Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Therefore . . . Sorry


This was the Thousand Flowing Petals ‘Behead’ character formula.

When Ye Yuan created this move, he never thought that he would one day use this move on himself.

He also did not think that the originally seamless infiltration would actually be seen through unexpectedly.

But if Ye Yuan were made to choose one more time, he would still infiltrate the Fierce Gale World without hesitation to rescue his fellow apprentices.

Where justice lie, advance even if you face millions obstructing you!

Watching himself being enveloped by the myriad flying petals, Ye Yuan unwittingly gave a bitter smile.

To think that merely a year after reincarnation, he would have to die again.

In his previous life, he was only fortunate enough to escape because he had his father, Ji Zhengyang, protecting him . . .

Just as Ye Yuan closed his eyes to await death, a blast of wind blew over and actually scattered his Thousand Flowing Petals fully.

Ye Yuan’s expression could not help hardening as he said coldly, “What’s the meaning of this, Lord Star Abyss?”

Star Abyss sat back down again at this time and said with a faint smile, “You’re mistaken. The other reason that I’m talking about is not to expose your identity. Now, can we sit down properly to have a chat?”

Ye Yuan’s gaze flickered. He did not quite get Star Abyss’s thoughts.

Not to expose his identity. Then what was all that crap earlier about?

Ye Yuan had many doubts. He nodded flatly and sat down opposite of Star Abyss.

Right at this moment, Shi Haoran’s voice came from outside the door, “Master, Disciple sensed intense essence energy undulations from here just now. Are you alright?”

Star Abyss replied nonchalantly, “I was giving Ji Qing some pointers earlier; that’s why a small commotion was caused. You all don’t have to be alarmed over nothing. Without my permission, nobody is allowed to approach this place.”

“Yes, Master!”

A moment later, there was indeed no more activity outside.

Star Abyss looked at Ye Yuan with a smile and said, “A Crystal Formation Realm martial artist actually caused such a massive commotion in my place. Truly terrifying. In my opinion, your talent can no longer be described using monstrous!”

Ye Yuan knew that he could not escape and simply calmed his heart down, saying coolly, “Geniuses are nothing. Experts are the terrifying ones! If you can’t beat someone, you’ll still be a clump of yellow dirt in the end.”

Star Abyss nodded and said, “That’s right, that’s right. Neither arrogant nor rash. Being able to face difficult predicaments calmly. Decisive and daring. Resolute in killing. You’re a dragon among men and will surely soar above the skies in the future!”

Ye Yuan was dumbfounded. What did this zealous flattering mean as well?

“What does Lord Star Abyss wish to say?”

Star Abyss chuckled and said, “Legendary Realm. This old man has seen it twice in my life! Today is the second time! But to be able to cultivate the Tri-Origins Samara Art to the Legendary Realm, I’ve never seen that before in my life!”

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted. Could it be that he revealed flaws due to this Tri-Origins Samsara Art?

This . . . made no sense, right?

“Lord Star Abyss suspected me because of this?” Ye Yuan asked gloomily.

Star Abyss had a smile as he nodded and said, “That’s right!”

“Why so? Although the Tri-Origins Samsara Art is rare, it’s not really some impressive inheritance, right?” Getting a definite answer, Ye Yuan was even more depressed.

“Haha,if the Tri-Origins Samara Art doesn’t even count as an impressive inheritance, then what kind of ability is considered an impressive inheritance? Looks like your origins are even more incredible than I imagined! This Tri-Origins Samara Art is my Dao Yan lineage’s unpropagated secret. Within the Fierce Gale World, apart from Haoran and me, nobody cultivated it before. But you were able to cultivate the Tri-Origins Samsara Art to such a level. Clearly, you aren’t my Fierce Gale World’s aboriginal,” Star Abyss said with a profound significance.

“The Fierce Gale World is so large. How can Lord Star Abyss come to a conclusion that there are no other people who know the Tri-Origins Samsara Art?” Ye Yuan asked puzzledly.

“Although the Fierce Gale World is huge, its accomplishments in alchemy skills aren’t much. If my conjectures are correct, my standards when placed in the Endless World probably can’t even enter the top five, right? So, how many inheritances this Tri-Origins Samsara Art has in the Fierce Gale World, this old man is still well aware,” Star Abyss stroked his beard and said.

Ye Yuan curled his mouth and declined to comment on Star Abyss’s conjectures.

Ye Yuan was not too familiar with the Endless World. But according to his estimations, the Northern Domain should have several sovereign level powerhouses.

Star Abyss’s strength might really not even rank in the top five when placed in the Endless World.

It was precisely because the Fierce Gale World was too weak in the alchemy path, the inheritances were naturally pitiably scarce.

Star Abyss saying that he had a good idea about the Tri-Origins Samsara Art inheritance was not false.

It was just that Ye Yuan revealing a flaw because of such a matter was seriously something he had not expected.

“Just based on this, you determined that I’m not a Fierce Gale World native?” Ye Yuan countered with a question.

Star Abyss suddenly burst into laughter and said, “This old man originally only suspected, so I tricked you. To think that you’re really that Endless World spy. You, this Junior, is truly impressive. To actually be able to use divine soul mystic arts to change the characteristics of the divine soul. Even I can’t see through it with my realm! This round of exchange truly astonished me over again and again!”

Ye Yuan nearly spewed out a mouthful of old blood!

Ever since he reincarnated, it had always been him plotting against others. To think that today, he was actually schemed by someone!

But this honestly could not be blamed on Ye Yuan either. After all, in a different world like this, him entering deep inside alone, his mind was actually in a tightly wound up state all this while.

Star Abyss this old fox was brimming with confidence all the way and directly exposed Ye Yuan’s identity. How could Ye Yuan doubt this?

If it were some other person, they might really harbor hope in their hearts and insist that they are not someone from the Endless World.

But with Ye Yuan’s temperament, how could he willingly place his life in the hands of others?

Therefore, his identity being exposed was also within reason.

“You’re so sly, old man!” Ye Yuan gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

Star Abyss stroked his beard and said, “This is called all’s fair in war. But you, this young man, is somebody with affection and faith! For the sake of your fellow apprentices, you actually risked your own life to enter deep inside the capital alone! I, this old man, have lived for many years and have only yielded to one person. But today, there’s one more.”

“Oh?I wonder who the other person is.” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“The other person is naturally my master, Sage Dao Yan! He affirmed his Dao with alchemy under such an environment like the Fierce Gale World and ascended to the Divine Realm! The first person since time immemorial in the Fierce Gale World! This Tri-Origins Samsara Art was passed down to me by his elderly self. And my lifetime aspiration is to follow in his footsteps and ascend to the Divine Realm!”

Speaking of his own master, Star Abyss also had a look of admiration and fixation.

This was the second time Ye Yuan heard of Dao Yan, this name, and could not help being stirred.

“This Ye is unworthy of Lord Star Abyss’s admiration! Now, since I’ve already fallen into your hands, I wonder how you plan on dealing with me?” Ye Yuan asked.

“So, your real name is surnamed Ye. If you were just a mere nobody, just based on your ties of comradery, this old man could let you off. But, with the talent that you just displayed, if I let you grow unchecked, you might be a catastrophic calamity to my Fierce Gale World! Although this old man is the association head of the Alchemist Association, I grew up in the Fierce Gale World after all. Therefore . . . sorry!” said Star Abyss. Talking up to here, Star Abyss also had a regrettable look.