Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 396

Chapter 396 He Must Die Today


“En?You have quite a knack in doing things!”

The yellow shirt youth was slightly stunned. He did not think that a mere Second Level Crystal Formation Realm could actually block the force of his flick so effortlessly.

“White Light, come here. Let’s go,” Ye Yuan was disinclined to bother with this wildly arrogant youth and lightly called out.

White Light gave a low roar and struggled free from Shangguan Lingxue’s embrace. In a blink of an eye, he arrived behind Ye Yuan, trying to hide.

“Mm?He’s called White Light? A very nice name. Is he a little white tiger that you’re raising?” Shangguan Lingxue blinked her eyes and asked Ye Yuan curiously.

“So what if yes?” Ye Yuan answered indecisively.

The yellow shirt youth’s actions made Ye Yuan rather displeased. The hate for the house extended even to the birds perching on it. Ye Yuan naturally did not have much favorable impression towards Shangguan Lingxue too.

Shangguan Lingxue had yet to speak when the yellow shirt youth reprimanded, “Insolence! Do you know who she is? To actually dare to be so impudent!”

Ye Yuan looked at him indifferently and said, “Impudent? I wonder who’s the one shouting and wrangling here, reversing the order of host and guest? Still say that others are impudent?”

The yellow shirt youth sneered coldly and said, “Reversing the order of host and guest? You mean that you’re the owner of this place? I wonder since when did Sovereign Star Abyss’s dojo become your territory?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You don’t know? It’s something not long ago.”

Since when had the yellow shirt youth suffered such provocation? He laughed from extreme anger and said, “Good! I’ll lug you before Sovereign Star Abyss and ask him if this place is your territory!”

Shangguan Lingxue was greatly alarmed and hurriedly said, “Your Highness, Seventh Prince, don’t!”

But it was already too late. Seventh Prince arrived beside Ye Yuan at lightning speed!

“Be careful!Ahh!”Shangguan Lingxue could not bear to see Ye Yuan’s tragic state and closed her eyes as if she was in pain.

But it was only to hear a whistle. Then there was silence.

Several breaths had passed, yet, Shangguan Lingxue did not hear any activities. She could not help opening her eyes curiously.

With this look, Shangguan Lingxue could not help being greatly startled. Ye Yuan was currently standing and facing Seventh Price far away and actually looked like he was completely unscathed!

My God. A Second Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist actually dodged an attack from the number one person in the capital’s junior generation!

Who in the world was this young man?

“Heh heh,indeed have some capabilities. No wonder you dare to be so impertinent in front of this prince! But, you’re still a little green in the end!” Seventh Prince snickered coldly.

En? Could it be. . .

Shangguang Lingxue looked towards Ye Yuan again. Indeed, she saw a trace of fresh blood flowing down along the corner of Ye Yuan’s mouth. He sustained injuries in the end.

But to be able to escape with his life from Seventh Prince’s hands, this young man was already very remarkable!

In the entire capital, only big brother Shangguan Lingyun could contend with him. The effects of other people were only to serve as a foil to his might.


Seeing Ye Yuan injured, the White Light beside Ye Yuan became restless with anxiety.

Ye Yuan had the intention to stop, but his internal injuries were not light. It was already too late!

Only to hear awhoosh, a streak of white light left an afterimage behind in midair as it pounced towards Seventh Prince!

Seventh Price laughed coldly and struck with one hand, accurately hitting that streak of white light!


White Light was sent flying out, crashing onto tea-table, smashing the tea-table into smithereens.

“White Light!Puhwark!”

Seeing White Light get injured, Ye Yuan could not help getting very anxious. With a jerk, it affected his wounds, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Humph!A Tier 2 little beast. As overconfident as your master! Asking for trouble!” Seventh Prince said with a cold snort.

Seeing White Light being wounded, Shangguan Lingxue also became anxious and said, “Your Highness, they didn’t intentionally offend you either. How can you deal such a heavy blow?”

As she spoke, Shangguan Lingxue arrived at White Light’s side with a large stride, wanting to carry him up.

But just as her hands were about to touch White Light, White Light suddenly vanished before her eyes!

“Ah!You damn little animal! I’m going to kill you!”

Following that, Shangguang Lingxue heard Seventh Princes’s shocked and furious voice.

Turning around to look, she saw that Seventh Prince’s face had a few extra claw marks. Clearly, they were left behind by White Light.

Shangguan Lingxue’s eyes involuntarily revealed astonishment. A Tier 2 little white tiger actually wounded Seventh Prince?

What was the background of this one person and one beast? Each of them actually had such extraordinary skills!

But White Light who succeeded in one try already returned to Ye Yuan’s embrace, dripping with fresh blood, looking horrifyingly ghastly. His injuries were clearly very severe.

That slap from Seventh Prince earlier was really not light at all!

Ye Yuan lightly caressed White Light. Taking in a deep breath, he said to Seventh Prince, “Seventh Prince, right? Very good. I’ve remembered this!”

Ye Yuan and White Light were together day and night. He had long treated him as an indispensable part of his own life already.

To talk about feelings, his feelings towards White Light was even deeper compared to Mo Yuntian and the rest!

Seventh Prince actually beat White Light to such a manner. This was something that Ye Yuan could not accept. Hence . . . he had to suffer Ye Yuan’s wrath!

This Seventh Prince was indeed well-deserving of being the number one expert among the capital’s junior generation. His strength was truly peerlessly powerful!

Although his realm was similar to Lan Bao’s, his true combat power was not even on the same level as Lan Bao.

This Seventh Prince similarly comprehended true intent!

Hence, that one exchange earlier, Ye Yuan could not fully evade Seventh Prince’s attack and sustained considerable internal injuries.

Under the situation where his movement technique could not gain any advantage, Ye Yuan’s realm became his greatest shortfall. There was a full major realm disparity between the two of them!

Ye Yuan just sustaining injuries was already the best outcome.

Seventh Prince who had always feared neither heaven nor earth actually could not help shuddering when he saw Ye Yuan’s ice cold eyes.

En? What’s going on? I . . . actually feel fear? How is that possible?Seventh Prince could not quite believe it in his heart.

“Heh heh,still want to take revenge? That will also have to see if you have that opportunity!” Seven Prince grinned hideously.

This Seventh Prince was decisive in killing, taking action when he said so and completely did not say a word of rubbish!

His voice had yet to fade when his person already arrived in front of Ye Yuan. His movement technique was swift to the extreme!

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and displayed his movement technique. At the same time, he condensed out a small handful of Thousand Flowing Petals to block in front of him.


Even so, Ye Yuan was still sent flying out.

Seventh Prince’s speed was too fast. Ye Yuan simply could not dodge in time!


Ye Yuan vomited blood again. But he adamantly safeguarded White Light in his bosom and did not let him sustain a single bit of shock.

White Light’s injuries were already very severe. If he received damage again, he would die.

If this were not the case, Ye Yuan would not clash head-on with Seventh Price either.

“Enough, Your Highness, Seventh Prince!” Shangguan Lingxue admonished.

Seventh Prince said flatly, “Lingxue, you should know my temperament. I absolutely won’t permit anyone or anything that threatens my existence! This boy is rather abnormal. If I let him grow unchecked, he might really be able to threaten me! Therefore, he must die today!”

As he said, Seventh Prince placed his hands together. An extremely powerful essence energy undulation spread out!