Wind Emperor to death!

Although Ye Yuan comprehended this set of array formation, he could not even unleash 0.1% of its power.

Hence, he blazed out a new trail, stripping away the illusion formation within this set of array formation and lowered the difficulty; that was this Lesser Confounding Formation before their eyes!

Even so, this also took Ye Yuan one full day!

Looking at it now, the effects were rather decent. The Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm Zhu Yun trapped within could not figure out the direction at all.

This array formation did not have the effect of killing people. It was just a pure trapping formation. But wanting to come out was as hard as ascending to heaven!

The terrifying aspect of this Lesser Confounding Array laid here: I stood right in front of you, but you could not see me!

Zhu Yun gnashed his teeth hatefully and roared, “Stinking brat! I’ll kill you!”

Zhu Yun pounced at Ye Yuan desperately. But Ye Yuan was like the moon reflected on the water; he was completely unable to touch Ye Yuan!

The current Zhu Yun was just like a monkey being teased.

“Stop wasting strength. You can’t hit me,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

After flopping around for a long time, Zhu Yun himself was dead exhausted. But he did not even touch Ye Yuan’s clothes and was unbelievably disheartened.

At this time, Li Teng slowly walked out, came in front Zhu Yun, and said,“Sigh. . . old chap, why did you do this?!”

Zhu Yun looked at Li Teng, his state like he was insane as he said,“Hahaha!Li Teng! Are you pitying me now with the attitude with a winner? I don’t need it!”

Li Teng sighed again and said, “Old partner, the two of us have teamed up for several hundred years. How many trials and hardships have we experienced together? How many times have we braved untold danger? So many years of feelings, did you forget them all?”

“Don’t give me that crap! Li Teng, you still have the nerve to say this to me! In terms of contribution to the Cloud Prancing Tribe, how am I, Zhu Yun, inferior to you in any way? Why is it that you can be the patriarch, while I can only listen to your commands by the side?”

Li Teng shook his head and said, “If you wanted this patriarch position, you could have just told me. Why did you have to lay hands on Little Yang? You know that he is my lifeblood, but you resorted to such vicious means to your nephew! If not because Little Hong was fortunate enough to bring back Young Master Ji, Little Yang would have already been killed by you! You watched him grow up! How could you bear to do it?!”

“Humph!Why? You suppressed me my entire life. Could it be that I even have to let my son be suppressed by your son his entire life? I don’t need to be the patriarch, but I cannot tolerate my son being beneath others too!” Zhu Yun bellowed.

But at this time, Ye Yuan interjected, “That son of yours has great ambition but little talent, and lack morals and character. Wouldn’t let him be the patriarch be bringing the entire tribe towards the abyss? People can be selfish, but don’t tie others onto your selfishness! The other people in the tribe are innocent. Why should they be buried with the dead for your selfishness?”

Ye Yuan’s words struck Zhu Yun’s sore spot. He howled at Ye Yuan, “Who do you think you are?! To dare come and lecture me?!”


A crisp sound echoed!

Zhu Yun’s face took the blow solidly!

Although Ye Yuan’s slap was no different from scratching an itch to him, that sort of humiliation was even clearer than the sensation from the body.

“Such a smelly mouth!” Ye Yuan said icily.

“ARGH!I’m going to kill you, boy!” Zhu Yun howled at the skies.

But it was all futile. He simply could not hit Ye Yuan.

“Old Man Patriarch, finish him off. This fellow is unrepentant. There’s nothing much to be attached to,” Ye Yuan said apathetically.

But Li Teng furrowed his brows at this time, appearing to be hesitating.

“Indecision invariably leads to trouble. Leaving this kind of person, apart from bringing your tribe towards decline, there’s no use at all!” Ye Yuan said.

Li Teng mused for a long while. Sucking in a deep breath, he slowly walked towards Zhu Yun . . .

. . . . . .

Inside the Patriarch Manor’s inner hall, Li Teng brought Li Yang to give Ye Yuan a deep bow.

“Many thanks for Young Master Ji’s great kindness! If not for Young Master Ji, us father and son would probably have met with an unexpected calamity!” Li Teng said.

In his speech, Li Teng was filled with respect towards Ye Yuan.

Disregarding other things, just that incomparably profound array formation filled Li Teng with endless dread.

Zhu Yun and his strength did not have a very large difference. If without the Lesser Confounding Array, blood would surely flow in the Cloud Prancing Tribe like rivers this time.

Now, to be able to resolve the infighting with unstained swords, it was naturally a happy ending.

“Many thanks for Young Master Ji’s grace of resurrection! Speaking of which, our Li Family’s disciples, from top to bottom, owes Young Master Ji far too much! It truly makes Li Yang petrified!” Li Yang followed up.

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said with a smile, “You all don’t need to thank me. If you want to thank, then thank Li Hong. Initially, I was disinclined to bother with this side business of yours. But that boy is very silly and very naive, which stirred my sympathetic heart.”

As a matter of fact, Li Hong was much older than Ye Yuan. But Ye Yuan calling him boy actually had no unaccustomedness whatsoever.

“Sigh!My Cloud Prancing Tribe’s lives from top to bottom were all saved by Young Master Ji. In future, as long as Young Master Ji has any instructions, our Cloud Prancing Tribe will definitely not hesitate to lay down our lives if need be!” Li Yang said.

One had to acknowledge that this Li Yang was much stronger than Zhu Tian. When talking, he gave people a spring breeze-like feel. It was also no wonder that he could subdue the hearts of the Cloud Prancing Tribe’s junior generation.

Ye Yuan smiled and waved his hands, saying, “There isn’t a need to lay down your lives. You just have to lend me the transmission array to use. I’m in a bit of a hurry so I won’t delay. Let’s depart now.”