Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Xiao Ruyan Met With A Mishap


Shi Haoran really did not know how he should express his emotions.

What was called scared that foundation would be unstable? What was called only broke through five realms?

The cultivation of essence energy was a grinding process. Even more talented martial artists would not dare to break through realms like this!

Shi Haoran decided not to argue with Ye Yuan anymore. He was going to report this matter to Master and let Master come and urge Little Junior Brother.

“Fine then, you win!” Shi Haoran was speechless.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Is there some matter for Eldest Senior Brother to wait here especially for me?”

Shi Haoran nodded and said, “Master instructed a few days ago to ask you to go find him immediately after exiting seclusion, saying that there’s something important to discuss with you. I estimated that you should exit seclusion right about today, so I came here to wait for you.”

Ye Yuan’s heart stirred. Could it be that there were clues about the matter regarding his seniors?

“Thank you very much, Eldest Senior Brother. I’ll go see Master right away.” Ye Yuan clasped his hand and gave thanks.

“Wait a minute!” Shi Haoran suddenly said.

“Does Eldest Senior Brother still have anything?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“Before meeting master, there’s somebody that you probably have to meet.”


Ye Yuan was somewhat confused. He did not seem to know many people in the capital. Why would there be people coming to find him?

“You’ll know when you go and see.”

. . . . . .

When Ye Yuan saw the arrival, he could not help having a foreboding feeling.

“Young Master Ji! I beg you to save Second Miss!” Manager Tong grabbed Ye Yuan’s arm and directly kneeled down, tears flowing down his old face.

The arrival was precisely the Four Seas Building’s manager, Tong Suan. Seeing his sniveling look, Ye Yuan’s heart also involuntarily palpitated.

He hurriedly supported Tong Suan and asked, “Don’t be anxious, Manager Tong. Talk slowly. What happened to Miss Ruyan?”

Tong Suan choking through sobs said, “Second Miss she . . . she consumed the Nine Nether Soul Shattering Powder this morning. At this time, already . . . already . . .”

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed and he said, “Go! Talk on the way!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan directly pulled Tong Suan and left like a gust of wind. Shi Haoran hesitated for a moment and tagged along too.

Along the way, the three people moved as swift as the wind. But Ye Yuan more or less also understood the sequence of events.

Ever since the Grand Pill Assembly, the Xiao Family acquired 70% of the management rights anew. The family situation also took a turn for the better.

But the matter of the martial competition to find a spouse was already spilled water that could not be recovered. The Xiao Family did not have the confidence to withdraw the promise as well.

Yet, Xiao Ruyan did not wish to marry at all. This one month, she was all moody and depressed.

In between this, Xiao Ruyan even came to find Ye Yuan once. But Ye Yuan was in a closed-seclusion.

Watching helplessly as the day of the spouse finding martial competition gradually approached, Xiao Ruyan also slowly became melancholic and low-spirited.

Nobody would have thought that she would actually swallow the Nine Nether Soul Shattering Powder tonight!

The Nine Nether Soul Shattering Powder was an extremely fierce Quasi-Tier 4 poison. It could be said to kill upon contact with blood. By the time a maidservant discovered Xiao Ruyan, she was already severely poisoned and incurable!

Even Xiao Changfeng, an Alchemy King, was at a loss on what to do.

But Tong Suan had a sudden inspiration and carried a just try it mindset to go and seek help at Qixia Mountain. To think that he just happened to bump into Ye Yuan who left seclusion.

“This foolish woman!” Ye Yuan gnashed his teeth indignantly.

Ever since Xiao Ruyan stood up to support him in the Grand Pill Assembly, Ye Yuan already treated her as a friend.

Towards friends, Ye Yuan naturally would not watch her die passively.

But he still felt very livid towards Xiao Ruyan’s foolish actions.

Don’t wish to marry, you could run from the wedding, could run away from home, could pretend to go mad. Why did you have to use this sort of silly method?

. . . . . .

When Ye Yuan arrived at Xiao Ruyan’s chambers, the place was already in a chaotic mess.

In truth, Xiao Ruyan’s alchemic talent was even stronger than Xiao Rufeng’s. Her accomplishments in the future were bound to be extraordinary.

But now, an alchemy genius of her generation, one of the peerless beauties of the capital’s dual absolutes, actually passed away like this. This made many people sigh unceasingly.

When Ye Yuan saw Xiao Changfeng, his eyes were red. Evidently, he was heartbroken too.

Seeing Ye Yuan, Xiao Changfeng was rather surprised, but he still came forward to greet, “I’ve seen Young Master Ji!”

That day, the matter of the seventh prince bearing a rod to ask for punishment already caused a sensation in the entire capital.

Everyone knew that the face of the eighth disciple that Sovereign Star Abyss took in was so big that it poked the skies. He actually made the Seventh Prince bear a rod to ask for punishment and kneel down to admit his fault!

While in the capital, the ones who understood Ye Yuan best was none other than the Xiao Family. Xiao Changfeng even held awe and veneration towards Ye Yuan in his heart.

He, an Alchemy King, was nothing in front of Sovereign Star Abyss.

But Ye Yuan did not have any good attitude. He sneered coldly and said, “You, as her father, are truly of the highest grade! To actually have forced your own daughter to death!”

Xiao Changfeng’s expression dimmed, but he did not refute. He heaved a sigh and said, “Although I’m the family head, I don’t have much of a choice either! Who knew . . . Who knew that Ruyan she . . . would actually be so resolute?!”

“Enough crap! Let me see Ruyan!” Ye Yuan was not in the mood to talk rubbish with him.

Xiao Changfeng nodded slightly and opened up the path.

Ye Yuan rushed inside like a gust of wind. On the jade bed, Xiao Ruyan wore an unadorned but elegant white outfit, lying there quietly as if she was asleep.

Seeing Xiao Ruyan, Ye Yuan finally let out a sigh in relief. Her qi had yet to dissipate fully!

As long as her qi was not cut off, Ye Yuan could bring her back!

“All scram outside for me!” Ye Yuan went forward to prop Xiao Ruyan up and turned around to bellow.

There were many Xiao Family elders crowding around the scene. Seeing the situation, their eyebrows all furrowed.

“Ji Qing! Who the hell are you, to dare yell at us like this?”

“That’s right! You’re no longer Xiao Family’s guest retainer. When was it your turn to meddle in my Xiao Family’s affairs?”

“Put Ruyan down! Otherwise, we won’t be courteous!”

“The dead is the most important! You even dare to touch Ruyan’s remains. Do you really take my Xiao Family to have no people?”

Many Xiao Family elders immediately refused to comply and made a row.

Ye Yuan laughed coldly inwardly. He knew that the ones who forced Xiao Ruyan to death were precisely these hypocritical Xiao Family elders.

Xiao Ruyan once complained tearfully in front of him that these Xiao Family elders all bullied her; selling her out like a commodity.

Although Xiao Changfeng was a little weak and indecisive, he still cared deeply for Xiao Ruyan and would not go so far as to do this.

But for the sake of the Xiao Family’s continuation, he did not say much either.

Ye Yuan’s heart was like a clear mirror, which was why he did not have a good attitude towards Xiao Changfeng.

Ye Yuan was naturally aware of Xiao Changfeng’s difficulties. But in Ye Yuan’s viewpoint, even if the Xiao Family no longer existed tomorrow, he could not sacrifice his own daughter’s happiness as a father either!

“Xiao Changfeng! If you wish to see your daughter die like this, then let those dregs continue clamoring here!” Ye Yuan voice carried unspeakable rage.

Xiao Changfeng was stunned when he heard this. He said in surprise, “You . . . You can bring Ruyan back to life?”

Ye Yuan did not answer him. He just said coldly, “I don’t wish for these flies to buzz around my ears non-stop!”

“You! Ji Qing, you actually dare to call us dregs and flies?!”

“Changfeng, don’t listen to this punk talk nonsense. Ruyan is already dead by being poisoned. Even if Sovereign Star Abyss came here, he can’t save her too!”

“Changfeng, as the head of a family, are you going to watch an outsider raise a row here?”

For a moment, the Xiao Family elders all exploded, reproaching Xiao Changfeng one after another.