Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Losing Ones Wife As Well As Ones Soldiers


Time slowly trickled past. Zhao Chenggan’s face became progressively darker.

He had already kneeled for a full six hours!

Qixia Mountain’s gates were still tightly shut. There wasn’t even a person who came out to say hello!

He was the dignified seventh prince! Wasn’t Qixia Mountain this group of people taking him too lightly?

Zhao Chenggan really want to stomp off right now and then gather the Swift Wind Guards to come and slaughter all of these guys!

But when he thought of the Wind Emperor’s faint voice, a gust of cool air welled up from the bottom of his heart, instantly extinguishing all of the flames.

Bearing the rod to come and ask for punishment was something that he made the painful decision to do after he thought for one night.

Before coming, he already planned out well. No matter how much humiliation he suffered today, he had to push through it!

Yet, when it really came down to it, he had no choice but to admit how great the difficulty was.

“His Highness, the Seventh Prince, has already kneeled here for many hours. The skies are almost turning dark soon. I heard that the lord’s personality is very nice. What on earth did he do to make that lord on Qixia Mountain become so enraged?”

“Hehe,ignorant and ill-informed much? That lord’s personality is pretty good, but once he truly becomes furious, even His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, has to make a concession!”

“Oh? Is there still some story in between this?”

That person briefly summarized the third prince’s incident and said, “My guess is that Seventh Prince likely had a conflict with that person called Ji Qing and nearly killed him!”

“There was actually such a thing?! If that’s the case, then it all makes sense! Seventh Prince is famously tyrannical in the capital and frequently kills people because of some small issue. But this time, he kicked a metal plate!”

“You can say that again!”

. . . . . .

There had never been a lack of meddlesome people in this world. No matter how long Zhao Chenggan kneeled there, they would crowd around to watch.

After several hours passed, everyone pretty much guessed the entire sequence of events.

Zhao Chenggan tried his best not to listen to these discussions. But the sounds of these comments still barged inside his ears ceaselessly, making it even more tormenting for him.

If not because today’s matter was of utmost importance, he would definitely explode and kill people!

Right at this time, a 16 to 17-year-old azure shirt youth appeared in everyone’s sight. It was precisely Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan slowly walked in front of Zhao Chenggan, stretched his waist, and gave a yawn as he asked with a curious look,“Mm?Isn’t this His Highness, the Seventh Prince? What are you doing here?”

Zhao Chenggan forcefully suppressed the rage in his heart and said solemnly, ” This Zhao Chenggan specially came here to admit his fault and ask for punishment! Young Master Ji, please inflict punishment!”

As he said, Zhao Chenggan pulled out a thorn from his back and delivered it before Ye Yuan with both hands.

Ye Yuan received the thorn rather playfully and asked with a smile, “What fault does Your Highness have? Ji Qing doesn’t quite get it. That day, didn’t Your Highness say that those who oppose you are all already dead? I wonder how Your Highness can seek the forgiveness of a dead person?”

“That day, it was this Little Prince who was momentarily muddled and offended Young Master Ji. So today, I specially came here to apologize and seek punishment!” Zhao Chenggan was long prepared for this and answered.

“Oh,like thishuh.Your Highness is unsurpassedly overbearing. I wonder if I’ll die in the streets tomorrow after I forgive you today?” Ye Yuan said with a half-smile.

Zhao Chenggan was secretly alarmed. He really had this thought!

He was prepared to find a chance to finish Ye Yuan off after this matter blows over. Of course, he would not make a move himself.

There were too many ways to kill people. Personally making a move to kill people was naturally the dumbest method; getting stench all over yourself for nothing.

Who would have thought that his idea was seen through by Ye Yuan at a glance!

“What is Young Master Ji talking about? This Little Prince really sees through his error. That’s why I’m apologizing today with such a serious attitude about this matter. I was truly too reckless on that day. It will never happen again in the future!” Zhao Chenggan hurriedly said.

“Oh?Is that so? I’ve just arrived here and don’t really have any enemies in the capital yet. So, if anything happens to me in the future, this liability will be counted on Your Highness’s head!”

Zhao Chenggan was full of hatred in his heart!

Who said that you did not have enemies? You just offended the entire Tong Family a couple of days back, alright?

These words from Ye Yuan was clearly borrowing his influence to suppress the Tong Family. Furthermore, whoever Ye Yuan provoked in the capital later on, he even had to make an appearance to settle it.

What the hell was this?!

But at this critical juncture, Zhao Chenggan had to swallow it too even if his teeth were shattered!

“That’s of course! As long as anything happens of Young Master Ji in the capital, it can all be counted on my head! At that time, I’ll apologize for my crime with death!” Zhao Chenggan clenched his teeth and said.

Such a major incident, it was naturally impossible for those surrounding and watching to be ordinary martial artists. There were bound to be many people from large families and large influences among them.

Him making such a promise in front of so many people was virtually pinning a death-exemption medallion on Ye Yuan!

No matter how large these factions were, how many dared to oppose the Wind Emperor?

Even if the seventh prince could not represent the Wind Emperor, and even if the seventh prince lost such a tremendous amount of face today, he was still the strongest among the princes, and also the person with the greatest likelihood of inheriting the position of Wind Emperor!

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said in a clear voice, “There are so many people here today. Everybody be a witness. This small life of mine is all in the hands of His Highness, the Seventh Prince! If one day, any mishap happens to me, Ji Qing, it cannot be free of relation with His Highness, the Seventh Prince!”

Obviously, no one dared to really answer. But Ye Yuan did not need their response.

His objective was already accomplished when Zhao Chenggan said these words.

“Haha,looks like Your Highness is indeed 100% sincere. I, Ji Qing, naturally can’t fail to appreciate kindness as well. Please return, Your Highness; this matter will end here,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Zhao Chenggan said hesitatingly, “Young Master Ji, then . . . the medicinal pill matter.”

“Medicinal pill? What medicinal pill?” Ye Yuan asked with a puzzled look.

Zhao Chenggan was fuming inwardly. He did not believe that Ye Yuan was unaware of the Alchemist Association’s sanctions on the royal family. He was feigning ignorance right now!

But, in front of so many people, he could not say it too obviously either. He was stifled until internal injuries were about to erupt.

He originally thought that Ye Yuan would invite him in to talk. Who knew that Ye Yuan made him return right away?

“Haha,n-nothing,” Zhao Chenggan said embarrassedly.

“Oh, nothing huh? Then I’ll head back first, Your Highness. Seniors are still waiting for me to learn alchemy,” Ye Yuan said with a beam as if he and Zhao Chenggan were friends.

“Ah? H-Haha,go ahead, go ahead.”

Zhao Chenggan did not know if this was considered completing the mission either; he also did not know what Ye Yuan planned on doing. His heart was still palpitating with uneasiness.

If Star Abyss did not withdraw the sanctions, it would still be hard for him to escape death!

. . . . . .

After returning to the mountain, the group of seniors gave a round of fierce praises to Ye Yuan.

“Hur hur,Little Junior Brother isn’t old, but you’re extremely adept in handling things! I think after that Zhao Chenggan goes back, he’ll also have no appetite for food and drinks these two days!” Shi Haoran said with a big laugh.

“Yeah. That Zhao Chenggan is used to being rampant and domineering. Today, he lost face all the way home and even had to gift Little Junior Brother a death-exemption medallion! It’s truly losing one’s wife as well as one’s soldiers!” You Guang said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Not at all. This matter is still ultimately Master’s sanctions that’s impressive!”