Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 383

Chapter 383 Im Done


When Yang Xiu saw Ye Yuan, his expression was rather unnatural.

His authority was questioned by an unknown boy. Furthermore, he even questioned it successfully. No matter how one spun it, it was very humiliating.

He reckoned that this matter would spread throughout the capital by tomorrow.

But this was a matter that Sovereign Star Abyss personally took an interest in. He could not fly off the handle either.

Yang Xiu thought to himself,don’t let me catch your handle in a while. Otherwise, I’ll make you die very horribly.

Restraining his state of mind, Yang Xiu said, “The third match, Xiao Family’s Ji Qing versus Tong Family’s Tong Wenchang! Begin!”

“The first match, constituting medicinal pills! Bring up the spirit medicines!” The Quasi-Alchemy King’s voice sounded out once again.

When his voice fell, Tong Wenchao was like on stimulants, oddly excited.

While Ye Yuan who was opposite him closed his eyes to recuperate as if everything happening here had nothing to do with him.

“Tch!Deliberately mystifying things!” Tong Wenchang said disdainfully.

Soon enough, a hundred types of spirit medicines were brought to the stage and packed to the brim.

Tong Wenchang started immediately, entering information into the jade slip at high speed.

While at this time, Ye Yuan still did not move yet.

Tong Wenchang gave a cold laugh, and his speed of entering the stage did not stop.

Identifying these spirit medicines was nothing hard to him. The real difficulty was constituting the medicinal pills.

Tong Wenchang’s speed was exceedingly quick; it was faster than everyone prior to him! One could tell that Tong Wenchang’s basic skills were terrifyingly solid.

Even the Xiao Family’s number one genius known as Xiao Rufeng was far from him.

“En?Why hasn’t Ji Qing started yet? Could it be that he has already given up?”

“I already said, he definitely just happened to know that obscure knowledge, that’s how he guessed it correctly. A teenage baby, how deep can his attainments in the Alchemy Path be?”

“Sigh.This Ji Qing’s performance prior to this was so eye-catching. Originally, I still wanted to see if there are any surprises. Looking at it now, I was thinking too much.”

Ye Yuan’s abnormal actions made many people feel very disappointed.

In this sort of time where every second needed to be seized, Ye Yuan was actually resting his mind with closed eyes. What was he playing at?

Posturing was not done like this. No matter how beautifully you postured, what was the use if you lose in an utter mess in the end?

When Xiao Changfeng saw this scene, he wished that he could jump up there and wind Ye Yuan up.

What was he doing?

“What on earth is Ji Qing this punk thinking about? Why hasn’t he moved yet?” Xiao Changfeng said anxiously.

“Father, Ji Qing doing so should have some deep meaning,” Xiao Ruyan said weakly. Actually, she did not dare to confirm either.

But Ye Yuan this punk was indeed very mysterious. Maybe he really had his own plans.

“What deep meaning can there be? I don’t freaking understand. Could it be he can use his nose to sniff out every type of spirit medicines? Or perhaps, he’s already deducing the pill formula in his head?” Xiao Changfeng said rather exasperatedly.

“This . . .” Xiao Ruyan did not know how she should refute it as well.

What father said was clearly not possible. Nobody could do something so heaven-defying.

Although Xiao Ruyan had long viewed Ye Yuan in a completely different light, she also did not think that Ye Yuan could do that.

“Haha!Punk, you just slowly posture there. I’ll see how you give an account to the Xiao Family in a while!” Tong Wenchang had a pleased look. He had already identified half of the spirit medicines.

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan finally slowly opened his eyes.

“Quickly look, Ji Qing is about to begin!”

“Only starting at this time, doesn’t he feel that it’s too slow? Tong Wenchang has already identified half of the spirit medicines!”

. . . . . .

Yet, Ye Yuan did not start identifying the spirit medicines as they imagined. He directly pick up the jade slip and started entering the contents!

This scene stunned everyone even more.

“What is he doing here? Started logging in once he opened his eyes?”

“Haha!He’s trying to defy the heavens here! He can’t have already identified all of the spirit medicines, right?”

“I finally understood it. This boy is purely here to be funny. The matter of questioning the seven great elders earlier might be a blind cat catching a dead rat, bumped into it!”

Ye Yuan’s abnormal actions made everyone’s glasses drop.

Forget about a teenage youth, even those Alchemy Kings that have lived for several hundred years did not dare to answer questions like that either.

After 15 minutes, Ye Yuan slowly opened his mouth and said, “I’m done.”

As he spoke, Ye Yuan handed the jade slip to that Quasi-Alchemy King.

Tong Wenchang was stupefied by Ye Yuan’s move and involuntarily stopped.

“No way, right? You’re already done? Are you challenging the elders’ bottom-line? Forget it, forget it. I can’t be bothered with you either.” Tong Wenchang was thoroughly speechless.

Outside the stage, there was an even greater commotion!

“Ohmy god! Where did this boy come from? I’ve already been wholly defeated.”

“Hur hur,does he think he’s a god? Swept a glance and all the answers are crystal clear in his heart?”

. . . . . .

All manners of ridicule came over. But there was a sound isolating formation in the stage. Ye Yuan could not hear at all.

After he handed over the jade slip, he went to one side by himself to rest.


The cup in Xiao Changfeng’s hand was crushed into powder by him.

“Is this punk making fun of my Xiao Family? To actually be so half-hearted like this! Previously, he even said to me to make Tong Wenchang not have the confidence to refine pills in the future. Utter bullshit!” Xiao Changfeng gnashed his teeth angrily.

“. . . . . .” Xiao Ruyan was speechless.

Honestly speaking, she also felt that he was too slipshod in doing this.

Could it be that the thing that happened previously was just her own misconception?

. . . . . .

After four hours, Tong Wenchang finally deduced all of the answers and handed it up.

The Quasi-Alchemy King turned in the two people’s jade slips together.

Yang Xiu received the two people’s jade slips and conveniently placed the model answers jade slip and Tong Wenchang’s jade slip into the spirit artifact. The light curtain appeared.

The reason why he did so was that he already firmly believed that Ye Yuan was here to cause trouble.

Answering all of the questions in a short 15 minutes? How was that possible?

Previously, this brat actually guessed correctly. Heaven is really blind!

Comparing it, Yang Xiu nodded secretly. This Tong Wenchang was still very reliable. Well deserving of being the first person among the juniors to advance to Quasi-Alchemy King.

“Tong Wenchang, 100 types of spirit medicines, all correct! There are a total of 73 kinds of compositions that the seven of us inferred, and Tong Wenchang answered 56 kinds!” Yang Xiu announced.

“Indeed worthy of being the number one person in the junior generation. He’s actually this impressive! In my opinion, even if Xiao Rufeng really broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm, he probably won’t be Tong Wenchang’s match either!”

“Yeah. This first match is purely on the understanding of medicinal effects, and it has nothing to do with cultivation realm. Tong Wenchang’s performance is way better than Xiao Rufeng’s!”

“Don’t forget, there’s still that funny boy!”


Yang Xiu gave Ye Yuan a ruminating look and placed his jade slip into the spirit artifact, saying, “Next, we’ll look at Ji Qing’s answers. Answering in just 15 minutes, he should have a well thought out plan, right?”

These words sounded sarcastic upon hearing it. Finally, it was time for him to give vent to his anger!

The light display was densely covered in words. What was written was even more than the model answers!

With the mentality of poking fun, Yang Xiu swept a look at the light curtain. But the expression on his face now was exceedingly fascinating.