Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Sanctions


“Junior, have you forgotten what I said to you? Us disciples under Sovereign Star Abyss don’t have to look at other people’s countenance when doing things. This is where our confidence lie! Seventh Prince injured you and even wanted to kill you. That’s provoking our Dao Yan lineage! Making him get lost is already on account of Wind Emperor’s face. Otherwise, I would definitely help Junior vent this anger!” Shi Haoran said coolly.

Ye Yuan did not think that a mere Alchemy King actually had such courage!

Speaking of which . . . it was really quite like Li Daohang that chap’s character!

That boy, apart from being very cautious around him and treating him with the courtesy of a teacher from beginning to the end, he would speak brusquely to others; an appearance like Your Father was number one under the heaven.

Seemed like this problem of his was successfully passed down to his disciple, which passed on to his grand-students.

Although he had not seen this side of Star Abyss yet, it was presumably around the same.

“Haha!I don’t need that! This sort of thing like taking revenge, I love to do it the most! Looks like . . . everybody thinks that my cultivation realm is low and easy to bully!” Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed. It was uncertain what he was thinking about.

Shi Haoran thought that Ye Yuan was lamenting and could not help patting his shoulders as he consoled, “Junior, you’re only 16-years-old and already at the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm. This speed is already very fast. When Seventh Prince was at your age, he was at most Spirit Condensation Realm. You’re way stronger than him! This sort of thing like raising realm can’t be rushed. It’s best to proceed steadily step by step.”

In Shi Haoran’s view, Ye Yuan had such accomplishments at a young age. He surely considered himself to be self-important.

Yet he suffered a blow from Seventh Prince today. This was likely very hard for Ye Yuan to accept.

If Ye Yuan ruined his foundation because he rushed to break through realms, that would be losing the main goal because of small gains.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Thank you very much for Senior’s concern. I have a sense of propriety.”

Shi Haoran only relaxed after seeing that Ye Yuan’s eyes had regained tranquility. He said, “You recover from your injuries first. After two days, I’ll introduce the other fellow apprentices for you to get to know.”

Ye Yuan nodded and did not say anything else.

. . . . . .

On the second day, Ye Yuan was notified to gather at the main hall.

By the time he reached, there were already six to seven people there. Each one of them sized up Ye Yuan curiously.

Ye Yuan was also sizing them up curiously. Barring no accidents, these few people should be those new seniors of his.

At this time, Shi Haoran also accompanied Star Abyss and slowly walked out.

“Master!” Everyone greeted in unison.

Ye Yuan naturally could not be a maverick. He could only bow along.

Star Abyss nodded slightly and opened his mouth to say, “I believe that you’re all aware Master accepted a new disciple yesterday. It’s Ji Qing. Come, you all get to know each other. Haoran, give an introduction.”

Shi Haoran came to the center of everyone and said to Ji Qing, “Come, I’ll introduce to you a few seniors. This fatso is your Second Senior Brother, Tang Zhi.”

Ye Yuan said, “Ji Qing has seen Second Senior Brother.”

That fatty laughed and said, “Junior brother is indeed a fine-looking man! I heard that you were actually able to reach the Legendary Realm. Truly remarkable!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Not at all. It was all luck yesterday.”

Shi Haoran smiled as he dragged a blue shirt youth over, introducing, “This is your Third Senior Brother, You Guang.”

Ye Yuan similarly gave a bow. You Guang smiled and said, “Junior brother is already a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster at such a young age. I think that in the future, you’ll surely surpass your predecessors!”

Ye Yuan went along with a smile.

Next, was the Fourth Senior Brother Zhu Liang, Fifth Senior Brother Cheng Su, Sixth Senior Brother Jiang Yu, as well as Seventh Senior Brother Wu Huilong.

There were actually three Alchemy Kings among these seven people and four High-Rank Quasi-Alchemy Kings. The might of these few people were clear at a glance.

Li Daohang’s lineage, while few in numbers, each one was able to hold a front.

But through Shi Haoran’s introduction, only Third Senior Brother You Guang held a position in the Alchemist Association among these seven people. The rest had been following Star Abyss all along to cultivate and did not mingle with secular affairs.

Seemed like this Star Abyss had quite the attainments in this aspect of teaching disciples.

When Shi Haoran finished the introductions, Star Abyss suddenly opened his mouth to say, “You all don’t look at how number eight’s age is younger than yours. His alchemy strength is stronger than all of you! In the future, if you have any queries in alchemy that you don’t understand, feel free to consult him.”

“What? Consult little Junior Brother? Master, isn’t this statement used a little incorrectly?” said number four, Zhu Liang.

“Yeah, Master. Not that we’re looking down on little junior brother, but we’ve followed you for so many years and have more or less learned some smatterings. It can’t be to such an extent where we can’t even match little Junior Brother, right?” Number Seven Wu Huilong was evidently quite reluctant to yield.

Star Abyss narrowed his eyes and said calmly, “Your little Junior Brother had a fortuitous encounter before entering my tutelage. His alchemy abilities are unfathomable; more than ample to be half your teacher. You all don’t have to make such a huge fuss over nothing and don’t need to argue with me either. Those who are unwilling to submit can very well challenge him. Of course, his age is young. You guys don’t use cultivation realm to bully him.”

Shi Haoran and Second Senior Brother Tang Zhi were still alright. But the other peoples’ faces more or less had a hint of unnatural expression. Clearly, they begged to differ on Star Abyss’s words.

Ye Yuan’s performance yesterday in the Grand Pill Assembly, they had already heard a little to some extent.

But what one heard might be false, while what one saw would be real. Ye Yuan was definitely remarkable, but it was also not remarkable to the extent where he could be their teacher, right?

Ye Yuan kept quiet the entire time, but he had already cursed Star Abyss’s predecessors countless times over in his heart.

This old punk actually made him help him teach his disciples without even giving him a heads-up!

Asking an Alchemy Emperor to help guide his disciples. To think that this fellow could do it!

Seemed like this old punk also came around a little and wanted to exploit his value.

Sigh.Who asked him to owe this old fellow such a great favor?

Yesterday, Ye Yuan already reached a consensus with Star Abyss. Star Abyss would help him inquire about his fellow apprentices’ news. If there was a possibility, Star Abyss would directly make a move to get that person out.

Ye Yuan’s identity was not suited to get people, but Star Abyss was different. Nobody would suspect him!

With Star Abyss making a move, wanting to rescue his fellow apprentices should be much easier.

“Seniors, don’t listen to Master talking rubbish. If there are any queries, we fellow apprentices should have more exchanges. Everybody improve together,” Ye Yuan said modestly.

These few people’s expressions only became slightly better after hearing Ye Yuan’s words.

They were all people who were hundreds of years old. Asking them to consult a little child, they really could not quite get past their psychological barrier!

Star Abyss opened his mouth again at this time to say calmly, “There’s also an incident that happened yesterday. His Highness, the Seventh Prince, actually almost killed number eight in our Qixia Mountain! This made me very displeased! Looks like our Alchemist Association has been amicable for far too long. Nobody takes us seriously anymore!”

“Sss. . . there’s actually such a thing?”

“Zhao Chenggan this person is very overbearing. This really seems like something he would do.”

“Heh heh,looks like Master, his elderly self, is going to fly off the handle this time! It’s been so long since I saw Master go wild. Really looking forward to it!”

Indeed, Star Abyss said slowly, “From today onwards, the Alchemist Association and my Dao Yan Lineage will stop helping everyone from the Imperial Family to refine medicinal pills, and we will carry out an all-around sanction on them!”