Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 388

Chapter 388 After Today


The medicinal pill fragrance had already permeated the entire hall. Everyone knew that this medicinal pill that Ye Yuan refined would certainly be extraordinary!

As for Tong Wenchang’s despotic words, everyone overlooked it directly. At this time, there was already no one at all who paid attention to him.

“Elder Yang, quickly unveil the mystery! I can’t wait anymore!”

“Yeah. This Explosive Rising Dragon Pill, even if an Alchemy King expert came to refine it, they might not be able to guarantee high-grade every time; let alone superior grade.”

“I have a feeling that this Explosive Rising Dragon Pill is probably not limited to the level of superior-grade! My God, a Transcendent-Grade Explosive Rising Dragon Pill! I simply dare not believe my eyes!”

Tong Wenchang looked perplexed. But when he heard everyone’s words, he finally understood a little.

At the very least, he knew that he was already utterly disregarded by people . . .

Ji Qing, he . . . What on earth did he do?

Yang Xiu looked at Ye Yuan’s medicinal pill from left to right. The more he looked, the more he could not bear to part with it.

Finally, Yang Xiu heaved a sigh in admiration and said, “You all guessed correctly. Ji Qing’s Explosive Rising Dragon Pill is beyond all doubt transcendent-grade! This is simply like an immortal medicine to martial artists who cultivates fire-attribute cultivation methods!”

Tong Wenchang’s entire being was petrified there. Only two words repeatedly reverberated in his head.

“Transcendent-grade . . . Transcendent-grade . . .”

A transcendent-grade Tier 3 high-level medicinal pill, this . . .

“I heard it wrongly! I must have heard it wrongly! A high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster refining a transcendent-grade Tier 3 high-level medicinal pill? Isn’t this insulting my intelligence?” Tong Wenchang repeatedly suggested to himself.

Still, nobody paid attention to him. Everyone’s eyes were glued at the medicinal pill that Ye Yuan refined.

“Really transcendent-grade! Really transcendent-grade! How many years has it been since a transcendent-grade Tier 3 high-level medicinal pill has appeared in our capital?!”

“Yeah. This is simply the pinnacle work of Tier 3 medicinal pills! At least, among Alchemy Grandmasters, no, within Quasi-Alchemy King Realm, it’s impossible for anyone to refine such a medicinal pill!”

“Legendary Realm! Transcendent-grade Tier 3 high-level medicinal pill! I’ve simply witnessed a miracle today!”

Ye Yuan’s masterpiece made everyone lose themselves in the wonder.

Yang Xiu already could not wait to end this Grand Pill Assembly. He wanted to have a good chat with this young man!

“The results don’t need me to say it, right? This third match, the Xiao Family . . .”


Yang Xiu’s words were said halfway when it was rudely interrupted by Tong Wenchang!

Yang Xiu’s brows furrowed, his tone becoming cold as he said, “What do you have to say?”

Tong Wenchang had a ferocious face as he said, “I feel that there’s something fishy going on with this match! That boy is only a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster! How can he possibly refine a transcendent-grade Explosive Rising Dragon Pill? And also, the previous two match, his answers were too strange!”


Yang Xiu’s Soul Sea Realm aura erupted completely. An overwhelmingly powerful aura crushed Tong Wenchang until he felt asphyxiated.

Clearly, Yang Xiu really became enraged this time!

“Your meaning is that . . . our Alchemist Association would collude with the Xiao Family to engage in fraud in this Grand Pill Assembly?” Yang Xiu said leisurely, but anyone could sense his fury.

Everyone was horrifyingly shocked. These words from Tong Wenchang could be considered to have poked the hornet’s nest!

Although the capital’s Alchemist Association Headquarters was under the rule of the Wind Emperor, it did not mean that the Wind Emperor could freely issue orders to the Alchemist Association.

In reality, the Alchemist Association could entirely not listen to the Wind Emperor’s commands!

It was just that because in the Fierce Gale World, the Wind Emperor was an extremely special existence. He was this small world’s one of a kind powerhouse.

In order to express their respect, that was why the Alchemist Association was brought under the Wind Emperor’s rule.

While the Alchemist Association organized all past sessions of the Grand Pill Assembly, this was not an order issued by the Wind Emperor, but the Wind Emperor inviting this neutral organization.

In the Lower Realms, unless they were brain damaged, otherwise, nobody dared to provoke an organization like the Alchemist Association!

If not for this case, with the Wind Emperor’s might, he could completely swallow up the Alchemist Association.

However, did he dare?

Tong Fangshuo was greatly frightened by Tong Wenchang’s words. He came forward to salute Yang Xiu and said, “Please don’t blame him, Elder Yang. Wenchang, he is momentarily confused; that’s why he would say such offending words. The Alchemist Association has hosted so many sessions of the Grand Pill Assembly and has always been impartial. How can we dare to question? Wenchang, why haven’t you apologized to Elder Yang?!”

As he reached the end, Tong Fangshuo already had a stern tone and countenance!

Yet, Tong Wenchang had already completely lost himself. How could he listen?

“Why do I have to apologize? Father, don’t you feel that it’s very fishy? That boy didn’t even look and composed so many pill formulas. He even deconstructed all ten of the Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills! If not because he knew the answers beforehand, with him just being a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster . . .”


Tong Wenchang had yet to finish talking when Tong Fangshuo sent a large slap over, directly sending him flying!

When he crawled up again, Tong Wenchang’s entire face already swelled like a pig’s head; blood was everywhere on his face, looking extremely wretched.

“Unfilial son! If you say any more nonsense, see if I don’t cripple you! Come, men! Bring this unfilial son of mine back for me, and watch him strictly! Without my permission, nobody is allowed to let him out!” Tong Fangshuo was so furious that blue veins throbbed.

The Wind Emperor dreading the Alchemist Association was only because he feared the force behind it. But to the alchemist world’s Tong Family, the Alchemist Association was absolutely an existence which could not be offended!

Tong Wenchang was missing a screw right now, to actually dare to rebut Yang Xiu! That wouldn’t be a problem of just losing a few percentages of shares of the medicinal pill market!

While this move looked very ruthless, it protected Tong Wenchang very well.

Bringing him back to lock him up, that was just the Tong Family’s internal affairs. If Yang Xiu really pursued this matter, whether Tong Wenchang’s puny life could be preserved or not was still another matter altogether.

How could an old fox like Yang Xiu who lived for several hundred years not understand Tong Fangshuo’s intentions?

But in the capital, the Alchemist Association also had the Alchemist Association’s difficulties. Tong Fangshuo already did it to this step. He could not very well pursue this matter further.

“Alright, alright. Today’s matter ends here! Now, I’ll announce the results. This Grand Pill Assembly, the Xiao Family wins with 2 1! If the Tong Family is unwilling to submit to this result, you can very well go and complain to His Majesty, the Wind Emperor,” Yang Xiu said.

Within these words already disclosed his thick displeasure.

Although Yang Xiu was not a character whose words were as heavy as nine tripods, he was also a figure who carried weight.

His words still had plenty of weight.

Tong Fangshuo was having a headache. This was not Yang Xiu alone being unhappy. Tong Wenchang’s words already offended everyone in the Alchemist Association.

This kind of chink, who knew how much effort was needed to be able to mend it later.

In truth, Tong Fangshuo could not blame it on his son either. Anybody who encountered something like this would probably lose their sense of propriety as well.

What he was worried about now was whether Tong Wenchang still had the confidence to stand before a medicinal cauldron again to refine pills after today.

It took ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to raise a person. For Tong Wenchang to become hailed as the Tong Family’s number one genius, all the expended resources up until now was only more and not less than Xiao Rufeng.

But after today . . .