Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Ye Yuan Flaring Up


Xiao Changfeng’s expression flickered non-stop.

He was an Alchemy King expert; he could naturally tell that Xiao Ruyan was already without any vital activities, impossible to bring back.

But Ye Yuan just had to say that he could bring her back. Should he believe Ye Yuan or not?

So many elders were exerting pressure on him, demanding to chase Ye Yuan away. He could not disregard everybody’s opinions either.

For a moment, Xiao Changfeng wavered.

He looked at Ye Yuan and suddenly recalled Ye Yuan’s dazzling performance in the Grand Pill Assembly.

Perhaps . . . he really could!

The elders were still talking all at once, making Xiao Changfeng feel very irritated.

“All shut your mouths for me!” Xiao Changfeng roared, silencing everyone.

“All get out for me! Let Young Master Ji try!” Xiao Changfeng said.

“Changfeng, how can you be so muddled? How can people revive after they die? This boy is clearly here to cause trouble!” said a Xiao Family elder.

Xiao Changfeng glared and said, “The one lying on the bed is my daughter. Can’t I even make this decision?En?Am I still the Xiao Family’s Family Head or not?”

Xiao Changfeng’s aura released. This time, no one dared to speak.

These elders exchanged glances but finally still withdrew out of the room.

Ye Yuan watched indifferently, thinking to himself that this fellow was still not considered hopeless.

Ye Yuan casually threw Xiao Changfeng a jade slip and said, “At least you have a bit of consciousness towards Ruyan. Prepare the medicinal herbs well according to this formula. I’ll need to start a furnace to refine pills in a while.”

Xiao Changfeng nodded and did not say much as he left.

Ye Yuan supported Xiao Ruyan well and executed the Tempered Profound Gold Finger once again.

. . . . . .

Roughly an hour later, the elders waiting outside the room were all quite impatient.

“OhChangfeng, that boy is messing around, you’re messing around with him too! You’re an Alchemy King! Even you’ve determined that Ruyan has died, how can he bring her back to life? Now, he chased all of us out here and stayed in Ruyan’s chambers alone. Where is the sense of propriety?”

The one speaking was a Xiao Family elder with a rather high position, an exalted Quasi-Alchemy King too. His name was Xiao Changhong.

Ever since the Xiao Family seized back the medicinal pill market, these elders’ confidence all swelled up one by one.

They had immense faith that the Xiao Family could rely on these ten years to rise up once more.

In the past, they felt a head shorter than others when they went out. But now, their heads all raised to the skies when they went outside.

Hearing Xiao Changhong said so, Xiao Changfeng frowned but did not speak.

The more Xiao Changhong talked, the angrier he got. He even pointed the spearhead at Xiao Ruyan and said recalcitrantly, “Ruyan this lass is seriously. . . The Xiao Family raised her up so big and even nurtured her to become a high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster. How many resources were expended? Now, when the Xiao Family needs her, she did something like this. It really chills our hearts greatly! Her death doesn’t matter, but how are you going to give an account to the Huang and Xue families?”

“That’s right! Ruyan this lass is seriously outrageous!” With Xiao Changhong saying so, many elders immediately concurred.

When Xiao Changhong saw that everyone stood on his side, he became even more zealous and continued, “As I said, Ruyan this lass doesn’t know what’s good for her! Isn’t it just marrying someone? Which girl doesn’t marry? Also, those two young masters from the Huang Family and Xue Family are dragons among men. Could it be that they are still undeserving of Ruyan?”

Right at this moment, a piercingly cold killing intent suddenly attacked!

Xiao Changhong had yet to figure out what was going on when his throat was already tightly grasped by a hand, unable to speak.

Ye Yuan pinned Xiao Changhong onto the wall and said icily, “You just try saying another cynical word!”

“Cough. . .Cough, cough!L-Let go of me!” Xiao Changhong’s two feet were straight but did not dare to resist.

At this time, Ye Yuan just had to spit essence energy, and he could claim this old life of this.

Seeing Ye Yuan overflowing with killing intent, the Xiao Family elders all felt chills.

This boy . . . was only a Crystal Formation Realm martial artists. How could he be so strong?

Although Xiao Changhong was an alchemist, he was, at any rate, a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artist. He did not even get to react and was pinned on the wall by Ye Yuan?

“You bunch of fools! As elders, you don’t have any capabilities at all, and still need the juniors to sacrifice their own marital happiness to help achieve your selfish gains! Truly laughable! You all nurtured Ruyan. She has already done sufficiently well. These years, how much pressure was she, a little girl, shouldering? You these old fellows, other than gesticulating behind backs, what have you done? A bunch of opinionated things!” Ye Yuan words were filled with rage, making everyone feel a chill unceasingly.

“Ji Qing! Here is the Xiao Family! How can we allow you to be so insolent! What we do is the Xiao Family’s own affairs! It’s not your turn to come and bother! Quickly let go of Elder Changhong!” another elder said grimly.

Ye Yuan turned around and looked at that elder coldly. He suddenly smiled and said, “Is that so?”

The elders were taken by Ye Yuan’s aura and could not resist backing away.

“You . . . What are you trying to do?!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “If I recall correctly, my Xiao Family’s guest retainer identity doesn’t seem to have been removed yet, right?Since I’m a Xiao Family guest retainer, why can’t I interfere with Xiao Family’s affairs?”

As Ye Yuan said, his face suddenly darkened as he said, “I can’t be bothered with the Xiao Family’s matters either. But Ruyan’s matters are my matters. If you all dare to coerce her again in the future, your outcome will be like this rock!”

As he said, Ye Yuan casually fired out a blast of essence energy. A fake mountain not far in the distant instantly turned into dust.

The elders’ faces all changed. They were frightened by Ye Yuan’s aura.

To be able to instantly defeat Xiao Changhong, Ye Yuan’s strength could be seen at a glance.

The Xiao Family naturally had Soul Sea Realm martial artists too. But Ye Yuan was not alone by himself!

Behind Ye Yuan stood Sovereign Star Abyss!

To be able to make His Highness, the Seventh Prince, kowtowed and apologized for his mistake, who in the capital dare to provoke this malefic star?

“Now, all scram far away from me, in case this Little Lord, I, get vexed when I see you!” Ye Yuan said with a cold snort.

How could the elders dare to stay? Each one of them ran faster than rabbits. In the big courtyard, only Xiao Changfeng and Ye Yuan were left currently.

Xiao Changfeng’s expression changed again, very astonished by Ye Yuan’s strength.

He remembered that when Ye Yuan left the Xiao Family a month ago, he was still just Second Level Crystal Formation Realm strength. How long had it been only and he was already at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm?

But now was clearly not the time to be asking this. Xiao Changfeng asked rather awkwardly, “Young Master Ji, Ruyan she . . .”

Ye Yuan looked at him nonchalantly and responded with a question instead, “Are the medicinal herbs all prepared?”

Xiao Changfeng hurried nodded and said, “All prepared. All inside my pill refinement room. Tong Suan is right outside. He’ll bring you in.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “You go inside then. Ruyan still has some time before she’ll wake up. I’ll go and prepare the Detoxification Pill right now. You look after her well!”

Although he was long prepared, Xiao Changfeng’s entire body still trembled as he asked disbelievingly, “You . . . You really brought her back to life?”

Ye Yuan shot him a glance and said coolly, “Could it be that you wanted to see your own daughter die?”