Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Hopeless Situation


The dojo of Sovereign Star Abyss,Qixia Mountain.

Ye Yuan and Shi Haoran were walking side by side.

“Master Star Abyss took in a total of seven disciples. You’re the eighth person. But you’re the one with the greatest talent,” Shi Haoran said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Senior’s tone when saying this is like two different people from earlier, without that sort of aura that disdained all beneath the heaven.”

Along the way, Ye Yuan and Shi Haoran chatted until now and felt that this person quite matched his disposition. Different from the seriousness in speech and manner, and solemn and mature eldest senior apprentice brother in his impression, Shi Haoran was with some hint of being quick to settle grudges and favor.

Shi Haoran laughed and said, “Inferior means inferior. That has nothing to do with disdaining the world. Legendary Realm, forget about me, even master he can’t do it either. Just based on this point, I’m inferior to you.”

“Just luck.”

But Shi Haoran did not think so. “Luck is also a part of strength. Swap any middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster over; they can’t win Tong Wenchang. At least, when I was at your level, I can’t do it.”

As they were talking, the two people already arrived at the summit of the mountain. A magnificent great hall entered their sights.

“Go in then. Master is already waiting for us,” Shi Haoran said.

Following Shi Haoran into the main hall, Star Abyss was already waiting for him.

“Haoran, you take your leave first. I’ll talk alone with Ji Qing,” Star Abyss said.

Shi Haoran bowed and withdrew. Star Abyss slowly opened his eyes and sized Ye Yuan up. But Ye Yuan also measured Star Abyss with his eyes without any care.

“Legendary Realm. Pretty good! To be able to reach such a realm at this young age, you’re bound to surpass me on the Alchemy Path in the future,” Star Abyss suddenly said.

Ye Yuan was a little perplexed and did not know what these words from Star Abyss meant. He could only say, “Lord Star Abyss is too kind. Ji Qing is embarrassed by undeserved praises.”

Star Abyss waved his hand and said, “You don’t have to be humble. Actually, I know that I can’t teach you anything at all. The reason why I called you over in the name of master and disciple is because of another reason.”

Ye Yuan’s heart palpitated. Could it be that this old man discovered his identity?

That was not very likely!

Ye Yuan’s heart was palpitating, but he said with a straight face, “This . . . I wonder what Lord Star Abyss is looking for me for?”

Star Abyss did not answer but retorted with a question instead, “Where did you come from?”

Ye Yuan’s heart palpitated again and secretly raised his guard, quietly revolving his essence energy.

“This child is somebody from the wilderness. Lord Star Abyss won’t know even if I said it,” Ye Yuan said.

Star Abyss chuckled and said, “You aren’t a Fierce Gale World native, right? Allegedly, an Endless World spy might have infiltrated the capital. If my conjectures are right, that person is you, yes?”

This time, Ye Yuan no longer had any thoughts of being lucky in his heart and already made the preparations to fight for his life.

But right then, Star Abyss’s pupils constricted, and he exclaimed in shock, “Heart Like Still Water! What a fine lad! You really give people continuous surprises!”

Turned out that Ye Yuan already quietly entered Heart Like Still Water Realm. But this point was actually seen through by Star Abyss!

Ye Yuan was really depressed. He did not know where he revealed a flaw. With this old man’s strength, he was able to see past his divine soul mystic art?

It was true that Star Abyss’s strength was very formidable. But Ye Yuan similarly had great confidence in his own divine soul mystic art.

Sovereign Star Abyss should not be able to see through him!

Could it be during the Grand Pill Assembly?

Even though he made a showy display of his abilities, he did not divulge any flaws!

Ye Yuan initially wanted to use Star Abyss as a backing. To think that he actually directly exposed the skeleton in his closet!

At this point, Ye Yuan no longer had the need to cover up. There was only the path of risking his life that he could take.

Ye Yuan already silently completed the accumulation of essence energy and secretly mobilized heaven and earth essence energy!

Evidently, Star Abyss had long discovered Ye Yuan’s little actions. But, he did not stop Ye Yuan, letting him carry it out free.

This was absolute confidence. He believed that Ye Yuan absolutely could not escape his Five-Finger Mountain!

Ye Yuan naturally would not be courteous either. Essence energy erupted abruptly.

“Thousand Flowing Petals! Explode for me!” Ye Yuan roared.

Innumerable flower petals appeared out of thin air, enveloping Star Abyss thickly.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Exploding sounds constantly rang without pause, wanting to erode Star Abyss’s protective essence energy.

But it was all futile.

The Thousand Flowing Petals which had never failed him in previous battles was utterly useless this time. The flower petals which filled the skies vanished completely. Star Abyss still waited there perfectly unscathed. Not even a hair was hurt!

But Star Abyss’s gaze right now was likewise filled with astonishment.

“Such an impressive youngster! I originally thought that since you have such unmatched talent in the Alchemy Path, your Martial Path must surely be average. To think that your talent in the Martial Path is not at all inferior to your Alchemy Path! To actually be able to maneuver heaven and earth essence energy at the Crystal Formation Realm and cast such a powerful move!” Star Abyss said with amazement written all over his face.

Ye Yuan’s expression was very ugly. Nobody was clearer than him about the strength of Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses.

In the Lower Realms, Soul Sea Realms were common, but Divine Traversing Realms were uncommon.

Each sovereign level powerhouse was a peak existence in the Lower Realms, a god-like existence!

One could say that all were ants beneath Divine Traversing!

But Ye Yuan was only a Crystal Formation Realm expert now.

No matter how monstrous he was, it was also not possible to cross two major realms to defeat Star Abyss.

However, since it was death either way, Ye Yuan naturally would not submit to arrest without putting up resistance.

Canghua Sword swept horizontally. Thousand Flowing Petals was used once more!

But this time, Star Abyss did not take a beating passively. It was only to see the corner of his mouth give a wee smile; with a flick of his sleeves, the myriad falling flowers dissipated.

But right at this time, another Ye Yuan appeared behind him!

“Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon!”

Ye Yuan cried out. An enormous fire dragon coiled toward Star Abyss.


An intense explosion sounded out. Except that this explosion did not spread out as Ye Yuan imagined. Instead, it became smaller and smaller, increasingly smaller, and finally turned into nothingness!

Ye Yuan sucked in a cold breath.

This Star Abyss was too powerful!

The firelight vanished entirely, revealing that aged body of Star Abyss.

Only that this time, he was no longer sitting but standing up!

His eyes showed immense astoundment.

“Two kinds of moves. It actually contained three kinds of true intent! Fine lad, you really let this old man broaden his horizons!” Star Abyss praised with a sigh.

Star Abyss was only sighing with admiration, but Ye Yuan was already in despair.

The Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon was already his strongest move. It actually only forced Star Abyss to stand up. He could only fold his arms and wait for death.

If it were not under this sort of life and death crisis, Ye Yuan’s battle result was ample to be proud of.

Divine Traversing versus Crystal Formation. Why would he need to get up to make a move?

Standing there to let you hit. Even if you exhausted your essence energy fully, you could not harm a single hair of his too!

But now, if he was captured by Star Abyss, he only had a road that led to death.


Even if he comprehended the Wind Flow Concept, he also could not possibly escape Star Abyss’s hands.

Ye Yuan unwittingly gave an agonized smile. Canghua Sword moved. Thousand Flowing Petals fluttered once again!

Only that this time, the attack target of the Thousand Flowing Petals was himself!