Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 390

Chapter 390 Where His Confidence Lies


Ye Yuan came to a realization. Turned out that alchemy skills were not thought highly of at all in the Fierce Gale World.

The Fierce Gale World martial artists mostly relied on their own talent and hard work to cultivate. Their reliance on medicinal pills was not as great as the Endless World.

Of course, this was only comparatively speaking.

Those large families, as well as the forces under the Wind Emperor’s command, would naturally enjoy more resources. Their cultivation would naturally be faster too.

But to them, medicinal pills were just adding flowers to embroidery and not delivering fuel in the snow.

Actually, Ye Yuan could tell that while the Fierce Gale World was deficient in resources, the environment itself was actually their most valuable resource.

Fierce Gale World martial artists could be said to have a natural affinity with the concept of wind. Their cultivation along this path would also be quicker.

If Ye Yuan’s conjectures were right, there were no shortage of martial artists who comprehended true intent in the Fierce Gale World.

The moment Ye Yuan entered the city, he came into contact with the alchemy world influences. He still did not have a direct understanding of the other forces.

Looking at it now, the two Xiao and Tong families actually had a good deal of things that they had no control over.

“Like thathuh.Since you aren’t willing to marry, find a guy to beat those two fellows down and wouldn’t it be settled?” Ye Yuan said.

Xiao Ruyan smiled bitterly and said, “Where is the Xiao Family going to find such a character? The Huang Family’s Huang Wenqiu and the Xue Family’s Xue Zaihe are the number two experts among the capital’s junior generation. Their strength is on par with each other. Wanting to find someone stronger than them, and still have to meet the age requirement? Easier said than done.”

“Oh?Number two experts? Then who’s the number one expert?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“The number one expert is similarly two people. They are the His Highness, the Seventh Prince, and the Shangguan Family’s Shangguan Lingyun!” When she spoke of these two people, Xiao Ruyan’s face also revealed solemnness.

“Oh. . . So impressive huh. Then that’s a little hard to deal with. Why not I help you beat them off, and then you promise me one thing? How about that?” Ye Yuan said with a grin.

Xiao Ruyan’s eyes lit up but immediately dimmed again. “I know that you’re incredibly powerful in the Alchemy Path. But in terms of martial strength, you can’t possibly beat those two people. Furthermore, if you need me to do anything, Father also had said earlier; you just have to speak freely.”

Ye Yuan snickered and said, “Really? Even wanting you is okay too?”

Xiao Ruyan was already completely numbed. She said, “Of course you can. The prerequisite is that you can take me away.”

However, these words made Ye Yuan jump in fright. He gave a perfunctory laugh and said, “Just making a joke. I don’t want to be hunted down by the Huang and Xue, two great first-rate families.”

In truth, Ye Yuan really wanted to ask about the matter of the slaves. But he was unable to fully trust Xiao Ruyan, so he forcefully swallowed his words back down.

The matter of Endless World’s slaves was too sensitive. He just had to open his mouth, and it would draw people’s suspicions.

Xiao Ruyan was extremely intelligent. It was impossible to not have any notions at all.

Even if he helped out the Xiao Family tremendously this time, on the matter involving the war between the two worlds, which side Xiao Ruyan would ultimately choose to stand on was really hard to say.

As for Xiao Changfeng, Ye Yuan was even less hopeful of him. That old fox would definitely take him down immediately and deliver him in front of the Wind Emperor to claim credit.

At this time, a youth walked into the hall slowly, heading straight for Ye Yuan.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ji, I’m master’s first disciple, Shi Haoran. Master asks you to go see him with me after you finished settling the stuff over here,”said the youth to Ye Yuan.

This Shi Haoran was shockingly an Alchemy King expert!

This person looked young, but his age was probably no longer that young.

The aging of martial artists’ appearance would gradually slow down following the continuous increase in strength.

This Shi Haoran was at most a hundred years old but had already stepped into the Soul Sea Realm and advanced to Alchemy King. In the Lower Realms, this was absolutely a prodigious talent!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan could feel that Shi Haoran’s gaze was restrained and had quite the air of someone broad-minded. He was totally different from Tong Wenchang; it was such a contrast.

Tong Wenchang’s title of Quasi-Alchemy King sounded scary, but actually his foundation was superficial. It was entirely in order to race against time that he forcefully broke through to the Soul Sea Realm.

To alchemists, the greatest taboo was this point.

Unstable foundation. The further back, the harder to break through!

In spite of Tong Wenchang breaking through to Quasi-Alchemy King very early, if he wanted to break through to Alchemy King Realm, without one or two hundred years of accumulation, it simply could not be attained.

But this Shi Haoran’s soul force was pure; it was clearly tempered out through severe training. Only by experiencing countless times of pill refinement could one refine their soul force to this sort of degree.

This point, others could not tell, but Ye Yuan was perfectly clear.

But what made Ye Yuan surprised was why did Star Abyss send his first disciple over to fetch him?

Even if it was taking in a new disciple, wasn’t this too solemn?

At Star Abyss’s place, he was but a newcomer. Making his first disciple fetch him, how great of a face was that?!

“I’ve seen Alchemy King Shi!” Xiao Ruyan gave a bow to Shi Haoran, and then she said to Ye Yuan, “Ruyan dare not delay Lord Star Abyss’s affairs and will take my leave here. Today’s matter, Ruyan thanks Mister Ji on behalf of the Xiao Family!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Miss Ruyan don’t need to mind. Take care.”

Looking at Xiao Ruyan’s supple back view, Shi Haoran smiled and said, “Miss Ruyan and the Shangguan Family’s Shangguan Lingxue are named the capital’s two beauties together. Till today, nobody can capture their hearts. To think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ji has only entered the Xiao Family for a few days, and Miss Ruyan’s heart is already secretly pledged. Indeed formidable!”

Ye Yuan was stunned. Originally, he thought that this Shi Haoran was someone who was serious in speech and manner. Who knew that he would crack this sort of joke at first sight?

“Haha,Eldest Senior Apprentice Brother is overthinking. Miss Ruyan just has feelings of gratitude towards me. How can a proud person like her take fancy upon an inexperienced greenhorn like me?” Ye Yuan said self-mockingly.

But Shi Haoran thought otherwise and said with a smile, “I’m somebody who has been through this. I won’t misjudge! What you said is right. Miss Ruyan is indeed a proud person. But that’s because she hasn’t encountered a man deserving of her to fall in love with. And today, Junior Apprentice Brother Ji’s performance has already thoroughly subjugated her arrogance! Moreover . . . Junior Apprentice Brother Ji is already under Master’s tutelage. How can you call yourself an inexperienced greenhorn? As long as Junior Apprentice Brother is willing, ask Master to come out and intercede for you. How can the Huang and Xue families dare to say a single word of objection?

When Ye Yuan listened, he thought to himself,shit!

This Shi Haoran did not seem to be joking. Could it be that Xiao Ruyan really fell for him?

But he and Xiao Ruyan are people from two different worlds and would surely become foes in the future. When the time came, how should they face each other?

Cough, cough, thinking too much.

Now was not the time to be thinking about this matter. Rescuing his fellow apprentices was the first order in this matter!

Ye Yuan laughed perfunctorily and said, “Eldest Senior Apprentice Brother, don’t make fun of this Junior. Aren’t I still young? I haven’t considered this matter yet, so I won’t trouble Master to grace his presence.”

Shi Haoran burst into laughter and said, “Junior Apprentice Brother is really a strange person! In the capital, which man doesn’t wish to hold these two beauties in their embrace? Yet, you have this strength and opportunity but make excuses to decline. Fine as well. As long as Miss Ruyan has yet to wed, you have plenty of chances. Even if the spouse finding martial competition determined her spouse, as long as she is still of a chaste body, you can still marry her over! This . . . is where the confidence of those under Sovereign Star Abyss lies!”

Ye Yuan’s eyes flickered. This Shi Haoran . . . was to his liking.