Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Shattering Fantasy


“You! If you dare to speak impertinently about Master again, I won’t be courteous!”

Ye Yuan repeatedly belittled Li Daohang over and over again. Finally, it made Star Abyss unable to bear it and explode.

But how could Ye Yuan bother with his feelings?

“How did Li Daohang that boy teach you? Don’t you have any consciousness of honoring and respecting your teachers?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Star Abyss crumbled and said, “Of course I respect and honor my teachers! But what has this got to do with you?”

“Although I didn’t take Li Daohang in as my disciple, no matter what, he followed me for nearly a hundred years too. It’s not too much for me to say that I’m half a teacher to him. If you being impolite to me is not disrespecting your teacher, then what is it?”

“This . . .”

“En,now, I’m a tiger that landed in the plains. If you still wish to kill me, do as you please. But, if you ascend to the Divine Realm in the future, be sure not to go and find Li Daohang. If he knows that you killed me, he’ll smack you to death in one palm without hesitation at all. Of course, with your talent, ascending to the Divine Realm is probably also something very challenging.”

“. . . . . .”

Star Abyss ruminated over it. Clearly he fell into a dilemma.

The person that he respected the most in this life was Li Daohang, while this young man before his eyes actually said that he was Li Daohang’s half a teacher. Wouldn’t that mean that he was his grandteacher?

If Ye Yuan really died in his hands, wouldn’t he really become someone who betrayed his master and forefathers?

But this person was an Alchemy Emperor who took over a body to rebirth!

How powerful an Alchemy Emperor was, Star Abyss completely had no notion at all. But he knew that it was very, very powerful. Powerful until he was simply unable to imagine it!

The present Ye Yuan in front of him was akin to an ant, while if he was in front of an Alchemy Emperor, he did not even count as an ant; insignificant like a speck of dust.

Such a figure was way more terrifying than any genius character!

Although Ye Yuan’s strength was not formidable, his various kinds of means were inconceivable. Before long, he would become an extremely terrifying opponent of His Majesty, the Wind Emperor!

To kill or not to kill?

Ye Yuan just looked at Star Abyss like this and was not in a hurry to press him.

He was not very clear about this Star Abyss’s disposition. But he was still very clear about Li Daohang’s moral character.

Li Daohang was a very talented and very hardworking person. While he did not take in him as his disciple, Li Daohang treated him as his master all along, silently following by his side for close to a hundred years.

Of course, in this hundred years, his harvest was also tremendous, growing from an Alchemy Ancestor to an Alchemy Venerable expert!

As for Star Abyss, Ye Yuan actually still had some confidence.

Previously, when he mentioned Li Daohang, that sort of revering and respectful expression did not seem to be fake.

Indeed, after Star Abyss mused for quite a while, he sucked in a deep breath and said to Ye Yuan, “I can let you off too. But you have to guarantee not to let my Fierce Gale World’s people plunge into misery and suffering.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You’re overthinking it! This sort of thing like a war between two worlds is a matter as big as the heavens to you all. But to me, it essentially counts for nothing. My horizons have never been on this plane! After you ascend to the Divine Realm, you’ll naturally understand the meaning of these words of mine.”

Star Abyss was dazed. Thinking about it, that was true too.

To an Alchemy Emperor, the matters of the Lower Realms were too inconsequential.

“That will be good!” Star Abyss heaved a sigh in relief.

“If the war between two worlds can’t be avoided, I most likely won’t be able to detach myself from it. There are my present kin and friends over there. I have no way of watching them all become Fierce Gale World slaves! However, I can ensure you that I won’t help the Endless World invade the Fierce Gale World. Honestly speaking, if you have the capabilities, you can persuade the Wind Emperor not to invade the Endless World. This way, we can all be happy.” Ye Yuan said.

Star Abyss gave a bitter laugh. “Easier said than done. You’ve also seen the Fierce Gale World’s living conditions. It’s impossible for His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, to give up this war.”

Ye Yuan snorted coldly and said, “Foolish! Once the war between two worlds launches, it will only plunge the people into an abyss of misery and suffering! Even if the Fierce Gale World wins, it will definitely be a pyrrhic victory too. He used improving living conditions as a pretense to invade another world, isn’t it in order to satisfy his own selfish interests? To plunder more cultivation resources? At that time, the ones dead will be his citizens, but the beneficiary will be him, this high and lofty Wind Emperor, His Majesty!”

But Star Abyss disagreed. “Lord Wind Emperor is already standing at the pinnacle of the world. Why would he still have so much desire towards resources? Him doing so is of course for the millions of martial artists in the Fierce Gale World!”

“Heh heh,you fool! Just a Boundless Realm. He’s standing at the top of the world? Still early! The greater one’s strength, the greater the requirements towards resources! Otherwise, he could have shattered the void and left long ago with his strength. Why is he still reluctant to leave the Lower Realms? Because he knows that if he went to the Divine Realm, he would only vanish into the faces of the crowd!” Ye Yuan said with a cold sneer.

Star Abyss wanted to refute but felt that any words were very feeble.

“This . . . Impossible!” Star Abyss said impossible, but he was already convinced in his heart.

“Hur hur.Although you’re the Alchemist Association’s Association Head, your strength is not there yet. There are still many things that you don’t know. But he, as the ruler of a world, knows way more things than you do! Don’t look at how you can summon rain and clouds in the capital. After you ascend to the Divine Realm, you’re also just a servant. The intensity of the competition in the Divine Realm is what the current you simply cannot imagine! The vast majority of the martial artists who ascend would croak before even enduring pass the initial stage after going to the Divine Realm,” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan spoke indifferently. But Star Abyss’s hair stood on its ends from shock after hearing it.

To him, the Divine Realm was a holy and pure land; a paradise.

There were limitless cultivation resources over there and countless powerhouses. It was the playground for martial artists and alchemists.

But Ye Yuan’s words shattered all of his fantasies to smithereens.

“But . . . I’m in charge of a world’s Alchemist Association. There’s also hard work even if I haven’t performed meritorious deeds, right? Can it be that the Alchemist Association completely doesn’t care about my life and death at all?” Star Abyss asked in bewilderment.

“Of course they care! The Divine Realm’s resources are indeed abundant until you can’t imagine it. However, there are also so many martial artists that you can’t imagine it. Alchemists are similarly so many that you can’t imagine it! Especially in a place like the Alchemist Association. It has the strongest bunch of alchemists in the Divine Realm. The alchemists that ascend are also countless. If resources are distributed equally, then the Alchemist Association would not have been able to make ends meet. Although you also have some cleverness in trivial matters, you’re still a lot worse compared to Li Daohang. Do you feel that you can get the Alchemist Association’s emphasis?”

Ye Yuan’s words were like a small hammer, shattering Star Abyss’s glass heart bit by bit.

Star Abyss felt like his world outlook instantly disintegrated; his entire being lost his bearings.

People were aware of their own affairs. Star Abyss’s talent in alchemy might be top-notch in the Fierce Gale World, but there were countless lower planes. He was nothing impressive among them and even less of a something after reaching the Divine Realm.

Ye Yuan saying that he would go to the Alchemist Association to do menial labor was possibly already giving him face!

“Then . . . Then what should I do?” Star Abyss was utterly confused.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Li Daohang was smarter than you and more talented than you. So he did not join the Alchemist Association. His skin was also thick enough to beg me to take him in. But you’ve already stuck on the Alchemist Association’s label and can only pave a bloody path for yourself. The prerequisite is that you have the capabilities!”