Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 410

Chapter 410 Xiao Changfengs Scheme


On the jade bed, the beauty opened both eyes weakly.

Xiao Changfeng was overjoyed as he said, “Ruyan, you’re awake!”


Xiao Ruyan saw Xiao Changfeng when she opened her eyes, but she stubbornly turned her head over and was unwilling to take another look.

Xiao Changfeng felt a heartache as he let out a feeble sigh and said, “Ruyan, Father knows that you have a grudge in your heart, but . . . Father is helpless too!”

Xiao Ruyan still had her head turned and refused to say a word.

Xiao Changfeng’s heart was like it was being sliced by blades. He knew that his daughter was already extremely disappointed in him.

“Fine then. You aren’t willing to listen to father’s words, but you’re willing to listen to Ji Qing’s words, right?” Xiao Changfeng sighed heavily and said.

Xiao Ruyan’s body quivered when she heard that and could not resist turning her head around, her eyes filled with doubt.

Xiao Changfeng knew his daughter’s thoughts and explained, “Father is incapable. When I discovered that you were poisoned, Father was already powerless to do anything. It was Ji Qing’s miraculous skills that could revive the dead that actually brought you back to life miraculously!”

Xiao Ruyan’s eyes were filled with astoundment. She was clearly than anyone else about the toxicity of the Nine Nether Soul Shattering Powder. It could be said to kill upon infliction.

After being poisoned for several hours, it was basically beyond redemption. Ji Qing could actually bring her back. How brilliant medical skills were needed for this?!

“W-Where is he?” Xiao Ruyan asked with a slight tremor.

Xiao Changfeng sighed again and said, “Ruyan, I know that you might not like to hear some words, but the spouse finding martial competition is already unavoidable. Otherwise, it will be very hard for our Xiao Family to keep a foothold in the capital in the future if we offend the two Huang and Xue families at the same time.”

Seeing his daughter’s emotions becoming agitated, Xiao Changfeng hurriedly said, “You don’t get agitated first! Listen to me finish talking first! Perhaps, this unsolvable situation now has an opportunity to reverse!”

Xiao Ruyan’s beautiful eyes swirled slightly, and she said in surprise, “Father’s meaning is . . .”

Xiao Changfeng nodded and said, “That’s right! If you’re really unwilling to marry into the two Huang and Xue families, maybe you can land this matter on Ji Qing! I think . . . if it was Ji Qing, you . . . wouldn’t reject, right?”

Hearing Xiao Changfeng’s words, Xiao Ruyan’s initially pallid and wan face because of weakness became flushed red.

Seeing Xiao Ruyan putting on a posture to refute but blushed instad, Xiao Changfeng sighed faintly and said, “Actually, during the Grand Pill Assembly, I already saw through your thoughts. After Ji Qing was taken in by Sovereign Star Abyss as a disciple, his status was also sufficient to be mentioned in the same breath as the Huang and Xue families. If the two of you were brought together, it isn’t prohibited either. It’s just . . .”

Hearing the first half of the sentence, Xiao Ruyan was actually slightly gleeful in her heart.

But when she heard the two words ‘it’s just,’ Xiao Ruyan’s heart involuntarily plunged, and she asked weakly, “It’s just what?”

“Sigh. . . I never would have thought that you would do something so resolute. I’m afraid . . . afraid that you drop flowers pining for love, while he, a heartless brook, babbles along!” Xiao Changfeng said with a sigh.

Xiao Ruyan’s heart involuntarily jolted fiercely as she said unresignedly, “If he doesn’t have interest in me, why did he help me repeatedly?”

“Father is somebody who has gone through it all. Ultimately, I can see things clearer than you. Although I don’t know why he entered the Xiao Family, Ji Qing definitely came harboring some kind of goal. That was why Father carried out an unwise decision to intentionally let him and Tong Wencahng face off. Who knew that unexpected sowing led to blooming in the garden? Ji Qing actually became the Xiao Family’s savior! Honestly, Father actually already completely infuriated him at that time with distrust. If not for you standing up to support him vehemently, he would probably have already flicked his sleeves and left.”

Hearing Xiao Changfeng’s words, Xiao Ruyan was even more puzzled. “Since that’s the case, doesn’t that show even more clearly . . .”

Xiao Changfeng shook his head and said, “It’s precisely because of this that showed more clearly he doesn’t have feelings of man and women towards you but ties of friendship! If he entered the Xiao Family because of you, he definitely wouldn’t have gotten so angry because of father’s distrust. He also would not have performed so low-key in the Grand Pill Assembly but try to think of ways to make you and Father value him highly. Although I don’t know why, something must have happened during the Grand Pill Assembly to have utterly infuriated him, making him destroy Tong Wenchang completely!”

Listening up to here, Xiao Ruyan’s complexion immediately became as pale as paper again.

Those closely involved could not see clearly. Only with Xiao Changfeng analyzing like this, did Xiao Ruyan know that maybe it was her wishful thinking. A line of clear tears flowed down uncontrollably again.

“Ruyan, you don’t have to be like this. This matter might still have a turnaround!” Xiao Changfeng said.

Xiao Ruyan said in tears, “Father doesn’t need to console me . . .”

“I’m not consoling you. Perhaps you can really fight on this matter. Previously, I didn’t have assurance. But now . . . I have 70% confidence,” Xiao Changfeng said.

“70% confidence?” Xiao Ruyan asked doubtfully.

Xiao Changfeng nodded and said, “That’s right! Ji Qing should have his objectives coming to the Xiao Family, so I didn’t have any confidence at all. I was afraid of offending a future major figure, so I didn’t open my mouth all along. But today, through your affairs, I can conclude that Ji Qing is somebody who values brotherhood immensely! If . . . you’re really unwilling to marry into the two Huang and Xue family, maybe you canpoke open this layer of windowpane paper1to him. With his disposition, I believe that he wouldn’t wish to see you jump into a fire pit.”

Xiao Ruyan’s eyes could not help lighting up but dimmed very quickly.

To a girl, especially a peerless beauty like Xiao Ruyan, asking her to poke a hole through this layer of windowpane paper was too hard.

This need enormous courage!

Furthermore, Xiao Changfeng already made it very clear just now, Ye Yuan only had feelings of friendships towards her.

What if . . . he rejected?

By not poking a hole, maybe they could still be friends. Once she poked a hole through this windowpane paper, they might not even be friends anymore.

This was not the outcome that Xiao Ruyan wanted!

Despair was the greatest sorrow. At that time, she might feel even worse than dying!

“I . . .” Xiao Ruyan clearly fell into an extreme internal conflict.

“Sigh,I know that this is somewhat cruel to you too. But this is already the best plan that Father can think of. Most importantly, you’re in love with Ji Qing, isn’t it? Ji Qing has already waited outside for a long time. I’ll go call him in now. As for whether you tell him or not, that will have to depend on yourself.” Xiao Changfeng sighed lightly and turned around and left.

Xiao Ruyan did not notice that at the moment he turned around, a glimmer of light flashed across Xiao Changfeng’s eyes.

It was true that Xiao Changfeng said this for the sake of his daughter. But more importantly, once Ye Yuan and Xiao Ruyan became a pair, it would be equivalent to the Xiao Family getting close to the Alchemist Association, this giant banner.

With this layer of relation, nobody could shake the position of the Xiao Family in the capital anymore!

Star Abyss actually dared to sanction the royal family for Ye Yuan. It could be seen how highly he valued this disciple.

Once the two people tied the nuptial knot, the arrangement in the capital’s alchemy scene would undergo a change again, and the Grand Pill Assembly would not have the need to be carried out anymore!

This was Xiao Changfeng’s deeper level scheme!

Xiao Ruyan’s thoughts were pure. How could she see through Xiao Changfeng’s such deep thoughts?

Speaking of which, even if she saw through it, she would most likely want to hold Ye Yuan’s heart without looking back as well, right?