Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Scram


Seventh Prince’s personality was extremely overbearing. He probably only maintained his friendliness and smiles in front of Shangguan Lingxue.

Towards some latent threats, Seventh Prince had always exterminated them while they were still in their budding state!

Ye Yuan was actually able to evade two of his attacks consecutively with Second Level Crystal Formation Realm strength. This was something utterly inconceivable.

Therefore, he decided to kill Ye Yuan!

Even if Shangguan Lingxue barred the way, he also had to kill Ye Yuan!

“Boy, in the capital, nobody dares to oppose me, Zhao Chenggan! All those who set themselves against me are already dead. You won’t be an exception too! Don’t blame me either. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for not growing eyes, to provoke an existence such as myself!” Seventh Prince said icily.

Finished talking, his figure moved, and already arrived before Ye Yuan.


A huge explosion. Zhao Chenggan’s figure fell back over a dozen steps before barely managing to stop his body.

His palm being returned, Zhao Chenggan’s internal organs were in a disorderly mess.

“A-Alchemy King Shi!” Seeing the arrival clearly, Zhao Chenggan said in surprise.

The arrival was precisely Shi Haoran!

He turned around to take a look at the severely wounded Ye Yuan, his brows involuntarily knitted together.


“Won’t die!”

“Okay. Then you tend to your injuries. Leave the rest to me.”

“No. I won’t die. Borrow senior’s pill refinement room to use!”

“En.Go ahead.”

Ye Yuan casually took out a medicinal pill to consume and carried White Light into the pill refinement room. He did not look at Zhao Chenggan from start to end.

Zhao Chenggan’s brows furrowed. He said to Shi Haoran, “Alchemy King Shi, he’s your junior? Why haven’t I heard about it before?”

Shi Haoran did not answer him. Raising one hand, a medicinal pill appeared in his hand.

Only to see him release gently. The medicinal pill fell. He grabbed it in his hand and casually rubbed it. A pile of powder fell from the palm of his hand.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Chenggan and Shangguan Lingxue’s expression changed.

They came to find Shi Haoran precisely for the sake of requesting a medicinal pill from him.

Shi Haoran did not come out the entire time because he was refining the medicinal pill for them. That was why he did not detect the commotion outside.

Now that the medicinal pill was already refined, Shi Haoran actually destroyed it in front of them!

“You guys, leave. Don’t come back in the future. This place doesn’t welcome you! Of course, if Junior Apprentice Brother Ji forgives you, I won’t say much. Please!”

Shi Haoran made a please leave gesture. The meaning of showing guests the door was already perfectly clear.

Zhao Chenggan’s facial expression flickered erratically. Within this capital, he had always been high and lofty. Never had he suffered such treatment.

Even prior to this, Shi Haoran was all smiles towards him. For the sake of this brat, Shi Haoran actually fell out with him!

“Alchemy King Shi, it was this boy who offended me. That’s why I made a move to punish him. Furthermore, I wasn’t aware that he was your junior. That’s why there was this misunderstanding.” Zhao Chenggang explained.

Shi Haoran’s strength was extremely formidable. He also had exceedingly high status in the capital.

Zhao Chenggan felt that there was the need to explain to him. After all, this sort of thing like offending the Alchemist Association was not something amusing.

Although Shi Haoran could not represent the Alchemist Association, he was Sovereign Star Abyss’s strongest eldest disciple.

To a very large degree, his attitude represented Sovereign Star Abyss’s attitude!

Zhao Chenggan never would have thought that Ye Yuan was actually Shi Haoran’s junior. It was a little troublesome this time.

But, he also had immense faith towards his own identity and strength. He believed that Shi Haoran would not easily offend him either.

One had to know that behind him stood the Fierce Gale World’s most powerful, His Majesty, the Wind Emperor!

Yet, he was too nave.

“I have no interest in hearing which of you is right or wrong. I only saw you trying to kill him just now! So, you can scram now!” Shi Haoran said coolly.

Zhao Chenggan was enraged upon hearing that and said, “Shi Haoran, me explaining to you is giving you face! You don’t fail to appreciate others’ kindness! Could it be that you wish to let the Alchemist Association break away from His Majesty, the Wind Emperor?”

“Me making you scram is already taking into account His Majesty, the Wind Emperor’s face. Otherwise, do you think that you can leave Qixia Mountain alive? Alright, if you still don’t get lost, I’m going to make a move!” Shi Haoran did not give face in the slightest.

Zhao Chenggan’s expression changed again and again. Shi Haoran had always had a benign and uncontentious appearance. Today’s Shi Haoran was his first time seeing it.

“Fine! I’ll leave! You’ll regret it, Shi Haoran! Lingxue, let’s go!” Zhao Chenggan gritted his teeth and said.

Shi Haoran placed both hands behind his back and did not even look at them.

. . . . . .

Around an hour later, Ye Yuan walked out of the pill refinement room carrying White Light. Shi Haoran hurriedly went forward to greet him.

Seeing that Ye Yuan’s complexion was very pale, Shi Haoran said with a frown, “You’re really messing around! Suffering such heavy injuries and still forcefully refining pills. Wouldn’t that pile injury on top of injuries?”

Just now, Ye Yuan swallowed a medicinal pill whole and did not have time to refine the medicinal effect at all before entering seclusion to refine pills.

Although it was only refining a Tier 2 demonic pill, Ye Yuan was heavily wounded. After vomiting blood several times in succession, it already added injuries on top of injuries.

Seeing Shi Haoran being concerned, Ye Yuan felt his heart warm. He forced a smile and said, “No worries. I’m fine. White Light’s injuries are very severe. If I don’t help him refine medicinal pills, the outcome is hard to say.”

Shi Haoran heaved a sigh and said, “You’re somebody who values sentiments greatly. To actually do things to this extent for your contract beast! You, this Junior, I acknowledge you!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “White Light and I don’t have a contractual relationship. We’re equals. We’re just like family. How can I watch him die?”

Shi Haoran said in astonishment, “En? You guys actually don’t have a contractual relationship?! This little white tiger is only Tier 2, and he’s actually so capable of perceiving the thoughts of humans!”

Under ordinary circumstances, humans could only own a contract beast by thoroughly subjugating a demonic beast and forcing it to sign a divine soul contract.

But this little white tiger had no contractual relationship with Ye Yuan and actually even threw away its own life for him. This was something that Shi Haoran had never heard of before.

“Indeed so,” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

White Light this little fellow’s origins was very mysterious. Even Ye Yuan could not figure it out. Being intelligent was also not something rare.

“En?What medicinal pill did you refine for him? Why doesn’t he have any reaction at all?”

Shi Haoran noticed that White Light was not quite right. Logically speaking, after consuming medicinal pills, one’s spirit would be a little better. But White Light did not stir at all.

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “I don’t know what’s happening too. After he consumed the medicinal pill, he fell into a state of deep sleep. But I can sense that his aura is currently in the midst of gradual recovery. It should be fine.”

Shi Haoran observed closely and saw that it was indeed so. He could not help clicking his tongue in surprise.

Ye Yuan suddenly thought of Zhao Chenggan and opened his mouth to ask, “Oh, right, where’s that Seventh Prince?”

Shi Haoran curled his lips and said, “I made him get lost!”

As he said, Shi Haoran briefly recounted the matter just now for Ye Yuan, making Ye Yuan stare with his mouth agape after hearing it.

He only smiled bitterly after a long while and said, “Every injustice has its perpetrator, every debt has its debtor. Why was there a need for that, senior?”