Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 366

Chapter 366 Look At You All Play


This sentence from Ye Yuan drew the aggro from all the alchemists.

At this time, Manager Tong came before the five people and said, “Alright. The few of you were selected very carefully, and your strength goes without saying. I won’t say anything unnecessary. Let’s start the test now.”

“Hang on, Manager Tong!” said an alchemist, interrupting Manager Tong’s words.

“En?You have something to say?” Manager Tong asked with a frown.

That alchemist pointed at Ye Yuan and said, “Manager Tong letting a low-rank Alchemy Master compete together with us, isn’t this insulting us? I refuse to compete with him!”

“Yes! We don’t want to compete together with a low-rank Alchemy Master!” The other three people immediately concurred.

Manager Tong’s face darkened, and he said solemnly, “I’ve already tested. He’s not a low-rank Alchemy Master. He’s the same as you all, possessing Alchemy Grandmaster divine soul realm! It’s just that he hasn’t taken part in the Alchemist Association’s tests for a long time, that’s why he’s wearing low-rank Alchemy Master badge.”

The few people naturally did not believe it. Not everybody on this earth was Xiao Ruyan.

A 16-year-old youth could become an Alchemy Grandmaster? Even if he became an Alchemy Grandmaster, could he become a high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster?”

“Possessing Alchemy Grandmaster divine soul realm doesn’t mean being able to refine Tier 3 medicinal pills. I think that Manager Tong is clearer than us on this point, right? If Manager Tong insists on letting him compete with us, I’ll withdraw!” The alchemist earlier pulled out the big guns.

“Yes! I’ll withdraw too!”

Manager Tong did not think that these few people would actually make things difficult for him. He involuntarily sneered coldly and said, “Withdraw?Heh heh,the way I see it, you people seem to feel that our Xiao Family is easy to bully, eh? But I’m telling you, a starving camel is larger than a horse!”

The Xiao Family’s matters were not a secret. Now, the news that the Xiao Family was going to be thoroughly finished this time was circulating outside. These few alchemists naturally also heard some extent of it.

It was just that they also did not think that if the Xiao Family was perfectly fine, why would they find them?

Indeed, once Manager Tong said these words, these few people’s faces changed.

At this time, Ye Yuan sat down carelessly on a chair and said, “Alright, alright, you guys just play. I won’t participate, alright? But . . . if you guys all can’t make it, it should eventually be my turn, right?”

“You’re the one who said it!”

“So what if I said it? This little lord, I, will sit right here and watch you guys play. I want to see what the hell you all can come up with!” Ye Yuan said.

Manager Tong secretly heaved a sigh in relief. Ye Yuan taking the initiative to withdraw really resolved his imminent problem.

Honestly speaking, the counter-attack by those people earlier was seriously quite devastating.

He could indeed use the Xiao Family’s power to forcefully suppress them. But if they really chose someone and he intentionally went easy during the Grand Pill Assembly, that would not be amusing.

Yet, Manager Tong did not have much hope in Ye Yuan. Hence, Ye Yuan taking the initiative to withdraw was naturally the best alternative.

Earlier, he already clarified the situation to Miss Ruyan. Miss Ruyan also agreed to give Ye Yuan a chance. As long as Ye Yuan performed well, entering the Xiao Family was naturally not difficult.

But the difficulty of this test was much, much tougher than the difficulty of the test to be given to Ye Yuan afterward.

“Hehe,you still want to appear on the stage? There’s no more chance. Sit there properly!”

. . . . . .

The test officially began. Manager Tong said to the four people, “The content of the test is very simple. There are refined medicinal embryos in here. The content of your test is to refine these medicinal embryos into pills, and it will be considered as passing the test.”

Evidently, this pill formula was very precious and naturally could not be leaked out. If just the medicinal embryos were provided, even if these few people were even more powerful, they also could not possibly steal the pill formula.

Of course, this did not include Ye Yuan.

The four people were even happier when they heard it. This was too easy.

One had to know that the process of refining pills was very complicated. Any single oversight could cause the pill refinement to fail.

But now, even the medicinal embryos were refined. They were only responsible for the final refinement and forming the pill. It was practically something that was not troublesome.

Although they knew that this medicinal pill was surely not very easy to refine, how could the few of them be simple people?

The four of them held their cleavers and entered the battlefield, starting the refinement at the same time!

Perhaps they deliberately wanted to show off in front of Xiao Ruyan; these few people’s refinement techniques were very resplendent, looking quite like the model of a respected grandmaster.

Even Manager Tong also nodded secretly when he saw it. These people were indeed worthy of being strictly and carefully selected. Their strength was highly outstanding.

Ye Yuan watched this scene composedly by the side, with a slightly ruminating expression on his face.

Actually, same as martial artists, the ranks of alchemists and the true standards of alchemists could not be equated the same.

An alchemist obtaining the title of high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster did not mean that he could refine all the Tier 3 high-grade medicinal pills.

The same Tier 3 high-grade medicinal pills, but the refining difficulty varied greatly. Even high-rank Alchemy Grandmasters could not refine some Tier 3 middle-grade or even low-grade medicinal pills!

Behind the partition, Xiao Ruyan was also watching these four alchemists refine medicinal pills in a perturbed mood. This concerned whether the Xiao Family could win at the Grand Pill Assembly or not!

Truthfully speaking, even if selected, Xiao Ruyan did not have the confidence to win for certain. The strength of the Tong Family’s juniors was actually even stronger than the Xiao Family!

But this matter was related to the Xiao Family’s development in the next decade. Xiao Ruyan was compelled to face the problem head-on.

A pair of beautiful eyes stared fixedly at those four people, hoping that it was best if they did not make mistakes.

But whatever one feared would come. Just seven and a half minutes later, only to hear a puff. Someone already failed. The medicinal pill was burned into black charcoal.

That alchemist had a dejected look. “Why is this damn pill so hard to refine?”

The other three people’s faces currently no longer had the composure from when they just started. The difficulty of this medicinal pill had indeed exceeded their imaginations.

Their soul force was completely locked onto the medicinal pill, and they did not dare to slacken the slightest bit.

However, this did not have any d*mn use!

Another series of puffing sounds went on. A furnace of useless pills was refined out.

When that person came to one side and saw Ye Yuan’s Cheshire cat smile, he wished that he could go up and rend his face.

But their attention was very swiftly drawn over by the other two people.

The two people’s foreheads were already drenched in sweat. Clearly, the difficulty of this medicinal pill was already on the verge of surpassing their limits.

Before long, another person failed. Only one person was left still persevering.

The three people who were defeated had their eyes glued on the last person, hoping that he could succeed.

Because from their peripherals, they already saw the expression on Ye Yuan’s face.

Earlier, each and every one of them looked down on Ye Yuan, thinking that they would definitely be the one who won. But now, there was only one final seedling left on the field.

Manager Tong was also very nervous. In the blink of an eye, the four people who were carefully chosen only had one left. This unwittingly made him feel tremendous pressure.

Fortunately, the strength of this remaining one was still considered decent. He actually already barely managed to finish refining the medicinal pill!


Following his cry, everyone’s heart tightened. Did it succeed or not?