Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Conflict


Star Abyss was completely befuddled!

In truth, the Fierce Gale World’s Alchemist Association basically had no relations with the Divine Realm.

This seemed to be a forgotten land.

Of course, this could not be blamed on others either. Who asked the Fierce Gale World’s Alchemy Path to be very underdeveloped?

Hence, Star Abyss’s understanding of the Divine Realm was entirely fantasized by himself.

He only knew how nave he was after listening to Ye Yuan’s words now.

Star Abyss did not doubt Ye Yuan’s words, because his words were the most logical! It was just that he imagined it without basis to give himself an intense psychological hint that the Divine Realm was a beautiful place.

Yet, this was simply impossible.

Straightening out his thinking, Star Abyss suddenly bowed towards Ye Yuan and said respectfully, “Star Abyss is ignorant! Senior, please point out the right path!”

Unknowingly, Star Abyss already took Ye Yuan to be an old monster like existence, and quietly changed his form of address.

Ye Yuan reached out a hand to prop him up and said with a sigh, “You’re also aware of what happened to me now. How can I dare to receive your solemn grace? I think you also know that me saying this is actually just in order for you to let me off and to carry on living. This is far from showing you the right part, but I can still manage to let you ascend to the Divine Realm.”

Knowing when to stop and go over the limit was as bad as falling short.

The disparity in strength between Ye Yuan and Star Abyss was too great. He wasted his breath talking until now in order to make Star Abyss open his mouth to beg him.

As long as Star Abyss required Ye Yuan’s assistance, he naturally would not harm him.

One must not have malicious intentions, but also must not be without caution against others. Although he had Li Daohang this layer of relationship between Star Abyss, Ye Yuan had to take precaution against him.

Only by arousing the desire within Star Abyss’s heart could he guarantee complete success.

Indeed, when Star Abyss heard these words, he became unbelievably agitated!

“How will Senior teach me?” Star Abyss asked excitedly.

“You’re Li Daohang’s disciple. I believe you do not lack in soul cultivation techniques. But you’re only at the middle-stage sovereign level today, indicating that it’s already very hard for you to break through again,” Ye Yuan said.

Star Abyss had an abashed look as he said, “I’ve lost face for Master.”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Lost what face? That boy himself wasn’t much either. Followed me for a hundred years and didn’t even break through to the Alchemy Emperor Realm. That’s called losing face! The Fierce Gale World’s resources are sparse, and it’s indeed not suitable for alchemists to break through. For you to be able to cultivate to such a realm was already not very easy.”

This was not Ye Yuan deliberately posturing in front of Star Abyss. The Medicine King Hall truly had many Alchemy Emperor experts.

The person that he brought along for a hundred years had yet to break through to the Alchemy Emperor Realm. This made him feel very ashamed.

Alchemy Emperor Realm was not the pinnacle for alchemists. It was only another beginning. Similarly being an Alchemy Emperor expert, there was a distance of a heavenly chasm between Ye Yuan and the rest.

From low-rank to peak Alchemy Emperor, this was a gulf that many people could not cross in their entire lives!

Ye Yuan was famed as the person most likely to become an Alchemy God precisely because his speed when breaking through to peak Alchemy Emperor was too quick!

So swift that it made those long renowned peak Alchemy Emperor powerhouses perspire from shame!

Hearing Ye Yuan scold Li Daohang once again, Star Abyss wished that he did not hear it. Right now, he could only pretend to not have heard it and played possum as he said, “Could it be that Senior has a way to let me break through to Perfection Sovereign Level?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Have you ever heard of Soul Meld Pill?”

Star Abyss’s entire body quivered, and he exclaimed in shock, “Senior can actually refine the Soul Meld Pill?! I’ve seen that before in the association’s records. That’s a legendary level Tier 5 medicinal pill!”

Ye Yuan curled his mouth and said, “You should have thrown away those lousy records in the Fierce Gale World long ago. How does the Soul Meld Pill count as some legendary level medicinal pill? You don’t think that an Alchemy Emperor can’t even refine a Tier 5 medicinal pill, right?”

“Cough, cough, cough. . .” Star Abyss nearly choked and said, “Star Abyss’s knowledge is shallow. I’ve incurred ridicule from Senior.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “But, I can only give you an empty promise. My current strength can’t refine it at all. After I have sufficient strength, I’ll come and find you.”

Star Abyss was overjoyed and said, “No worries, no worries! Star Abyss can afford to wait!Oh,right, Senior previously said that Master he . . . What does that mean?”

Ye Yuan gave Star Abyss a look and said with an emotional sigh, “Looks like you still have some feelings toward Li Daohang that chap. At least his teachings were not in vain. However, I really don’t know how he’s like now. Back then, only a wisp of my soul escaped to the Endless World. I completely couldn’t care about other things.”

Li Daohang’s life and death was fully grasped in the hands of Ji Canglan.

If Ji Canglang carried out a large-scale cleansing crazily, Li Daohang’s little life would probably be very hard to preserve. If Ji Canglan still took into consideration some old feelings, Li Daohang might survive.

But Ye Yuan felt that the possibility of the latter was higher. It was just that he could not very well say it to Star Abyss.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s despondent expression, Star Abyss also knew that his question poked Ye Yuan’s sore spot. But he also secretly started worrying for Li Daohang.

. . . . . .

Coming out from Star Abyss’s place, Ye Yuan headed straight for Shi Haoran’s place. Before going in, he entrusted White Light to Shi Haoran.

However, when Ye Yuan came to Shi Haoran’s place, he did not see Shi Haoran’s silhouette, while White Light was being hugged in the embrace of an extremely beautiful girl with a face full of grievance.

Beside the girl stood a handsome and suave yellow shirt youth.

“Hehe, you can’t escape from the palm of my hands this time, right, little white tiger?” Shangguan Lingxue said playfully.

Shangguan Lingxue had Sea Transformation Realm strength. How could White Light contend with that?

Under Shangguan Lingxue’s despotic power, White Light could only be in her embrace obediently.

Ye Yuan jumped in fright when he saw the situation. Wasn’t this girl the one who brought him into the capital? Why would she appear here?

The freaking thing was that Ye Yuan saw a boundless scenic view when he was kept under her skirt back then.

Now that he saw her in the flesh, Ye Yuan felt very awkward in his heart.

Ye Yuan instinctively wanted to dodge aside, but it was already too late. Shangguan Lingxue and that yellow shirt youth already saw him.

“Why are you, a servant, so ignorant of the rules? This place is a restricted pill refinement place. How can you freely enter and leave?” said the yellow shirt youth with a frown.

He knew all of Star Abyss’s seven great disciples. There wasn’t Ye Yuan at all. Plus, Ye Yuan’s strength was meager and his attire was ordinary. The yellow shirt youth subconsciously thought that Ye Yuan was a servant.

Ye Yuan furrowed his brows. This yellow shirt youth’s overbearing attitude made him very displeased.

Putting aside that Ye Yuan was not a servant, even if he really was a servant, there was no need to be like this either, right?

This sort of ordering people about with a gesture attitude made it seem like everyone owed him something. Was there a need for that?

Seeing Ye Yuan keeping silent, the yellow shirt youth was even more displeased. “What? Didn’t you hear what I said? Get lost!”

As he said, he flicked his sleeves. An extremely powerful force hurtled towards Ye Yuan. It actually wanted to forcefully push Ye Yuan outside!

This yellow shirt youth was at the Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm. In his view, this move was naturally more than ample to deal with the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm Ye Yuan.

Yet, that force wind just howled past Ye Yuan’s body like this, while Ye Yuan was still standing there perfectly well without even moving a muscle!