Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 368

Chapter 368 This Is Flaunting Skill


Xiao Ruyan furrowed her eyebrows but did not say anything.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “One needs comprehension abilities to learn things. Your talent is too poor; you can’t learn anything.”

Qiu Zhi’s face darkened. “Smile; I hope that you can still smile in a while! When you can’t refine it, just wait to be a pill slave for the rest of your life then!”

Ye Yuan could not be inclined to bother with him. He went to the medicinal cauldron’s side.

Instantaneously, the aura on Ye Yuan’s body changed abruptly!

Earlier, there was still some profligate juvenile aura. But now, it was as deep as the sea, as if everything in the outside world no longer had anything to do with him.

Clearly not standing far from him, but it seemed to be two different worlds!

Xiao Ruyan’s expression involuntarily changed and immediately put away her belittling heart.

When experts made their move, the genuine and the fake would become clear at a glance! Xiao Ruyan touched her heart and asked herself when she refined pills, she could not reach Ye Yuan’s degree of focus either!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan did not carry out meditation but directly refined the pill. Such ability, among ten thousand alchemists, there might not even necessarily be one.

Xiao Ruyan waved her hand to motion for everyone to move back and not disturb Ye Yuan’s pill refinement.

Ye Yuan grabbed with one hand. A bundle of flames flew up from the bottom of the furnace, enveloping the entire medicinal cauldron!

Immediately after, he formed seals with both hands. The temperature of the flames was rapidly rising.

“Tch!Pretending to be profound! This level of fire controlling skill is also just a little nice to look at only,” Qiu Zhi said disdainfully.

“Yeah. Just showing off his skill. Pleasant to the eyes but of no use at all!” Another person concurred.

They naturally would not remember that, as a matter of fact, they were also showing off their skills earlier. It was just that they did not parade for long before they could not sustain it anymore.

And Ye Yuan was already very restrained currently. If he really showed off his skills, even he would be frightened.

“Keep your mouth shut if you don’t understand! Use your soul force to take a look. The surrounding temperature around the medicinal cauldron is all exactly the same. This lets the medicinal pill receive heat extremely uniform! When refining a Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill, the most important thing is uniform heating!”

When Xiao Ruyan spoke up, the rest naturally shut their mouths sensibly.

And Xiao Ruyan herself was also extremely surprised. Could it be that this Ji Qing had refined Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pills before? Otherwise, how could he possibly know this crucial aspect?

Was it just a coincidence?

As they were talking, Ye Yuan already completed the heating. Gesturing with one hand, the medicinal embryo flew into the medicinal cauldron.

Next, the dazzling display of technique that made everyone feel dizzy officially began!

One seal after another was fired into the medicinal cauldron non-stop. Ye Yuan’s hands were like phantoms, intoxicating the people watching it.

Even Qiu Zhi and the others who had been displeased with Ye Yuan all along was also spell bounded by Ye Yuan for a moment and kept their mouths shut.

This was still Ye Yuan not wishing to be overly conspicuous, so he did not enter the Legendary Realm. Or else, it would not be as simple as flaunting his technique.

15 minutes passed in a flash. Only to see Ye Yuan lightly cry out, “condense.”

The pill was formed!

Only at this time did everyone feel as if they woke up from a dream.

Manager Tong’s strength was the greatest and recovered from his stupor first. He murmured under his breath, “This is a genuinely a pompous display of one’s skill!”

Qiu Zhi and the rest also recovered and could not help flushing crimson red.

Apart from Ye Yuan’s realm being inferior to theirs, his other aspects were way stronger than them!

Ye Yuan sniggered and said, “Just nice, around 15 minutes! Inspect the pill then, Miss Ruyan!”

Xiao Ruyan took in a deep breath and could not help sizing up Ye Yuan. She was astonished.

“This is a Tier 3 high-grade medicinal pill. You’re actually not the least bit debilitated after finish refining it?”

When Xiao Ruyan herself refined the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill, every time she finished the refinement, it would be a little more than she could stand. Ye Yuan, on the other hand, was perfectly fine!

Xiao Ruyan sensed it very clearly just now. Ye Yuan had only just broken through to the middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster!

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “Still alright. As long as the control is a little more precise, you don’t need to expend so much soul force.”

Everyone felt depressed. How precise did one’s control have to be to be able to expend so little soul force!

Earlier, when he finished the refinement, Qiu Zhi felt like he was on the verge of collapsing. He was a veteran high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster, and it was more than he could bear. Ye Yuan, a newly advanced middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster, could actually do it to such an extent?

A little more precise? How much was this little more?

Qiu Zhi felt like he had no more face to stay on. But he was still rather unwilling to give up. He wanted to see if Ye Yuan really refined out a medicinal pill.

Qiu Zhi plucked up his courage and opened his mouth, “Who knows if you’re deliberately kicking up a cloud of dust? Or maybe, you wasted the pill long ago!”

Ye Yuan grinned and said, “I knew that you wouldn’t turn back without hitting the South Wall.”


Ye Yuan pointed a finger. A medicinal pill flew out of the medicinal cauldron on its own and landed on the jade dish.

Everyone rushed to look at that medicinal pill. With a single look, it caused them to involuntarily drew a cold breath.

“H-High-grade medicinal pill!” Qiu Zhi could hardly believe it.

Xiao Ruyan’s beautiful eyes also became intent, and she stared at Ye Yuan rather incredulously.

She could refine out a high-grade Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill, but the success rate was too low. Majority of the time, it was all middle-grade. When she performed below her usual standards, it would be low-grade pills.

She never thought that this young man’s first refinement was actually directly a high-grade medicinal pill.

“You . . . You must have cheated!” Qiu Zhi pointed at Ye Yuan and said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Stop disgracing yourself here. Quickly get lost! Entering the Grand Pill Assembly with this standard of yours is no longer a matter of losing. It’s directly throwing away all faces of the Xiao Family members!”

Xiao Ruyan’s patience was utterly worn out too. She said sombrely, “Scram for me! Lacking strength and still reproaching others! So many pairs of eyes were looking. Pray tell then, how did he cheat?”

Qiu Zhi was so furious that his complexion turned green. He said with a cold snort, “Go, then go! This place doesn’t want to keep this Lord, there will naturally be a place to hold this Lord!Harrumph!”

Finished talking, Qiu Zhi flicked his sleeves and left.

Manager Tong’s face fell, but he looked towards Xiao Ruyan, clearly seeking her opinion on whether to take care of this fellow or not.

He only dropped it when he saw Xiao Ruyan shake her head slightly.

Only after Qiu Zhi and the other three people left, Manager Tong asked, “Those few people were so high and mighty. Why did Miss let them leave?”

Xiao Ruyan let out a sigh and said, “If it were in the past, how could I tolerate them being so arrogant? How could they dare to be stuck-up in front of me? It’s just that they were publicly recruited by us. If a mishap happened to them in our place here, it would be even harder for this Four Seas Building to sustain.”

Manager Tong also sighed faintly when he heard that and did not say any more.

Ye Yuan also made out some things by the side. The Xiao Family’s present situation seemed to be very bad. They actually did not even dare to offend these alchemists without backgrounds.

Logically speaking, although a large family like the Xiao Family was not a pinnacle faction in the capital, wanting to take care of a few alchemists without backgrounds was still a piece of cake.

But all these were not what he could bother about. His goal was to figure out who those two slaves were.

At this time, Xiao Ruyan broke away from her pessimistic mood and returned to Ye Yuan once again.

“Mister Ji, if my conjectures are correct, you should have refined the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill before in the past, right?” Xiao Ruyan asked Ye Yuan with glittering eyes.