Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Model Answer


“Hahaha!You guys, look at that Ji Qing’s answer! It seems to be much longer than the judges’ answer!”

“He’s amazing what! He can even point out the error in the seven great elders’ answer, so his level is naturally higher than the seven great elders added together. His answer is naturally longer too.”

“Pffft!You’re so bad! But this boy really did it over the top trying to please the public with hogwash, for fear that others don’t know that he’s a moron.”

Seeing the densely filled answers on the light curtain, everyone was ridiculing Ye Yuan.

A contestant’s answer was way more than the model answer. Was this being funny?

Did he really think that he was an Alchemy Sovereign that could overpower seven great Alchemy King experts?

They did not notice that Sovereign Star Abyss’s eyes which had been closed all along opened slightly; his eyes emitting two rays of light as he looked at the light curtain!

“What wrong, Elder Yang? Not announcing the results yet?” said an Alchemy King. Seeing Yang Xiu in a daze, the Alchemy King could not help but to urge him.

He was completely disinclined to even look at the contents on the light curtain. Sheer nonsense also had to have a limit.

Yang Xiu took in a deep breath and said slowly to everyone, “Ladies and gentlemen, wait a moment. Allow us to discuss it.”

Finished talking, Yang Xiu said to the other six judges in a low voice, “The few of you, take a close look at Ji Qing’s answers!”

The six Alchemy Kings were stupefied when they heard this; their gaze involuntarily turned to look at the light curtain.

A single look, and they were all horrifyingly shocked!

Ye Yuan’s answers were actually exactly the same as the answers that they deduced together!

No, it could not be said to be exactly the same, because Ye Yuan’s answers were even more than their answers!

“This . . . What is going on here? If one says that he is lucky, isn’t this too lucky?”

“Then what’s with the extra answers?”

“Hiss. . . The 73 kinds of answers that we’ve listed, Ji Qing’s answer have it all up there! The remainder is all answers that we didn’t list. How to calculate this?”

The seven people gathered together and started to discuss urgently.

And this scene made everyone feel bewildered.

“What in the world is happening? Why aren’t they announcing the results yet?”

“Seems like something is not quite right. Can it be that this Ji Qing’s answer really has quite a few correct?”

“He didn’t blindly toss out so many answers, and he was lucky to guess correctly in the end, right?”

“Wrong! I checked carefully just now. The medicinal pill combinations that the correct answers have, Ji Qing’s answer has all of them! That’s also to say that he answered all the questions correctly! But . . . what’s with the extra answers?”

“What? All of them? How is this possible?!”

A tossed stone caused a thousand ripples. Everyone checked the answers on the light curtain in succession.

They discovered to their astonishment that the 73 kinds of answers the elders listed, Ye Yuan really answered all of them!

Tong Wenchang was naturally checking them too. Along with the affirmation of each answer, his expression became exceedingly ugly.

What did this count as?

Ji Qing shut his eyes for a long time and wrote the answers right after opening his eyes. The result was that all of the answers were correct, and there were even so many more answers.

Tong Wenchang suddenly had a very absurd thought. It was not to such an extent where these additional answers were also correct answers, right?

Could it be that this boy was clairvoyant and could know the past, present, and future?

This was too nonsensical!

At this time, Yang Xiu and and others still had yet to figure out the result.

To say that Ji Qing lost, he had indeed answered all of the questions. To say that Ji Qing won, his answers were several dozen more than the correct answers.

What the hell was up with these extra answers?

Helpless, Yang Xiu could only stand up and salute Sovereign Star Abyss, saying, “Lord Star Abyss, have a look at the result of this match. How should this be handled?”

Star Abyss closed his eyes again at this time. He just lightly uttered three words, “Ji Qing wins.”

The voice was not loud, but it reached everyone’s ears clearly.

Tong Wenchang’s entire body quivered, his eyes turning red instantaneously.

Forcefully suppressing the rage in his heart, Tong Wenchang gave Star Abyss a bow and asked, “Lord Star Abyss, Wenchang boldly asks; Ji Qing he answered so many nonsensical answers, so why can he still win? Could it be just because he answered all of the model answers?”

Tong Fangshuo was greatly startled and hurriedly yelled out, “Wenchang, shut your mouth for me! How can you dare to be rude to Lord Star Abyss?!”

Who knew that Star Abyss waved his hands slightly to stop him and said coolly, “Model answer? Whence does the model answer come from? If one had to say that there is a model answer, then Ji Qing’s answer is the model answer!”


When Star Abyss’s words came out, there was a huge uproar!

Ji Qing’s answer was the model answer?

This . . . How was this possible?

Ji Qing’s answer was several dozen more than the seven great Alchemy Kings’ answer!

His answer was the model answer. Didn’t that mean that his individual strength was even stronger than the seven great Alchemy Kings added up together?

This kind of result when heard was simply a fantasy tale!

If these words came out from another person’s mouth, they would definitely treat it as bullshit. But these words were uttered out from Sovereign Star Abyss’s mouth!

Who was Sovereign Star Abyss?

He was the absolute authority in the Central Capital’s alchemy world!

The words that he said, who dared to question them?

“This Ji Qing is simply too heaven-defying! To actually list down so many medicinal pill combinations!”

“Could it be that he already knew beforehand which spirit medicines could appear today? Otherwise, how can he possibly infer so many answers within such a short period of time?”

“Yeah. This boy is too heaven-defying. When he wrote the answers from start to end without pause like he knew the answers long ago. Can it be that he really knew the answers in advance?”

“Knew my *ss! Didn’t you see that the answers he has written are several dozen more than the model answers?”

“I counted just now, Ji Qing wrote a total of 120 answers; more than twice of the answers that Tong Wenchang wrote! This . . . is really brutal enough!”

Tong Wenchang looked around vacantly, battered out of his senses. His eyes could not quite find a focal point.

The densely filled answers on Ji Qing’s light curtain were actually all correct answers!

Could it be that this brat’s basic skills were even that much stronger than the seven great Alchemy Kings added up together?

Comparing him with Ye Yuan was simply like comparing a firefly to the bright moon!

At this time, Ye Yuan who had been sitting quietly the entire time uninterestedly suddenly got up and came beside Tong Wenchang. He said with a smile on his face, “This is only the beginning. It will be even more interesting at the back! You can continue to laugh. If you don’t laugh, it’s pointless.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan returned to his area and said to that Quasi-Alchemy King, “You can start the second round already.”

The Quasi-Alchemy King was stunned,“Ah? Oh. . .Oh!”

As he said, his gaze turned to look at Yang Xiu, waiting for his command.

Yang Xiu nodded and said, “The second match, deconstructing medicinal pills! Begin!”

Overwhelming rage!

Tong Wenchang pointed at Ye Yuan and snarled, “Punk, don’t think that you’ll win for certain like this! We still don’t know who will emerge victorious!”