Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Martial Competition To Find A Spouse


The passageway between the two worlds was already at a state of heightened nervousness. There were constantly people patrolling.

Lan Yu brought Lan Hu along and were currently making their rounds when Lan Yu suddenly said, “It’s been so many since Lan Bao left, but there’s no news. I’m a little worried.”

Lan Hu was taken aback and said, “No way, right? Big Brother Lan Bao’s strength is extremely great. How can he possibly lose to a brat that just broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm?”

“I also don’t feel that it’s very likely. But if he dealt with that Ye Yuan, he should have returned long ago!” Lan Yu said with a frown.

“Or maybe he was delayed by some matter along the way.”

Lan Yu shook his head and said, “This matter cannot be treated lightly! We’d better send people to the Central Capital to warn Lord Wind Emperor. I reckon that Lord Patriarch should have already brought the advance party over. That batch of slaves is most likely already sold off. Lan Hu, I’ll have to trouble you to make this trip.”

Lan Hu mused a moment and nodded, saying, “Okay. What should I say when I see Lord Wind Emperor?”

“Tell the truth! But, you have to let Lord Wind Emperor know the formidability of this boy. With Lord Wind Emperor’s wisdom, catching a puny little Crystal Formation Realm is naturally nothing much!”

“Fine. Then, I’ll depart right away!” Lan Hu did not drag either and left as he spoke.

. . . . . .

Wind Raising City.

It was one of the four great cities surrounding and protecting the Central Capital!

After entering the Level One region, there would be many cities that existed.

Each city would have wind expelling formations. Martial artists living in the cities was not too different from the Endless World. It was just that inside the city, an inch of earth, an inch of gold. Ordinary martial artists simply could not bear the costs inside the city.

The final destination of all the transmission arrays in the peripheral was these four great cities.

Inside a restaurant in the Wind Raising City, a young man was currently eating while listening to the conversations of the surrounding martial artists.

“Have you all heard? After four thousand years, the realm passageway between our Fierce Gale World and Endless World finally opened up!” A middle-aged martial artist flaunted this news to his companions.

Indeed, once he said that, it immediately aroused everyone’s interest. “Endless World? What kind of place is that?”

“Stupid! Since it’s called a world, it’s naturally a small world like our Fierce Gale World!”

“Ah!It’s actually this case! Doesn’t that mean that we no longer need to live in this wind and sand anymore in the future?”

“Hehe,that’s of course! Lord Wind Emperor allegedly already deployed forces to prepare to invade the Endless World en masse! At that time, not only do we no longer need to live in this wind and sand, we can enjoy limitless beauties and essence crystals!” The middle-aged man was already fantasizing about the beautiful life.

“How do you know this news? Is it reliable?”

“Absolutely trustworthy! My elder brother is a guard in the Central Capital’s Xiao Family. Two days ago, he just happened to come to Wind Raising City to settle some business and told me this news. Definitely won’t be wrong! My brother said that the Xiao Family even bought two Endless World slaves. Each one of them looked so delicate and tender; much better looking than our Fierce Gale World’s people!” The middle-aged martial artist bragged.

Hearing these words, the eyes of the youth eating at one side involuntarily flickered.

This youth was precisely Ye Yuan who had just entered the city not long ago!

After leaving the Cloud Prancing Tribe, Ye Yuan and Lan Feng transited midway once more and had just arrived at Wind Raising City yesterday.

Ye Yuan knew that teahouses were places where information converged. Hence, he came today to see if he could hear some news relating to Mei Zhen and the rest. To think that he really heard some juicy details.

It was just that this bit of news was still too little of value to Ye Yuan.

Approaching the capital, it was inconvenient for Ye Yuan to bring Lan Feng around. By any chance that there were Lan Family members who had not left and they discovered it, the problem would be huge.

Ye Yuan savored a sip of tea and was somewhat gloomy.

Experts roamed like clouds in this Central Capital. Wanting to rescue his fellow apprentices was really as hard as ascending to heaven!

But for the Wind Emperor to launch a war between two worlds, he was bound to transfer large numbers of experts out. This was an opportunity to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was presently being dejected by himself when the people at that table conversed again.

“Speaking of the Xiao Family, have you heard? The Xiao Family’s little princess, Xiao Ruyan, is about to hold a martial competition to find a husband. Our Wind Raising City has a registration venue. I heard that Xiao Ruyan is beautiful like a heavenly fairy. If I can get close to her, I can really even die willingly!” The middle-aged man had an idiotic look.

“Save it! Their family’s martial competition to find a spouse, the first requirement is to be under the age of 30. You’re already out!” Another person dealt a blow.

“Sigh,you’re not fun at all! I heard my brother say that he once saw Miss Xiao Ruyan and was immediately awestruck by her fairy-like looks! A beauty like that, don’t you wish to?”

“Rubbish. Who doesn’t like beautiful women? But they and we are people from completely different worlds. It’s best to not have these rotten ideas. Either way, I’ll also join in the fun when the time comes!”

At this time, Ye Yuan suddenly moved closer and asked, “This Elder Brother, such a formidable family like the Xiao Family, why would their own missus have to hold a martial competition to find a spouse?”

That middle-aged martial artist shot a glance at Ye Yuan and said disdainfully, “What? Do you also want to join in the fun with this strength? I think you should forget it! Those participating in the spouse finding martial competition at the minimum requires Late-Stage Crystal Formation Realm strength. You, this Second Level Crystal Formation Realm, once you go up, you’ll be beaten to death by others right away.”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said,“Haha,Elder Brother is mistaken. This Younger Brother is from out of town and doesn’t know much about the capital’s matters. So I want to understand more. It also counts as seeing the world.”

As he spoke, Ye Yuan fished out a middle-grade essence crystal and stuffed it into the middle-aged martial artist’s hand.

That middle-aged martial artist’s brows shot up, and he immediately switched to a smiley face as he said,“Haha,it’s indeed a good thing for young people to see the world more. You asking me also counts as asking the right person! The Xiao Family is just a second-rate family in the capital. In terms of power, they are inferior to the first-rate families, the Huang Family and Xue Family. A year ago, the Huang Family and Xue Family proposed marriage at the same time to the Xiao Family, wishing to marry this Xiao Ruyan. The Xiao Family didn’t dare to offend either one of them. They dragged until now where it really can’t be dragged anymore. So they could only come up with this strategy to organize a spouse finding martial competition. While it’s a spouse finding martial competition, in truth, isn’t it still the struggle between the two Huang and Xue families? How can ordinary martial artists be the two family’s match?’

Ye Yuan saw the light and said, “Then judging by what elder brother said, didn’t this spouse finding martial competition become ornamental? There shouldn’t be anyone who goes to register, right?”

“Heh heh,then you guessed wrong! Do you see this street filled with young men? They are all targeting Xiao Ruyan!” The middle-aged martial artist said with a snicker.

“You don’t understand this, right? Xiao Ruyan is known as one of the two absolutes in the capital. Which man under the heavens doesn’t wish to obtain her beauty? Even if they know that they are just serving as a foil, as long as they are martial artists of the right age, they will chase after like a flock of ducks! Furthermore, for martial artists such as ourselves, once we marry Xiao Ruyan, it will be soaring to the sky with a single move! So, do you think they will participate or not?”