Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 378

Chapter 378 What He Said Is Right


Hearing Yang Xiu announced the results, the expressions of Xiao Changfeng and son were very ugly.

Getting off on the wrong foot, the first match was already a loss. Clearly, it would be a tremendous blow to the Xiao Family.

Furthermore, Xiao Ruyan only lost the match because of a slight disadvantage. It would be hard to avoid affecting her competition later at the back.

But right then, Ye Yuan suddenly stood up.

“Wait a minute!”

Yang Xiu furrowed his brows and said unhappily, “Whatever it is, wait until after I announce the results, then talk. Sit down for me!”

Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said, “My Lord, the winner of this match should be the Xiao Family!”

Yang Xiu’s expression turned sullen. His tone became cold as he said, “Are you questioning if the seven of us are partial to the Tong Family?”

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I’m just taking the matter on its merits. Tong Wenhui got four answers wrong. Hence, this round should be his loss.”

“Harrumph!A load of crap! Just now, I matched it correspondingly to the model answers. How can it be wrong? Family Head Xiao didn’t even say anything, how can a junior like yourself be allowed to talk drivel here?” Yang Xiu said with a cold snort.

Xiao Changfeng’s brows also knitted slightly. He did not understand why Ye Yuan was so extreme and could not help urging, “Little Brother Ji, I know that you hope for the Xiao Family to win, but it’s better to not say these sort of words.”

He naturally wished to see the Xiao Family win. But in front of so many people, the Alchemist Association could not possibly play favoritism and commit irregularities. Ye Yuan doing this was truly a bit unreasonable.

But Ye Yuan did not care at all and said coolly, “The path of alchemy is ever-changing. Even if the few of you are Alchemy King powerhouses, how can you dare say that the answers that you came up with are the model answers? I don’t even have the right to give my opinion?”

When Ye Yuan’s words came out, the expressions of the few alchemy kings from the Alchemist Association changed, their faces revealing unhappiness.

And that Sovereign Star Abyss’s eyelids quivered, then returned to normal right away.

“Xiao Changfeng, is this person that you found intentionally here to cause trouble? Can it be that the seven of us Alchemy Kings added together can’t even match this Alchemy Grandmaster brat? Then what’s there still to compete in this Grand Pill Assembly for? Your Xiao Family can just directly win!” But Yang Xiu ignored Ye Yuan and directly questioned Xiao Changfeng.

Xiao Changfeng’s expression changed. These words from Ye Yuan offended all of the judges. What was there to compete later at the back?

“Ji Qing! Stop rambling blather! Sit down for me!” Xiao Changfeng said solemnly.

At this time, he could not help suspecting Ye Yuan’s motives. Jumping out to challenge the judges at this time, wasn’t this deliberately ruining the Xiao Family?

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted and he turned his head to look at Xiao Changfeng, his eyes becoming cold.

Not knowing why, when Xiao Changfeng saw Ye Yuan’s eyes, he involuntarily felt a chill from the bottom of his heart and actually did not dare to meet his gaze.

“This boy . . .” Xiao Changfeng secretly broke into a sweat in fear.

“If you use a man, don’t suspect him. If you suspect him, don’t use him! If Family Head feels that I’m messing around, I can withdraw right away!” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, but his tone became icy.

He was helping the Xiao Family fight for benefits, but Xiao Changfeng actually helped outsiders to reproach him.

Even if he knew Xiao Changfeng’s concerns, Ye Yuan also involuntarily felt bitterly disappointed.

Xiao Changfeng, an exalted Alchemy King, was actually pressed down by Ye Yuan’s aura for a short while.

“Hahaha!Xiao Changfeng, you’re really deteriorating the longer you live! Did you find such a punk to amuse everybody? The answers derived by the seven strongest Alchemy King elders in the association are all not correct answers. Is there anything funnier than this?” Tong Fanshuo was also fanning the flames by the side.

Just as the situation was quite in a stalemate, a rather weak voice sounded out, “Lord Father, I believe that Ji Qing he wouldn’t talk nonsense! I . . . I’d like to get an answer!”

It was precisely Xiao Ruyan!

Ye Yuan looked at Xiao Ruyan rather surprisedly. He did not think that this lass would actually come forward to defend him at this time.

Even if Xiao Ruyan was a rarely seen genius, being surrounded by a group of Alchemy Kings, she was still somewhat nervous in her heart.

But having experienced the matters of these few days, especially Ye Yuan’s performance when refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill, Xiao Ruyan had a feeling that perhaps what Ye Yuan said was really not wrong!

Originally, Ye Yuan was already planning on flicking his sleeves and leaving. But he dismissed that sort of thought at this moment.

Xiao Ruyan’s words stirred up a huge commotion once more. Two Alchemy Grandmasters were questioning the Alchemist Association’s seven great Alchemy King elders; this . . . was way too astounding!

Many people looked towards Xiao Ruyan with strange eyes. Could this lass already be subdued by the brat called Ji Qing?

“Heh heh,this Grand Pill Assembly has been conducted for so many times. As per His Majesty, the Wind Emperor’s instructions, it has always been our Alchemist Association hosting it. No problem had ever appeared before. To think that this time, we’d actually bump into two juniors who don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! This match is won by Tong Wenhui! If you’re unwilling to submit, you can go and lodge a complaint to His Majesty, the Wind Emperor! Now, carry on with the next match!” Yang Xiu announced the results very domineeringly.

The Alchemist Association hosting the Grand Pill Assembly was the instructions of the Wind Emperor. Yang Xiu had the authority to decide the victor and loser.

Moreover, he touched his heart and felt that what he did was unquestionable. He was not afraid of the Xiao Family going to the Wind Emperor to lodge a complaint.

Furthermore, after today, whether or not the Xiao Family could survive in the capital was still unknown.

Ye Yuan just sneered incessantly. This bunch of arrogant and overweening fellows was seriously hopeless.

But what he did not expect was that right at this moment, the Sovereign Star Abyss who was about to fall asleep spoke unhurriedly, “Yang Xiu, listen to what this junior has to say.”

Yang Xiu’s expression changed, but he dare not defy, replying respectfully, “Yes.”

After that, he turned to Ye Yuan and said, “Since Lord Star Abyss wants you to talk, then you tell us. If you can’t say the reason why, it won’t be as simple as sentencing the Xiao Family’s loss. You’ll also be chased out of the Grand Pill Assembly!”

Ye Yuan felt rather surprised but was disinclined to bother with Yang Xiu. He said coolly, “Washstar Grass and Vermillion Spirit Fruit as the main ingredients. Sky Southstar, Violent Flame Sand, and Autumn Pine Nut as supplementary materials. This combination is unable to refine out a medicinal pill. Hence, it simply cannot be considered a correct answer.”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, everyone’s gaze involuntarily looked towards the light curtain and found Tong Wenhui and the elders’ answers very quickly. Indeed, they were the exact same.

“Ignorant child! The alchemic logic of these five types of medicinal herbs has been analyzed by us. If extensive experiments take place, it can absolutely form a pill formula. What right do you have to say that it can’t?” Yang Xiu said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan paid no heed to his questioning and continued, “From the surface, the alchemic logic of these few types of medicinal herbs doesn’t have any conflicting aspects, so it should be able to form a pill formula. But during the medicinal pill refining process, these three types of supplementary materials together will cause a series of changes, destroying the medicinal properties of the Washstar Grass and Vermillion Spirit Fruit. It utterly cannot form a pill.”

When Ye Yuan saw that Yang Xiu wanted to refute, he spoke again, “Don’t be in a hurry to refute me. If you don’t believe it, we can verify it right now.”

Yang Xiu was just about to speak when Sovereign Star Abyss suddenly opened his mouth and said, “There’s no need to verify. What he said is right.”