Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 380

Chapter 380 Counterattack


Although she pulled out all stops to refine the Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill, not long after it started, Xiao Ruyan’s rhythm became somewhat disorderly.

Refining was a task that exhausted mental strength immensely. The aspects that needed to be taken care of was far too many.

This was only refining a Tier 3 medicinal pill. When Ye Yuan was refining Tier 9 medicinal pills in his previous life, that was simply a colossal project. Refining a single medicinal pill for a month was something normal.

But, to the present Xiao Ruyan, the Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill was still an enormous challenge to her.

Everyone present was an expert. One look and they knew that Xiao Ruyan’s condition was not quite right.

“Ruyan this little girl has talent, but she is still too young in the end!” An Alchemy King elder evaluated her skill.

“Fire control requires very exquisite essence energy control. It isn’t the work of a single day. For Ruyan this lass to be able to perform to this step is already very not easy.”

“Yeah. The path of fire control doesn’t have shortcuts. One can only become very meticulous through large amounts of practice. Tong Wenhui is several years older than her in the end. In this aspect, he’s performing better than her.”

“Looks like the victor is already determined in this match.”

Those few elders clearly did not think optimistically of Xiao Ruyan, because signs of her defeat had already appeared.

Alchemy King experts were Alchemy King experts after all. Even if they were questioned by Ye Yuan, their strength and vision were still right there.

Xiao Ruyan felt that she was straining more and more. The medicinal pill inside the medicinal cauldron also became increasingly unstable, with the possibility of becoming a useless pill at any moment.

But right at this time, she suddenly sensed a seal being struck into the medicinal cauldron unseen, making her jump in fright!

In her panic, Xiao Ruyan nearly caused the medicinal pill in the medicinal cauldron to be ruined.

“En? What’s with Ruyan, this lass? The essence energy undulations earlier were so intense that it nearly ruined the medicinal pill.”

“Yeah, just a little more. But . . . even so, it would probably be very difficult for her to rescue this medicinal pill too, right? It’s almost certain that it will be refined into a useless pill.”

“I’ve seen this lass refine pills before. Although her skills are still lacking, a mistake like this shouldn’t have appeared. Could it be that the mental pressure is too great?”

Xiao Ruyan’s little incident was enough to make many people choke up from fear.

One had to acknowledge that everyone liked beautiful women.

Not only was Xiao Ruyan beautiful, but her alchemy talent was also exceedingly high. Everyone naturally liked her even more.

Although the Xiao Family’s influence was weak, it did not stop everyone from viewing her positively.

For these Alchemy Kings to compare Xiao Ruyan to Tong Wenchang, it could be seen just how positively they viewed Xiao Ruyan.

Hence, when they saw that Xiao Ruyan actually made such an error, quite a few people heaved a sigh while wringing their hands.

However, Xiao Ruyan in the midst of refining not only did not have the slightest hint of remorse at this time, but she was also excited to the point she was about to scream out.

“It’s this sort of feeling! It’s this sort of feeling! I found it! I found it!” Xiao Ruyan was wildly elated in her heart.

This sort of feeling was precisely the sort of feeling when Ye Yuan injected the seal while she was refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill.

When she was refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill previously, she was also in a total mess from the beginning, all the way until Ye Yuan threw in that seal, guiding her into a subtle rhythm.

Later on, Xiao Ruyan also tried it out a few times, wanting to find that subtle feeling of fire control. But all of it failed.

All the way until Ye Yuan gesticulated that hand sign at her just now, Xiao Ruyan finally ascertained that Ye Yuan’s seal was absolutely intentional!

Her refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill was no coincidence at all. Ye Yuan helped her to refine the pill!

Therefore, she had been following the path from that day when she was refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill from the very beginning and kept wanting to find that feeling back then.

Now, she finally found it!

“Oh?Not only was Ruyan that lass not affected by that mistake just now, she gradually entered the most optimal state instead!”

“It’s true! This lass seems to have gotten a knack for it. Her fire control ability seemed to have gone up a huge step!”

“Hiss. . . The medicinal pill is on the verge of taking form soon. She’s actually about to refine successfully. Truly inconceivable!”

According to past experiences, for such a major fault to happen during the refining, it could only refine a useless pill. Wanting to salvage the situation in the later stages was something virtually impossible.

However, Xiao Ruyan did it!


Xiao Ruyan gave a light cry. The medicinal pill formed!

The result was that Xiao Ruyan actually finished earlier than Tong Wenhui!

Xiao Rufeng could not conceal the euphoria in his heart and cried out, “Well done, Ruyan!”

Although Xiao Changfeng did not speak, one could tell from his expression that he also felt very surprised and pleased by this result.

Except that Xiao Ruyan was not looking at them but at Ye Yuan who was at the side instead; her eyes filled with gratitude.

Ye Yuan raised a thumbs up at her and returned a faint smile.

At this time, Xiao Ruyan did not have the cold haughtiness from a few days back but looked like a little girl who received a praise from her lover instead; her cheeks turned red.

When Xiao Changfeng saw this scene, he involuntarily frowned. But he did not say anything.

It was just that Xiao Changfeng could not help being secretly very puzzled. Could it be that Ruyan being able to refine this medicinal pill was also due to Ye Yuan’s credit?

This boy . . . What on earth was his background?

Before long, Tong Wenhui also refined successfully. The remainder was left to the seven Alchemy Kings to make a verdict.

The two medicinal pills were placed before the seven Alchemy Kings. The few people consulted for a while. Yang Xiu opened his mouth to say, “What Tong Wenhui refined is middle-grade Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill, while Xiao Ruyan’s is low-grade. The third round, Tong Wenhui wins.”

Talking up to here, everyone held their breaths.

Now, it would have to depend on whether or not Tong Wenhui’s medicinal pill could thoroughly suppress Xiao Ruyan’s. If it could completely crush hers, he still had a possibility of obtaining victory.

Only to see Yang Xiu pause for a moment, then opened his mouth again to say, “But, the medicinal pill that Tong Wenhui refined just barely managed to reach the level of middle-grade, while Xiao Ruyan’s Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill is already infinitely close to middle-grade. Hence, collating the results of the three matches, Xiao Ruyan wins!”

“What? How is that possible? Such a large mistake happened to Xiao Ruyan in the middle. The final completed medicinal pill actually infinitely approaches middle-grade?!” Tong Fangshuo blurted out.

Yang Xiu’s brows knitted and he said unhappily, “Family Head Tong, are you also questioning us old fellows? If you don’t trust this elderly self, you can come and see yourself. You’re also an Alchemy King. It’s unlikely that you can’t even distinguish the grade of the medicinal pill, right?”

Yang Xiu was filled with pent-up anger. Today, he was repeatedly questioned by people. As an Alchemist Association elder, since when had he suffered such treatment?

But towards Xiao Ruyan’s performance, Yang Xiu was also very shocked inwardly.

Such a large mistake happened, but not only did Xiao Ruyan not refine a useless pill, she even raised the quality of the medicinal pill to such an extent. It was truly mindboggling.

Tong Fangshuo had an awkward look. He hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Elder Yang misunderstood. I’m not questioning the few of you, it’s just . . . it’s just . . .”

Yang Xiu waved his sleeves and interrupted his words, saying, “Come, men, bring these two medicinal pills before Family Head Tong and let him see for himself whether this old man is lying through my teeth or not!”