Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 362

Chapter 362 Dont Reveal Ones Wealth

Chapter 362: Dont Reveal Ones Wealth

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“Turns out that there’s still so many stuff to learn!” Ye Yuan had a face like he learned things.

“Haha. Young man, you just entered the Jianghu. Although your strength is still decent, there are still many things to learn! Otherwise, you’ll even be counting money for people after being sold!” The middle-aged martial artist then chortled.

Ye Yuan smiled and agreed. He did not feel like arguing. He already obtained all the information he wanted and also had a preliminary understanding of the capital’s faction division.

Thinking now, this first-rate family should be the top tier major influence in the capital. As for those like the Xiao Family, they might be a level weaker.

As for the spouse finding martial competition, Ye Yuan naturally did not have plans to participate. He did not wish to marry a woman he did not know.

Although he knew that he would definitely get first place if he went.

Martial artists under the age of 30 in the Fierce Gale World were at the very most First Level Sea Transformation Realm. With Ye Yuan’s present strength, it was still more than sufficient to defeat a First Level Sea Transformation Realm.

Leaving the inn, Ye Yuan did not plan on staying in Wind Raising City any longer and headed directly out of the city in the direction of the capital.

But before traveling for long, Ye Yuan’s path was obstructed by three martial artists.

“Hehe, boy, didn’t think that we would meet again so soon, right?” It was precisely the middle-aged martial artist who took Ye Yuan’s middle-grade essence crystal.

The three people were all Sea Transformation Realm martial artists. But seeing that Ye Yuan was alone, evil intent welled up.

Towards these three fellows, Ye Yuan naturally did not take this to heart. He said nonchalantly, “Yeah. This Elder Brother isn’t thinking of inviting me to drink wine by stopping me here, right?”

“Hahaha, what is he saying? He said to let me invite him to drink wine? Boy, are you really stupid,or pretending to be dumb? Hand over all the essence crystals and treasures on your body, and I can leave you an intact corpse!” the middle-aged martial artist barked fiercely.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You’re going to kill me whether I hand them over or not. Why should I give them to you?”

The middle-aged martial artist was stunned and thought it was true. This sort of threatening words seemed rather stupid when one heard them.

“Heh heh, fine then. Today, your Grandpa Hao will show mercy and let you off! Quickly hand over all the essence crystals on you!” As he spoke, he extended his hand out and demanded from Ye Yuan.

“Hur hur, that’s more like it!” Ye Yuan said. As he spoke, Ye Yuan touched his storage ring like he was really going to give them.

The middle-aged martial artist had a pleased look as he said, “Boy, next time when you go out, make sure to remember the principle of not revealing your wealth. Understood? I already told you in the inn that there are still many things to learn!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Elder Brother must be joking. If I were to learn like you, wouldn’t I become dumber as I learn?”


The middle-aged martial artist was just about to get angry, only to see a blurry figure. A malicious looking silhouette appeared. It was precisely Lan Feng.

Seeing Lan Feng appear, the three people’s expression changed.

Three First Level Sea Transformation Realm versus a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm. They did not have the slightest hope of winning!

Currently, the middle-aged martial artist’s face was as fascinating as you wanted it to be. He said with a wail, “L-Little Brother, we have eyes but can’t recognize Mt. Tai. We were wrong! W-We’ll get lost right away!”

Lan Feng’s figure moved and blocked their path.

Ye Yuan said leisurely, “Who permitted you to leave? You all are stupid but don’t think of me to be as dumb as you guys, alright? If you all leave and spread the news that I have a spatial spirit artifact, wouldn’t I be hunted down by everyone in the world?”

“You . . . What do you want?” said the middle-aged martial artist as he stammered.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Nothing much. This kind of thing like killing and robbing people, you people have done it quite a number of times, right? Just submit today!”

The middle-aged martial artist’s had a savage look as he said, “Humph! I don’t believe that he can stop the three of us alone! Brothers, split up and move! Anybody that escapes counts! If I die, go to the capital to find my brother to help me take revenge!”

Finished talking, the three people really fled separately. But Lan Feng’s movements were clearly much swifter than theirs. He held back the other two people the moment he made his move. Only that middle-aged martial artist escaped.

The middle-aged martial artist could not help being overjoyed when he saw the situation and hastened his footsteps to escape.

But right at this moment, alarm bells suddenly sounded!

Only to see a blur before his eyes. Ye Yuan actually ran in front of him from god knew when!

“Y-Y-You, how did you catch up?” The middle-aged martial artist had an expression like he had seen a ghost.

How could a Second Level Crystal Formation Realm’s speed be so quick?

“Just caught up like this,” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

The middle-aged martial artist gritted his teeth and said, “Seeking death!”

Finished talking, a palm chopped towards Ye Yuan.

However, Ye Yuan vanished before him just like that.

“Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon!”

The middle-aged martial artist only heard a cry from behind him. Then he was out cold.

Ye Yuan grasped the limits very well and did not kill him.

He came in front of the middle-aged martial artist, released his divine sense, and forcefully plunged into the other party’s sea of consciousness!

The middle-aged martial artist gave a muffled groan but had his soul searched by Ye Yuan without any resistance.

Soul search was even more tyrannical than slave seals. After searching the soul, the martial artist’s divine soul would be shredded into fragments and become an idiot.

But Ye Yuan did not have any intention of going easy. Looking at this middle-aged martial artist’s appearance, he had most likely done quite a few robberies. If he died, then he died. Nothing to feel pity about.

Indeed, Ye Yuan saw that this fellow had done many bad things from his memories. It was enough to die ten times over.

“En? His brother actually went to find alchemists. The Xiao Family is soliciting alchemists? Hmm . . . This is my old profession. I can give it a shot. This fellow sending himself to my gates saved me a bout of trouble,” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

From the middle-aged martial artist’s memories, Ye Yuan roughly understood the faction distribution in the Central Capital. Although with the middle-aged martial artist’s identity, he did not understand things that were too detailed, this gave Ye Yuan more or less some baseline in his heart.

The Central Capital’s factions were intricate and complex. But on the whole, they were divided into first-rate families, second-rate families, third-rate families, as well as some small families that did not make the mark.

Apart from this, there were still some large factions that were not inferior to first-rate families, such as a major merchant like the Treasure Hoarding Tower.

Of course, the influences that could not be provoked most of all was the military factions!

The Wind Emperor had three major iron guards. The first was the Swift Wind Guards. The second was the Shadow Wind Guards. The third was the most mysterious Dark Wind Guards.

But these three major iron guards normally seldom interfere with affairs in the city. They were mostly cultivating.

Such a colossal framework was truly unbelievably powerful.

Ye Yuan could not help sighing secretly. When the Fierce Gale World’s cavalry stepped into the Endless World, how could the Endless World withstand them?

Of course, Ye Yuan’s understanding of the Endless World was not deep as well. Perhaps the Northern Domain also had very powerful factions.

Either way, if the sky fell, the tall people will support it. He just had to rescue his fellow apprentices and bring them back to the Endless World.

As for future matters, talk again in the future.

When Ye Yuan finished dealing with the middle-aged martial artist here, Lan Feng had only just finished taking care of the two people.

As for these two people, Ye Yuan obviously did not plan on leaving them alive. He directly killed them and burnt them into nothingness with fire.

A day later, Ye Yuan finally arrived at the Central Capital by himself!

Jianghu = Pugilist World = Murim (Korean). The older readers of webnovel might remember that the forum used to be called Jianghu as well.