Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Being Ignored


Xiao Ruyan stared at Ye Yuan with her beautiful eyes, wanting to see if Ye Yuan was lying.

But how could she discern Ye Yuan intentionally masking it?

“You really didn’t do it on purpose?” Xiao Ruyan heaved a sigh in relief but also felt somewhat disappointed.

“Really unintentional. It’s just that your luck was good!” Ye Yuan said sulkily.

“You!” Xiao Ruyan nearly broke down.

“Alright, alright, I’ll give you the medicinal pill. Since you’re already fine, then I’ll leave first. Still want to make us interact more? Isn’t it just at this level? Refining a medicinal pill but nearly crippled yourself at the end.”

As Ye Yuan was talking, he exited the Four Seas Building and did not see the murderous gaze from behind.

Ye Yuan naturally did it on purpose. This place was not the Endless World. He did not wish to stand out too much.

If Ye Yuan was willing, he could refine a High-Grade Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill. But Xiao Rufeng had nothing to do with him. Helping Xiao Ruyan up to this step was already doing what was humanly possible to help.

Although he knew that Xiao Ruyan would surely cast her mind back to this, that was not important. He would just let her go and guess then.

. . . . . .

Two days later, the day of the Grand Pill Assembly finally arrived.

What Ye Yuan never thought of was that the Grand Pill Assembly was actually held in the Fierce Gale World’s Alchemist Association Headquarters!

Ever since going to the Alchemist Association once in the State of Qin, Ye Yuan had never stepped foot in here again.

“Little Brother Ji, I’ll have to trouble you for the Grand Pill Assembly this time!” Xiao Rufeng clasped his hands towards Ye Yuan.

This was still Ye Yuan’s first time meeting this Xiao Family’s number one genius. He looked well-mannered and soft-spoken with a rather refined demeanor, giving people a good impression at first sight.

But Xiao Rufeng’s complexion was clearly not good. Although he consumed the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill, the low-grade Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill was only barely able to help him consolidate his foundation and nurture his essence. It was only able to alleviate the sequela from failing to assault realm.

If Ye Yuan made a move to help him refine a high-grade or even superior-grade medicinal pill, Xiao Rufeng would surely be able to recover to his peak condition right now.

But Ye Yuan had no such plans. The Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill was indeed an extremely hard to refine Tier 3 high-level medicinal pill. Compared to the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill, the difficulty level was way higher.

If Ye Yuan was freakish enough to be able to refine any medicinal pill, it would be hard to avoid drawing the suspicions of an observant and conscientious person.

During this Grand Pill Assembly, Ye Yuan did not plan on going all out either. Just winning his own match was fine.

Thinking about it, dealing with the Tong Family’s weakest genius, taking the other party down shouldn’t be something difficult, right?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “First Young Master is too kind. Since Ji Qing is Xiao Family’s guest retainer and is drawing Xiao Family’s salary, I naturally have to put forth my strength for the Xiao Family.”

Xiao Rufeng smile and said, “There’s no need to be so polite, Ji Qing. This foolish elder brother is a few years older. Brother Ji can just call me Brother Xiao.”

Ye Yuan did not decline either and said with cupped hands, “Brother Xiao!”

At this time, an unfriendly gaze came from behind Xiao Rufeng. Who could it be but Xiao Ruyan?

But today, within Xiao Ruyan’s eyes, other than displeasure towards Ye Yuan, there were a few parts additional of uncertainty.

Evidently, Ye Yuan had became mysterious in her eyes.

“Ruyan, your eyes are really discerning! To actually be able to find an Alchemy Path genius like Brother Ji. Truly, the heaven doesn’t want my Xiao Family to perish!” Xiao Rufeng said to his sister.

Xiao Ruyan shook her head and said, “So what if I found him? We’re bound to lose the match with Tong Yongchang without any doubt. And I don’t have confidence in winning Tong Yongshou either. Even Tong Yonghui is also somebody with uncommon strength. Whether or not Ji Qing can win him is another matter altogether!”

Very clearly, even if they had Ye Yuan, Xiao Ruyan was not optimistic about today’s match.

Listening to Xiao Ruyan’s words, Xiao Rufeng’s brows were also locked tightly together. Regarding this match that gambled with their family’s destiny, the two of them could not afford to lose!

In a twinkle, the people in front of the association’s gates gradually increased.

This match today not only concerned just the two Xiao and Tong family’s fate, but it also involved the enormous change in the capital’s alchemy world arrangements in the days to come.

Basically, there was already nobody who was optimistic about the Xiao Family.

Now, many families were itching to have a go to try and replace the Xiao Family’s position.

Medicinal pills was a business with even more extravagant profits in the Fierce Gale World.

The Fierce Gale World’s resources were scarce. The price of medicinal pills was several times of the Endless World! There were even some rare medicinal pills that could sell at a sky-high price.

Such a large market, how could everyone possibly watch it slip by them?

“Oh?Isn’t this the Xiao Family’s number one genius, Xiao Rufeng? I thought that you’d be bedbound, unable to get up. Didn’t think that you actually came!” A haughty voice was heard.

Xiao Rufeng’s face fell when he saw the arrival. He said with a cold snort, “Tong Yongchang, don’t get too smug!”

This person was shockingly the Tong Family’s number genius, Tong Yongchang!

But Tong Yongchang was even more pleased with himself as he said,“Hur hur,of course I am feeling smug! I say, you lying on the bed is already pretty good. You don’t have to come out and embarrass yourself. But now, you just have to run in front of me to make a spectacle of yourself. Do you think I will no feel smug? What’s this called? This is called delivering your face here for me to smack!Hahaha!”

“You!” Xiao Rufeng was so enraged that his entire body was shaking.

But because of his failed breakthrough, being able to step on stage today was already pretty good. It was simply impossible to be Tong Yongchang’s match.

It unwittingly gave people a feeling of a hero being caught in difficult circumstances.

In truth, with Xiao Rufeng’s talent, advancing to Quasi-Alchemy King was something inevitable. Watching helplessly as the Grand Pill Assembly got increasingly closer, and yet he still could not break through after so long. Finally, it made him unable to restrain himself from taking the plunge to forcefully break through.

It was just that he did not receive divine favor and failed his breakthrough.

“Oh,right. I heard that you all even went around recruiting guest retainers for this competition. Your Xiao Family is really too tragic, to actually not even be able to pool together three alchemists to come on stage.Mm?Is this brat the replacement you guys found? Looks only so-so . . .” Tong Yongchang looked at Ye Yuan with a half smile.

But Ye Yuan did not take notice of Tong Yongchang’s derision. His attention was placed entirely on the person behind Tong Yongchang.

That person’s eyes were somewhat dull, clearly different from normal people as if he did not have his own thoughts.

This person was none other than precisely Ye Yuan’s senior, Du Cheng!

Ye Yuan forcibly suppressed his own agitated emotions, with the expression on his face being as usual. His eyes did not look in Du Cheng’s direction either.

But regarding Tong Yongchang’s words, not a single word sank in.

But in Tong Yongchang’s perspective, his mockery was like a stone falling into the ocean; it was utterly disregarded.

This made him unable to quite preserve his face.

“I’m talking to you, punk. Didn’t you hear?” Tong Yongchang said solemnly.

Ye Yuan ignored his words once again . . .

“Hahaha!Xiao Rufeng, turns out that your family found a fool to take up the gauntlet! I think you all should just directly concede today. What’s there still to compete?” Tong Yongchang wanted to use laughter to resolve his embarrassment.

Except . . . everyone looked at him like they were looking at a fool.

Because no matter how foolish the Xiao Family was, they also would not find a fool to take part in such an important Grand Pill Assembly.

Seeing nobody answer, Tong Yongchang’s face finally fell, and he made a move, grabbing towards Ye Yuan.

This time, Ye Yuan moved . . .