Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Work Like A Horse


When the medicinal pill formed, everyone heaved a sigh in relief.

Even the always composed Manager Tong also secretly wiped his sweat at this time.

The other three people came forward as well, wanting to see what kind of medicinal pill was refined.

“Qiu Zhi, how is it? Succeeded?” the three people asked, rather nervously.

Qiu Zhi wiped away the sweat on his forehead and nodded, saying, “I’m exhausted to death! Finally I formed the pill!”

Talking up to here, Qiu Zhi looked at Ye Yuan with a proud grin and said, “I said that you won’t have the chance, means you won’t have the chance! Well? Can you get lost now?”

Ye Yuan was delighted when he heard that. “Isn’t the furnace not opened yet? Come, open it and have a look. See what kind of crap you refined.”

Qiu Zhi’s face darkened. He finished extremely forcefully earlier. He knew that the grade of the medicinal pill was definitely not high.

But in front of so many people, he naturally had no reason to fear.

“Have a look then! I’ll let you give up after this!”

As he said, the medicinal cauldron opened. Fragrance suffused all around.

The four people reached their heads over to take a look. Even Manager Tong could not resist moving closer to have a look too.

With this look, Qiu Zhi’s face could not be preserved anymore.

The medicinal pill was refined. But it was simply a defect good; unable to even enter the ranks.

Qiu Zhi said to Manager Tong with a bitter face, “Manager Tong, you take a look . . .”

Manager Tong was quite disappointed as well. But he also knew how great the difficulty this pill refinement was. Qiu Zhi being able to refine successfully was already fairly decent.

Manager Tong sighed and said, “There’s already no more time. It’s you then.”

Qiu Zhi was overjoyed when he heard that. Being able to join the Xiao Family, he no longer needed to worry for the rest of his life.

One had to know that alchemist was a profitable career but also a money-burning career. Without the support of a major faction behind, it was very hard to have improvements.

Qiu Zhi being able to cultivate to High-Rank Alchemy Grandmaster Realm was already his limit. Any further, and he must find a backer. Otherwise, it would be like this for this life.

“Hold on!” Right at this moment, a pleasant voice sounded.

Xiao Ruyan spoke!

The gauze curtains were pulled aside. A veil-covered girl walked out from behind the partition.

Although there was a fine gauze covering the face, it could not conceal that lithe and graceful figure of hers, swaying until the four people were entranced.

The four guys did not dare to slight her. They hastily gave a bow and said, “We pay respects to Miss Ruyan!”

Xiao Ruyan nodded her head lightly, but said, “You all are also aware that the Grand Pill Assembly this time is of utmost importance to my Xiao Family. Qiu Zhi, although you refined the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill, it’s only a defect good, not even entering the ranks. While your strength is not bad, you can’t win the Tong Family.”

Xiao Ruyan was clearly also slightly melancholic in her words.

In truth, this sort of method like finding guest retainers from outside was a choice that could not be helped. The powerful alchemists were long divided up by the various large factions. The remaining ones were those who were rejected.

These four people in front of her were considered passable among those who failed to meet the mark.

Qiu Zhi was thunderstruck when he heard this. He said with a face full of indignation, “But just now, Manager Tong clearly said that we just have to succeed in the refinement and that will do! How can you all renege on your word?”


A discordant snicker interrupted Qiu Zhi’s words. It was precisely Ye Yuan.

Qiu Zhi had anger that he dare not flare towards Xiao Ruyan. But it did not mean that he dare not turn it towards Ye Yuan. He immediately said furiously, “What are you laughing about, stinking brat?”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Sorry, I couldn’t hold it. If this is also considered as a successful refinement, then aren’t alchemists too easy to become?”

“Humph!Making sarcastic remarks when you can’t understand the difficulty! You come and refine then if you have the capabilities! Weren’t you saying that you could refine very arrogantly just now? Why don’t you refine one for me to see?!” Qiu Zhi said with a cold smile.

Xiao Ruyan’s mind was currently in a whirl. These two people’s endless bickering made her even more displeased, and she could not help saying, “Stop arguing! Although his soul force is not bad, wanting to refine the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill is basically an impossible thing. The few of you leave first. I need some peace and quiet!”

When these words were said, Ye Yuan was piqued. “Why is Miss Ruyan the same as these uncultured people, judging people by their outward appearance?”

When these words came out, everyone perspired profusely.

Xiao Ruyan was uncultured? Wasn’t this brat’s gall too fat?

Indeed, Xiao Ruyan was so furious that her entire body was trembling. She was just about to blow her top when she heard Ye Yuan curl his mouth and say, “Isn’t it just Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill? Give me 15 minutes. I’ll refine for you to see.”

Xiao Ruyan sucked in a deep breath to calm her emotions. But her tone became cold. “What a high-sounding sentiment! 15 minutes to refine a Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill? Do you think that you’re an Alchemy King? Fine. I’ll let you try it. If you can’t refine it . . .”

“If I can’t refine it, I’ll sign my life away to work like a horse for Miss Ruyan for the rest of my life. How’s that?” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

Xiao Ruyan’s pretty face went red. Luckily, there was the fine gauze blocking her face. But when she saw that Ye Yuan’s smile did not have lecherous intent, she knew that she misunderstood.

As one of the two beauties in the capital, there were too many men pursuing Xiao Ruyan. Even if she did not wish to, she still had immense skill in the aspect of examining a man’s words and observing his countenance.

“What do I want you to work like a horse for? If you can’t refine it, then help our Xiao Family refine medicinal pills for life!” Xiao Ruyan said.

Hearing these words, the four people all took pleasure in his misfortune.

They knew deeply from experience the refining difficulty of this Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill. This punk only had a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster soul force. It was still uncertain if he could refine pills or not. It was essentially impossible to refine it.

He was going to be a pill slave for the rest of his life for sure!

Not everyone was Xiao Ruyan!

Xiao Ruyan being able to reach such a realm was because her talent was good. More importantly, she had the powerful Xiao Family supporting her from behind.

Look at what this punk was wearing. One look and they could tell that he came from the countryside. What kind of background could he have?

At most, his natural talent was a little better, and his cultivation was a little quicker.

“Refining a lifetime of medicinal pills. That’s also a blissful thing. Except . . . I still have other things I need to do,” Ye Yuan said with a rather emotional sigh.

Only a short while ago, Ye Yuan’s lifelong aspiration was to refine medicinal pills for life. But the god of destiny makes fools out of people. Now that he had transmigrated, he had no choice but to pursue the paramount of Martial Path to avenge his old hatred.

Xiao Ruyan could not help being very puzzled when she saw Ye Yuan’s somewhat desolate eyes. How old was this young man? Why did it seem like he had experienced countless vicissitudes of life?

But to say that Ye Yuan could refine the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill, Xiao Ruyan refused to believe it no matter what.

It was true that this Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill was a Tier 3 high-rank medicinal pill, but barely any Alchemy Grandmasters could refine it.

Even her own success rate was just 50%. This youth looked like he was even a few years younger than her. How could he possibly succeed?

Xiao Ruyan merely had a momentary burst of anger just now. For this youth to have middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster soul force, his potential was limitless.

No matter what, the Xiao Family had to retain him. Perhaps in the not too distant future, an extremely powerful Alchemy Grandmaster might appear in the Xiao Family.

“Enough crap. We’re still waiting to see how you refine the pill. Our skills are lacking, so we need to learn well!” Qiu Zhi said sarcastically.