Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Im Really An Alchemist

Chapter 364: Im Really an Alchemist

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“Oh no! That little white tiger’s movement was so fast. I actually couldn’t hold him!” Shangguang Lingxue was peeved.

Right at this time, the carriage curtains were pulled aside, revealing a handsome man’s face.

“Lingxue, we’ve arrived.”

Shangguan Lingxue had no time to bother with White Light right now. She could only bend down and dismount the carriage, giving a lady’s curtsy to the man.

“Many thanks to Your Highness, Seventh Prince. Lingxue had a very pleasant time these few days,” Shangguan Lingxue said.

“Haha, to be able to go sight-seeing with one of the two absolutes in the capital, Shangguan Lingxue, it’s my honor!” Seventh Prince’s bearing was extraordinary, without the slightest hint of putting on airs.

“Lingxue is but a common girl. How am I some dual beauty of the capital? It’s all some meddlesome people monkeying around,” Shangguan Lingxue said magnanimously.

But Seventh Prince laughed and said, “Lingxue is too modest! Since I’ve already sent Lingxue here, I won’t impose on you anymore. Help me send my regards to Uncle Shangguan.”

Shangguan Lingxue smiled sweetly. “Goodbye, Seventh Prince.”

Seeing off Seventh Prince with her eyes, Shangguan Lingxue’s gaze began to wander about. But how was there still White Light’s figure?

. . . . . .

In a deserted corner, Ye Yuan’s showed himself. He rubbed White Light’s tiny head hard and said with a smile, “When our family’s White Light acts cute, really nobody can resist!”

White Light jumped aside and bared his teeth at Ye Yuan!

Very clearly, that incident earlier already became his everlasting pain.

He was a divine beast! A divine beast!

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Alright, alright, I’m not messing with you anymore. Well done this time! I’ll give you candy to eat later! Heh heh!”

Only then did White Light became pleased.

It was just that when Ye Yuan made him go inside the spatial spirit artifact, he refused to enter no matter what.

Ye Yuan was helpless and could only bring him along by his side.

Ye Yuan had searched that middle-aged martial artist’s memories before. Following his memories, Ye Yuan finally found the Xiao Family’s Four Seas Building.

Smelling the waves of herbal fragrance wafting over, Ye Yuan unwittingly recollected the days of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

“Not sure if Father and Mother are doing well now. I don’t know where they went to in the Northern Domain. Going back this time, it’s time to go find them in the Northern Domain,” Ye Yuan murmured to himself.

After musing for a brief moment, Ye Yuan stepped into the Four Seas Building.

The Fierce Gale World’s martial age was extremely flourishing. But due to a shortage of resources, their alchemy path and formations path were all much declined.

Compared to the Endless World, they were far weaker in these aspects.

However, martial artists’ root was still the strength of their own bodies. Hence, the aggressive nature in the bones of the Fierce Gale World natives was still very strong.

Therefore, when those martial artists heard that the realm passageway was linked together, their first reaction was to invade the Endless World and not to trade to make up for what they lacked.

“Buying medicinal pills? Over there. Tier 3 medicinal pills are very expensive. Looking at your penniless appearance, do you have money?” said a shop assistant said to him with his head held high, right at the moment Ye Yuan entered the door.

The clothes that Ye Yuan was wearing were clothes Lan Feng prepared for him. With the location that the Lan Family Tribe resided in, he naturally could not bring out any fine clothes.

The shop assistants in the capital were all people whose eyes grew at the top of their heads. One look at Ye Yuan’s appearance and they knew that he came from the countryside. They naturally did not have a good attitude.

Furthermore, precisely because the Fierce Gale World’s medicinal pills were in shortage, they appeared even more valuable. These shops that engaged in medicinal pills were naturally much sought after. As for their attitude . . . it was unsurprisingly not very good.

Ye Yuan casually threw out a bronze token and said, “Is the manager here? I’m here to enlist for the Xiao Family’s guest retainer!”

This bronze token was what Ye Yuan found in that middle-aged martial artist’s storage ring. It was the token to enlist as a guest retainer.

“Guest retainer?” The assistance looked at Ye Yuan with suspicious eyes and said with a scornful look, “A brat whose hair isn’t even fully grown dares to come and enlist as a guest retainer? Do you know how to light a fire for pill furnaces? Do you think that you’re Miss Ruyan? Quickly go, quickly go! The manager is very busy and doesn’t have time to waste on a kid like you!”

As he spoke, the assistant was about to push Ye Yuan.

He exerted force but shoved empty space. Currently, Ye Yuan already arrived behind him and lightly pushed his back.


The assistant’s face directly planted on the door.

“Ouch! Brat, you dare to make a move in the Four Seas Building! I think that you’re tired of living, right?” said the assistant as he touched his face that was in pain.

This assistant was Spirit Condensation Realm too. This bit of injury was naturally nothing much to him.

But people came and went into the Four Seas Building. He, this haughty assistant, lost a huge amount of face.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Seems like you made a move first, right?”

How could an Alchemy Emperor’s dignity be affronted by a little clerk? Ye Yuan was just doling out some small punishment. It was already considered showing mercy.

But the commotion over this side already drew a large group of people to surround and watch. Evidently, it could not be resolved anymore.

The assistant yelled out at the top of his voice, “Where are the guards? Where the hell did the guards go to? Somebody is making a scene! Why aren’t you taking him down?!”

This yell, two Late-Stage Crystal Formation Realm guards suddenly appeared. But before they could make a move, a voice sounded from behind them.

“What happened?” An elderly man came out unhurriedly.

The assistant covered his face and said, “Manager Tong, this brat is intentionally here to cause trouble! I asked him to leave, but he didn’t and even attack me!”

Manager Tong’s face fell, and he asked Ye Yuan, “Was there such a thing?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “I came to enlist as Xiao Family’s retainer. He didn’t even test me before asking me to get lost. Isn’t that going too far?”

The assistance said hesitantly, “Manager Tong, this brat is at most 16 years old. Even if he started learning alchemy in his mother’s womb, it’s also impossible to have great accomplishments, right? This punk thinks that he’s Miss Ruyan, having Alchemy Grandmaster standards at a young age? He’s clearly here to cause trouble!”

The words that the assistance said gave no cause for much criticism. With Ye Yuan’s age, wanting to have major accomplishments in the Alchemy Path was basically impossible.

“What say you, young man?”

This Manager Tong was a composed person and did not jump to conclusions.

Who would have expected Ye Yuan to take out a badge very calmly and wear it on his chest? It was shockingly that low-rank Alchemy Master badge!

“I’m really an alchemist. I’m not here to pull your leg,” Ye Yuan said composedly.


When the surrounding spectators saw this scene, they involuntarily nearly vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Was this young man here to play the fool? A low-rank Alchemy Master also dared to come to register for Xiao Family’s guest retainer?

“Cough, cough, haven’t gone to the Alchemist Association for very long to take the test. I’m just indicating my identity. As for whether I have the qualifications or not, just test and you’ll know.” Ye Yuan explained.

“Hahaha! Manager Tong, I said that he came to cause trouble, right? A low-rank Alchemy Master actually dares to come to our Four Seas Building to register as a retainer! In my opinion, he’s definitely sent over by the Tong Family to intentionally create trouble!” The assistant jeered.

The first thing an alchemist would do after advancing ranks would be to go to the Alchemist Association to pass the test for the badge pertaining to their rank.

Hence, the way the clerk saw it, Ye Yuan was simply here to create a disturbance.

But Manager Tong still ruminated for briefly before saying to Ye Yuan, “Young man, can you release your soul force?”