Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Yuan Fei Breaks Through


“Condense for me!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. The Square Cauldron’s radiance gradually dimmed, recovering back to a metal lump.

After finishing the refinement, Ye Yuan plopped onto the ground.

Such a refinement was a tremendous test to both soul force and essence energy. There was basically nobody who could accomplish it in the Lower Realms!

Only an existence like Ye Yuan whose control of soul force and essence energy was brilliant to the pinnacle could complete a refinement like this.

“Big Brother, i-it’s done like this?” White Light asked in surprise.

“Still . . . Still not done? Do you . . . want to tire me to death?” Ye Yuan said crossly.

“Cough, cough,I didn’t mean that. But . . . this is only half a day’s time!” White Light felt like the scene before his eyes was not quite real.

After breaking through to Tier 3, White Light awakened inherited memories and had a much greater understanding of this world.

In his inherited memories was knowledge on the aspects of alchemy.

Refining so many medicinal pills was absolutely a colossal project. But Ye Yuan completed it in half a day’s time!

After resting for a bit, Ye Yuan finally caught his breath and said, “My present strength is still too weak. If I have Peak Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm strength, refining these toys can be done in two hours.”

White Light gave a low roar and said scornfully, “You’re indeed a freak!”

Ye Yuan laughed loudly and said, “Go help me take a look. How’s the quality of the medicinal pills? My realm breakthrough this time is all on these toys.”

White Light scurried over to take a look. Inside the Square Cauldron was full of medicinal pills, probably hundreds!

He observed those medicinal pills closely and was filled with astoundment in his heart.

“How is it?” Ye Yuan asked impatiently.

“You’re indeed a freak. Refining pills like this, and it still resulted to such high quality! The vast majority inside is all high-grade medicinal pills. There is still quite a fair portion which is superior-grade. Only a very tiny portion is middle-grade!”

“Hah!Not even one transcendent-grade! Fail!” Ye Yuan said with a sigh.

“Transcendent-grade . . . These are Tier 3 medicinal pills!” White Light was thoroughly defeated.

Actually, the refinement this time, Ye Yuan’s greatest drawback was still essence energy.

A refinement like this was a tremendous test of the alchemist’s essence energy. Without late-stage Crystal Formation Realm essence energy, it was very hard to sustain.

Only Ye Yuan’s way of splitting one portion of essence energy into two halves to use could support his refinement to succeed. If there were even a trace of waste, it would also not be possible to have the present results.

“Alright. I’ll recover my strength first. You play by yourself. Wait until I break through to late-stage Crystal Formation Realm, then I’ll help you refine Demon Crystal Pills,” Ye Yuan said feebly.

White Light was overjoyed upon hearing it and said,“Haha!It’s indeed Big Brother who dotes on me! Little Brother, I, will definitely break through to Tier 4 quickly. At that time, I’ll protect Big Brother!”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “It will be pretty good if you don’t drag me down!”

While he said that verbally, Ye Yuan knew that White Light’s strength could not be underestimated.

Previously, when facing off against Zhao Chenggan, White Light actually wounded the Sea Transformation Realm Zhao Chenggan with Tier 2 strength. His might could be seen at a glance.

If White Light had Tier 4 strength, dealing with Zhao Chenggan should be a cinch!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan discovered that White Light would explode with extraordinary strength under certain special conditions. His speed would be unbelievably quick!

Regarding that final strike against Zhao Chenggan, even he did not see clearly what happened!

Also, when White Light’s mother was on her deathbed, White Light dealing with the Seven Evils Flowing Cloud Python was like so too.

Looking at this, White Light’s strength indeed could not be underestimated.

. . . . . .

The second day. Ye Yuan already recovered to his optimal condition and prepared to break through!

He casually grabbed a bunch of Jade Spirit Pills and directly stuffed them into his mouth!

At the same time, Ye Yuan started to revolve the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. Their medicinal properties were rapidly refined, flowing into the dantian!

The small crystal in Ye Yuan’s dantian continuously expanded!

After a day, Ye Yuan directly broke through to the Third Level Crystal Formation Realm!

Another three days passed, Ye Yuan’s momentum met no resistance the entire way, directly smashing the barrier between early-stage Crystal Formation Realm and middle-stage Crystal Formation Realm, breaking through to Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm!

. . . . . .

Time flowed like water. In a twinkle, a month had passed.

On this day, the essence energy inside another secret room surged and was abnormally violent!

“Haha,Yuan Fei has divine beast bloodline when all is said and done. His talent is actually not poor. It’s just that the Lower Realm’s resources and environment made it very hard for him to mature,” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

“Tch.Isn’t it just breaking through to a Tier 4? What’s the big deal? As long as I have Big Brother providing Demon Crystal Pills, I can surely break through to Tier 4 within half a year!” White Light said disdainfully.

Ye Yuan was speechless. This fellow said it as if he owed him.

“I say, don’t you feel ashamed? Yuan Fei’s improvement speed is indeed inferior to yours, but he didn’t spend much time to break through from middle-stage Tier 3 to peak Tier 3 either! If you didn’t have the support of medicinal pills, you might not even be faster than him!” Ye Yuan said huffily.

“Cough, cough.This tiger is a descendant of the Four Great Divine Beasts. How can a stone ape with a dilute bloodline be compared with me? If he has the capabilities, you make him not eat medicinal pills and compare cultivation speed with me!”

“. . . . . .”

“Heh heh,actually, talking about improvement speed, we can’t catch up to Big Brother even if we whipped our horses! In a month, you already broke through four realms consecutively, reaching the peak Sixth Level Crystal Formation Realm!”

Although White Light saying these words looked a little like licking his boots, he was really very astonished in his heart.

Ye Yuan’s bloodline did not have any special aspects; his body was not even the most ordinary spirit physique. But Ye Yuan’s breakthrough speed was not any bit slower than him, a divine beast progeny.

This was the most freakish!

While they were talking, the dulation of essence energy at the other secret room already calmed down. Yuan Fei walked out of the secret room.

The aura of Yuan Fei who broke through to Tier 4 was already completely different!

It was only to see him conceal his splendor inwards with not a trace of essence energy escaping his body. One clearly could not sense his essence energy, but it gave people an extremely powerful feeling!

This was still him just after breaking through a realm and not able to release and withdraw it as he pleased. Wait until he finished consolidating his realm, that sort of soul-stirring threatening force would not emanate out, and he would look no different from ordinary demonic beasts.

Yuan Fei was similarly a divine beast descendant. After breaking through to Tier 4, it was equivalent to stepping into the middle of the Three Realms. His divine beast bloodline would also trigger; his combat strength became exceedingly formidable.

The stone ape clan was originally extremely skillful at fighting. Their combat strength even far surpassed same-rank demonic beasts!

It was just that Yuan Fei’s divine beast bloodline was not activated in the past and was unable to unleash shocking combat strength.

“Haha!Old Yuan, how’s the feeling of breaking through to Tier 4? Looking at your appearance, it’s like you’re going to totally destroy the room!” White Light said with a laugh.

He and Yuan Fei were old friends already too. Seeing Yuan Fei broke through, he was naturally very happy as well.

But Yuan Fei gave a silly smile and said, “Just broke through. Essence energy is still unable to be controlled freely. I’ve incurred Young Master’s ridicule. But the feeling of breaking through to Tier 4 is truly excellent! I feel like my entire body is filled with strength and that I can punch through a mountain in one fist!”

Evidently, breaking through to Tier 4 made Yuan Fei very excited.

After all, this was something he simply could not imagine before meeting Ye Yuan!