Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Power Of The Square Cauldron


After following Ye Yuan, the Long-Arm Stone Ape Clan could no longer be compared to the past.

Back then, when Ye Yuan saw Yuan Fei, only he alone was a Tier 3 demonic beast. And now, there were already twenty to thirty Tier 3 Long-Arm Stone Apes.

One could say that the collective strength of the Long-Arm Stone Ape clan went up a level!

Such a huge transformation was something that Yuan Fei could never have imagined before following Ye Yuan.

Now, asking Yuan Fei to leave Ye Yuan, he would not even know how to survive.

“Haha,you willing to stay on, of course I welcome it!” Ye Yuan said with a smile. Yuan Fei’s answer did not exceed his expectations.

In truth, he already predicted this outcome when he solicited Yuan Fei back then.

“Old Yuan, want to keep on eating the food, right?Haha!Following Big Brother, forget about Tier 4, even taking form isn’t something hard!” White Light suddenly scoffed.

Yuan Fei’s old face turned red first, then immediately turned pale with great shock as he said, “White Light, you . . . you . . . are actually Tier 3 already!”

“How is it? Incredible, right? If you don’t work hard, I’m going to surpass you very soon!” White Light still had a child’s disposition as he said with a proud look.

“Stop talking nonsense! The one who wants to keep on eating the food is yourself, right? Don’t bully Yuan Fei for being honest!” Ye Yuan taunted with a smile.

“Cough, cough. . . Big Brother, can’t you just let me be happy for a while? Alright, alright, I know that we both owe it all to you, okay?” White Light said helplessly.

“Good that you know! Alright. This matter brooks no delay. I’m going to start refining pills. You guys help to guard me by the side,” Ye Yuan said.

The Demon Manor Pill was a Tier 3 demonic pill. It was not much of a challenge to Ye Yuan, and he finished refining it very soon.

The instant that Yuan Fei took the Demon Manor Pill, he was so agitated that he could not speak; he was stammering for some time, stifling until Yuan Fei’s face was black with a touch of red, getting ridiculed by White Light.

“Hahaha!Old Yuan, one Demon Manor Pill can make you agitated until like this! Such a good for nothing!” White Light burst into laughter.

Being interrupted by White Light like this, Yuan Fei cooled down a little instead. “You this brat’s bloodline is invincible. How can you know the significance of the Demon Manor Pill to me? Making irresponsible and sarcastic remarks when you don’t understand my plight!”

White Light laughed and said, “Following Big Brother, this is just the beginning! Don’t talk about a puny little Demon Manor Pill. So what if it’s a Shapeshifting Pill? You’re like this now; wait until Big Brother refines a Shapeshifting Pill for you. Wouldn’t you be so agitated that you would breathe your last?Haha,then that would be fun.”

Hearing White Light’s words, Yuan Fei could not help shuddering.

Shapeshifting Pill!

He had truly never thought that he would one day successfully shapeshift and advance to a Tier 5 demonic beast?

Tier 5 demonic beasts, which was also a sovereign level demonic beast. It was another beginning to demonic beasts.

But now, he was about to step into the ranks of Tier 4 demonic beasts. Would Tier 5 . . . still be far away?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “What White Light said is right. It’s just a Demon Manor Pill. You don’t have to be so agitated, Yuan Fei. Do you still remember what I said to you before? Tier 5 Demon Sovereign, Tier 6 Demon Ancestor, are all nothing difficult.”

Yuan Fei’s emotions finally calmed down a little. He clasped his hands at Ye Yuan and said, “Yuan Fei understands! Encountering Young Master is Yuan Fei’s greatest fortune in this lifetime!”

Yuan Fei naturally would not forget the words that Ye Yuan said back then. At that time, Ye Yuan was still just an Essence Qi Realm youth. Opening his mouth to say Tier 5, Tier 6, Yuan Fei still more or less doubted it.

But, a year’s time had passed. That Essence Qi Realm youth already grew into a Crystal Formation Realm expert!

Yuan Fei only knew what a fortunate thing it was to encounter Ye Yuan back then in retrospect!

“Haha.What are we still talking about these between us for? You make your preparations. Make use of this one month to break through to Tier 4,” Ye Yuan said with a big laugh.

Yuan Fei acknowledged and went to another place to enter seclusion.

When Yuan Fei left, Ye Yuan put out all the medicinal herbs in the storage ring. The originally sparse and empty room immediately became full.

“Big Brother, there are so many medicinal herbs. How do you plan on refining?” White Light asked curiously.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Of course it’s refining all of them together!”

As he said, all the essence energy in his body seethed, firing one seal after another into the Square Cauldron!

The Square Cauldron initially looked like a metallic product. But at this time, it actually lit up gradually under Ye Yuan’s seals!

That appearance actually looked like a divine object, dumbfounding White Light who was watching.

After over a dozen breaths, Ye Yuan was also exhausted until he panted heavily, while the Square Cauldron’s luster gradually stabilized too.

“Huff. . . With my present strength, activating an array formation inside a profound artifact is also so taxing!” said Ye Yuan powerly, while swallowing a Condensed Fragrance Pill.

“Wow! This huge cauldron looks so impressive! Big Brother, what you doing here?” White Light asked doubtfully.

Although this treasure was found by him, he was utterly clueless about the functions of this treasure and was filled with curiosity.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You look properly!”

Only to see his essence energy seethe once again. A large pile of medicinal herbs actually flew inside the Square Cauldron just like that!

The next instant, the Square Cauldron gave off an immense brilliance, releasing a dazzling radiance from the mouth of the cauldron. It was also uncertain what was happening inside the cauldron.

After 15 minutes, the radiance dissipated. The Square Cauldron returned to normal again.

White Light was very nosy and scurried to the mouth of the cauldron right away, a pair of tiger eyes becoming wide saucers.

“This . . . This . . . Is this all medicinal embryos? My God, how did you do it?” White Light exclaimed in shock.

“Haha,it wasn’t done by me. It was this profound artifact’s own array formation. As long as one activates the array formation, it can automatically extract and refine medicinal embryos!” Ye Yuan explained.

“So amazing?Hehe,indeed, the treasures that I find are extraordinary!” White Light flattered himself again.

“But so many medicinal embryos, you aren’t planning on refining them all at once as well, right?” White Light suddenly asked again.

“Of course. How troublesome is it to refine one by one?” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

“Tsk tsk,I’m really curious about Big Brother’s origins. Your alchemy skills completely roll over the Lower Realm alchemists! That Shi Haoran’s strength already seems to be very strong, but it isn’t even enough to refine so many medicinal pills in a month’s time. You’re only at the Alchemy Grandmaster Realm and can actually refine so many Tier 3 medicinal pills in minutes. Simply heaven-defying!” White Light sighed with admiration.

“Haha,of course I have some background. When the time comes, I’ll naturally tell you. As for now, don’t inquire too much,” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

Not that Ye Yuan did not trust White Light, but this road to revenge of his was too arduous. A single misstep and it would be the outcome of eternal damnation.

He did not even have any guarantee whether or not he could succeed in the end, so he did not wish to drag the innocent White Light in.

“Fine then, fine then. I won’t inquire!” White Light curled his mouth and said.

After Ye Yuan regulated his breathing for a while and his essence energy recovered to the peak condition, he started refining.

The medicinal pill that he was refining this time was called Jade Spirit Pill. It was naturally a medicinal pill used for raising essence energy.

The effects of this medicinal pill compared to the ones used by ordinary Lower Realm martial artists was way higher.

The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame spat out lightly, instantly igniting the Square Cauldron!

But sadly, with Ye Yuan’s current strength, he simply had no way of unleashing the full functions of the Square Cauldron. Otherwise, he completely did not need to waste strength to refine this batch of medicinal pills.

He was sill using the Tri-Origins Samsara Art!

Following one seal after another being struck into the Square Cauldron, the body of the cauldron radiated splendor once again!