Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Explosive Rising Dragon Pill



The word victorious was like a sledgehammer that smashed onto Tong Wenchang’s chest, making him feel stifled.

All correct!

How was this possible?

Could it be that Ye Yuan knew the complete pill formula for these ten medicinal pills?

If not for this case, how could he possibly deconstruct all of the components?

Tong Wenchang’s mind was in a disorderly mess. Ye Yuan won two matches in a row like he performed extraordinarily well today. This was too great of a blow to him.

He was the Tong Family’s number one genius, a legendary figure among the junior generation!

Not that he could not take losses, but this manner of defeat really made him unable to accept it!

The answers that he went through innumerable difficulties and racked his brains for did not even come close to him.

Furthermore, from start to end, Ye Yuan did not even look at the questions and just directly submitted the answers!

This way of winning was too abnormal and also too heavy of a blow!

Right at this moment, it was only to hear Yang Xiu said slowly, “I know that everybody might have doubts about this result. So I’ll order someone to seal up all the medicinal pills present and these two jade slips. If anyone has objections, they can go to the Wind Emperor to request to open the seal or pay a sufficient price to the Alchemist Association.”

These ten medicinal pills were all exclusively owned by the Alchemist Association. In order to not let the pill formula leak out, one naturally had to pay an adequate price to be able to view it.

If it were a normal circumstance, this price naturally would not be too great.

But the problem was that Ye Yuan deconstructed all the components of the medicinal pills without missing a single one. This way, the possibility of the pill formulas leaking out would increase dramatically.

Hence, if the Tong Family wished to view Ye Yuan’s jade slip, the price they had to pay would surely be hard to imagine.

Up to this point, this crucial yet unsuspenseful competition actually had a drama-like change.

Ye Yuan secured two matches like a wild wind sweeping away fallen leaves, beating the Tong Family’s number one genius, a low-rank Quasi-Alchemy King Tong Wenchang, until he could not even raise his head.

Previously, everyone thought that the Xiao Family would become a bygone after today. But Ye Yuan’s sudden emergence forcefully dragged the Xiao Family back!

Now, the Xiao Family already firmly suppressed the Tong Family by a head. As long as Ye Yuan did not lose too horribly in the final match, the Xiao Family could take back 70% of the medicinal pill market’s management rights anew!

Xiao Changfeng looked at Ye Yuan’s back view and actually felt a chill run down his back.

Yes. An Alchemy King expert shuddered at an Alchemy Grandmaster!

He finally understood now what that sentence Ye Yuan said prior to this meant.

To beat Tong Wenchang until he had no confidence to refine pills. This statement sounded very laughable, but looking at it now, Tong Wenchang might really get a psychological obstacle in alchemy.

This kind of simple, yet crude winning method was enough to utterly crush the opponent’s confidence.

If Tong Wenchang were unable to walk out from the shadow of today’s defeat, then his accomplishments in this lifetime would probably end here.

But when a person’s confidence was completely crushed, how could it be easy to find it again?

Such a method that destroyed one’s opponent was even crueler than killing him directly.

How in the world did Tong Wenchang offend Ji Qing that the latter would actually use such a cruel manner to crush his confidence?

Xiao Changfeng dared to confirm that Ye Yuan completely did not have this intention before coming. Deciding to do so should be a sudden thought.

Xiao Changfeng remained puzzled after pondering over it!

Just what kind of a freak did my girl find?Xiao Changfeng unwittingly laughed wryly in his heart.

Xiao Changfeng was originally the most worried person among everyone about the final match.

But now, he had inexplicable confidence in Ye Yuan!

He felt that Ye Yuan could definitely defeat Tong Wenchang in refining pills!

Because to want to thoroughly crush Tong Wenchang’s confidence, this third match was the most crucial one!

. . . . . .

“The third match, the medicinal pill that the two of you will be refining is the Tier 3 high-level medicinal pill, Explosive Rising Dragon Pill!” Yang Xiu said.

When his voice fell, the surroundings burst into an uproar all at once.

“Ohmy God! It’s actually the Explosive Rising Dragon Pill! This . . . This is seriously crazy!”

“The Explosive Rising Dragon Pill is known as an emperor-like existence among Tier 3 medicinal pills. It was not because of its medicinal effect but because of its refining difficulty!”

“Yeah. The Explosive Rising Dragon Pill’s requirement towards soul force is exceedingly high! Up until now, I’ve never heard of any Alchemy Grandmasters that refined the Explosive Rising Dragon Pill before!”

“Tong Wenchang was utterly defeated in two matches. This match, he finally saw a bit of hope! In the case of the Explosive Rising Dragon Pill, the advantage that he has is too great!”

The Explosive Rising Dragon Pill’s pill formula was not really precious. Many major factions had it. But its refining difficulty was seriously too high!

Those who could refine the Explosive Rising Dragon Pill were all Quasi-Alchemy King strength and above!

Even low-rank Quasi-Alchemy Kings would also find it very taxing to refine this medicinal pill.

As for an Alchemy Grandmaster, this medicinal pill was impossible to refine!

“Hahaha!”When Tong Wenchang heard the contents of the final match, he started laughing madly. “Ji Qing, even the heaven is helping me! I want to see just how you’ll refine this medicinal pill that is unsolvable to Alchemy Grandmasters!”

Ye Yuan did not pay attention to him. He still sat there with his eyes closed to rest his mind, with an appearance like this matter did not concern him.

Tong Wenchang finally managed to find a bit of superiority sense and wanted to deal a good blow to Ye Yuan. But his fist landed on cotton, making him very depressed.

Tong Fangshuo could not help frowning when he saw the situation and finally could not sit still anymore.

“Wenchang, come over here!” Tong Fangshuo said solemnly.

Tong Wenchang was startled and came before Tong Fangshuo. “Father!”

“Wenchang, this boy is very abnormal, and his strength is formidable. You mustn’t lower your guard! This third match concerns our Tong Family’s next ten years’ fortunes. The load on your shoulders is very heavy!” Tong Fangshuo said.

Tong Wenchang broke into a sweat and hurriedly said, “Wenchang knows. Father, please put your heart at ease!”

Tong Fangshuo sighed lightly and said, “How do you want me to feel at ease when you’re like this? Didn’t you notice that you’ve been completely brought into his rhythm by that kid?”

Tong Wenchang’s hairs stood on its ends from fear, and he broke into a cold sweat.

“But . . . that punk . . .”

“I know! That’s why I didn’t say anything when you lost the first two matches! This kid’s knowledge in the Alchemy Path is extremely solid. He probably grew up in a medicine garden from a young age! But no matter how amazing he is, he’s also just a 16-years-old youth! Do you . . . understand?” Tong Fangshuo said.

“Father’s meaning is . . .”

“Solid fundamental skills is Ji Qing’s greatest advantage but also his greatest disadvantage! The Alchemy Path has never had a shortcut that can be taken. Without copious amount of severe training and practice, there’s no way to have any sort of accomplishments! He’s only 16. How formidable do you think he can be when he’s truly refining pills?”

Tong Wenchang’s eyes lit up and said in delight, “Father’s meaning is that this Ji Qing, his theoretical knowledge is extremely powerful, so it delayed actual practice instead?”

Tong Fangshuo nodded slightly and said, “That’s right! If it was some other medicinal pill, then forget it. But this Explosive Rising Dragon Pill is immensely advantageous to you! You just have to refine the pill according to your own rhythm. Forget all about the first two match’s defeat. This match, you can definitely turn defeat into victory!”