Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 393

Chapter 393 That Boy


A prodigious talent like Ye Yuan, anyone who met him would their talent cherishing heart stirred.

But if such a genius was the enemy, that would be too scary!

Undoubtedly, those few moves from Ye Yuan earlier already made Star Abyss sense immense threat.

Ye Yuan’s potential was too great!

As part of the Fierce Gale World, he could not let Ye Yuan mature!

But Ye Yuan did not have any nervousness right now. Instead, he said coolly, “I can give you a reason not to kill me!”

Star Abyss was stunned, but he shook his head and said, “It’s futile! Just based on those few moves that you displayed just now, you can’t be kept alive! Or else, His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, might not even be your match in the future!”

Ye Yuan smiled and asked, “The Sage Dao Yan that you mentioned earlier, was his name called Li Daohang?”

Star Abyss’s entire body shuddered, his eyes full of astoundment. He asked tremblingly, “You . . . How do you know Master’s name?! The number of people in the entire Fierce Gale World who knows his name can be counted on one’s fingers! Furthermore, with your age, how is it possible . . .”

Seeing Star Abyss’s reaction, Ye Yuan finally set his mind at ease.

Star Abyss’s master, Sage Dao Yan, was really that Li Daohang that he knew!

“Haha,it’s really Li Daohang huh!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

A Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse was quivering like an ordinary old man currently.

Li Daohang was the master that influenced Star Abyss’s entire life. His status in his heart was akin to that of a god. Hearing news of him once again, how could Star Abyss not be agitated?

“You . . . You know my master? But . . . how is this possible?” Star Abyss said in disbelief.

Ye Yuan was merely 16 years of age. When he was born, Li Daohang had ascended to the Divine Realm long ago. It was simply impossible for the two of them to have any interaction!

Bu, Ye Yuan truly said Li Daohang this name. This left Star Abyss racking his brain for answers.

Star Abyss’s mind was currently flooded with countless question marks. He urgently wanted to know Li Daohang’s present situation.

But Ye Yuan just refused to say it. This involuntarily made him have an impulse to scratch his ears and face in anxiety.

“I naturally know him. But if you want to know his recent developments, you need to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath. The matter I speak of today will be said by me, enter your ears, and not a third person is permitted to know! Don’t you think about using some method like soul search to find what you want. Since I can hide from you when it comes to the divine soul, you should know my means,” Ye Yuan said with an icy look.

Star Abyss was secretly shocked. He really had that thought just now.

But being reminded like this by Ye Yuan, he knew that he definitely had no chance of succeeding anymore.

Ye Yuan could hide from his Divine Traversing Realm detection with Crystal Formation Realm cultivation. How powerful his divine soul mystic art was could be imagined!

Even if Ye Yuan was not his match, him wanting to search the soul was something impossible.

After struggling repeatedly, Star Abyss finally could not resist Ye Yuan’s temptation and swore the Heavenly Dao Oath.

“Now, you can tell me, right?” Master, he . . . Is he well right now?” Star Abyss asked somewhat uneasily.

Hearing these words, Ye Yuan also had a rather complicated expression. He only spoke after musing for a moment, “Whether he’s well or not, I don’t know either. Maybe he’s okay, maybe he’s not okay.”

Star Abyss was stupefied and could not being saying furiously, “You made me swear a Heavenly Dao Oath just to give me such an answer?”

Ye Yuan looked at him and gave a long sigh, saying, “How do you think a 16-year-old youth like me can have such incredible alchemy skills? Although the Tri-Origins Samsara Art isn’t considered some pinnacle ability, wanting to reach the Legendary Realm isn’t something easy either. Do you think that it can be executed by a 16-year-old youth?”

Star Abyss was secretly alarmed and said in surprise, “Is it possible that you . . . But your body and divine soul is very compatible. How is this possible?”

Ye Yuan naturally would not tell him that this was due to those golden characters. He just said indifferently, “The means of the Divine Realm is unimaginable to you. This isn’t considered much to me.”

“This . . . This . . . is indeed so! I suspected previously, but after using my divine soul to investigate for a long time, I didn’t discover any traces at all either. So I dispelled this sort of thought too. To think that . . .” Star Abyss said with an emotional sigh.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “Actually before I took over, I was an Alchemy Emperor!”


How did Star Abyss have any demeanor of an expert right now? He nearly jumped up.

“A-A-Alchemy Emperor! Y-Y-You’re actually an Alchemy Emperor!Ohmy God!” Star Abyss stammered.

To an alchemist, their lifelong aspiration was not to reach the Divine King Realm but the legendary Alchemy Emperor Realm!

And to Star Abyss, forget about Alchemy Emperor, even Alchemy Ancestor was a realm that was far from his reach.

Alchemy Emperor. The weight of these two words was too heavy!

Ye Yuan seemed to have long expected Star Abyss’s reaction and said coolly, “That’s right! Li Daohang that boy still has some abilities. At that time, he wanted to enter my tutelage. I didn’t accept him. But he brazenly refused to leave and followed behind me to do a considerable period of chores. Later on, he became an Alchemy Venerable too.”

That boy . . .

Star Abyss’s face twitched. His master was that boy. Then what was he?

That grandson?

F*ck me!

A little kid scolding the locust while pointing at the mulberry 1 , how to tolerate it?

Star Abyss could not resist cursing in his heart.

Ye Yuan clearly saw through his reaction and said nonchalantly, “You don’t have to feel unwilling to submit. You’re also aware that in the martial artist world, the strong reigns supreme. The alchemist world is likewise so! With your present accomplishments, you’ve just barely learned the rudiments. Li Daohang is also just barely considered to have gained a higher level of mastery later on. In front of me, if he isn’t a boy, then what?”

Star Abyss said displeasedly, “Why don’t you talk about what traits and characteristics that Li Daohang has? Maybe it’s the same surname and same name!”

Star Abyss was an old fox. He naturally would not be ushered in by Ye Yuan so easily. Just as he said, there were many people with the same surname and name. Also, Ye Yuan might be deliberately duping him.

Ye Yuan said disdainfully, “That boy doesn’t have any other abilities. That shamelessly bold and hard to shake off ability is powerful enough! He spent a full three years in the main hall pestering before I grudgingly agreed to take him in. If you have to say what characteristics he has . . .”

As he spoke, Ye Yuan casually struck out several seals. Star Abyss’s expression could not help changing when he saw the situation. “Wandering Seal!”

Ye Yuan made a move again. Star Abyss was shocked once more. “Green Lotus Seal!”

“Seven Evils Kindred Seal!”

“. . . . . .”

Each seal that Ye Yuan struck out, Star Abyss’s throat would raise an octave. At the back, he was practically about to use the Lion’s Roar.

“I wonder if these can prove that the Li Daohang I know is your master?” Ye Yuan asked with an amused look.

Star Abyss nodded like a chicken pecking for rice. His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with awe and veneration!

This 16-year-old youth before his eyes was really an Alchemy Emperor powerhouse that took over a body to rebirth?

“These are all the seals that Master used to rise to fame. That person . . . is really Master!” Star Abyss no longer doubted.

Ye Yuan said scornfully, “Relying on these lousy things and also being able to become famous. No wonder his level was so trash!