Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Return A Favor With A Favor


Ye Yuan looked at Xiao Ruyan rather surprisedly and blurted out, “Take you in as a disciple?”

“Yeah! I’m not forcing you to become Dao companions with me either. It’s just taking me in as a disciple. Not overboard, right?” Xiao Ruyan said.

“This . . .”

Ye Yuan could not help hesitating. He did not even officially take in disciples in his previous life. He really did not have the desire to be a teacher.

Xiao Ruyan suddenly raising this condition made him unable to make a choice for a moment.

Not that Ye Yuan was averse to take a disciple, it was just that he was not willing to waste time on something like teaching disciples in his previous life. So, he could not be bothered to take any disciples.

People like Li Daohang belonged to those with better luck; they were people who were able to learn alchemy by his side.

Even if he did not deliberately go and teach, Li Daohang also used just a hundred years to cultivate from Alchemy Ancestor to Alchemy Venerable Realm; only a step away from stepping into Alchemy Emperor.

One could say that being beside Ye Yuan, even if it was just being a little medicine boy, it would also be endlessly beneficial.

Xiao Ruyan could not help being anxious when she saw Ye Yuan hesitate and said, “Don’t say anything like you’re young and can’t teach me. I know the disparity between us! Your strength is more than enough to be my master! If you don’t even agree to this, I don’t need you to get on the stage either. At most, I’ll consume another portion of Nine Nether Soul Shattering Powder.”

One had to acknowledge that when a woman like Xiao Ruyan acted like a spoiled girl, all men would find it hard to resist.

First, cry; second, make a fuss; and third, hang oneself. Even knowing all these, Ye Yuan was just weak to this tactic. He instantly said helplessly, “Fine then. Be my disciple then. But I’ll say the nasty things first. I will leave the capital in the future!”

Ye Yuan naturally would not stay here for a long time. As long as he rescued his fellow apprentices, he would leave immediately.

Who knew that Xiao Ruyan became overjoyed and said, “Doesn’t matter. Wherever you are, I’ll be there! I have a feeling that by following you, I’ll get even closer to the magnificent Dao of Alchemy!”

“En?If you go, what about your parents and brother?”

Xiao Ruyan’s eyes dimmed as she said, “The Xiao Family has seized back management rights. My mission is already completed. The Xiao Family doesn’t need me anymore. As for Father and Mother . . . they still have Big Brother and other children. One less person is fine.”

Ye Yuan’s eyes flickered, but he did not speak.

He could sense the blow that this incident had on Xiao Ruyan was tremendous. The heartlessness of the Xiao Family elders already made Xiao Ruyan lose complete faith in the Xiao Family.

Continuing to stay in the Xiao Family, as long as she could be the bargaining chip for their exchange of benefits, they would not care about Xiao Ruyan’s feelings.

To the Xiao Ruyan who had already died once, she had already come to accept many things.

These past 20 years, she lived for the Xiao Family.

From today onwards, she would live for herself. She wanted to pursue her own path; her own happiness!

It was just that Ye Yuan did not know if he told her that he was an Endless World native, would she leave with him or not?”

. . . . . .

Following Shi Haoran out of the Xiao Family, Ye Yuan kept feeling very odd in his heart.

This female disciple was accepted somewhat awkwardly no matter how one looked at it.

Other people took in disciples in order to continue their legacy, but why did it have the feeling that he took in Xiao Ruyan because of some ulterior motives?

To Shi Haoran, Ye Yuan did not have much to hide and directly told him the agreement with Xiao Ruyan for him to hear.

After Shi Haoran heard it, he first sized Ye Yuan up with a peculiar look in his eyes, and he finally raised a big thumbs up as he exclaimed with admiration, “Little Junior Brother is indeed extraordinary! Other people are all fighting to take the two absolutes back home to be Dao companions, but you actually blazed a new trail and started playing with teacher-student love affair!”

Ye Yuan had an impulse to collapse. He said huffily, “What teacher-student love affair?! I didn’t want to take her in as a disciple. But she threatened to die. What can I do?”

“Ha!Little Junior Brother doesn’t need to have any qualms. There’s nothing bad about teacher-student relationship either. Instead, it has another flavor! Little Junior Brother just has to be yourself. With Master and me backing you, what’s there to fear?” Shi Haoran said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and was utterly defeated by this dirty old man and just ignored him altogether.

Returning to Qixia Mountain, Ye Yuan directly went to see Star Abyss.

When Star Abyss saw Ye Yuan, he similarly had a look of astonishment.

“Even if you took over a body to rebirth, isn’t this cultivation speed a little too fast?” Star Abyss said in astonishment.

Ye Yuan was not willing to waste his breath on this. He waved his hands and said, “Relax, I know what I’m doing. Something like killing the chicken to retrieve the egg, I won’t do it. You came to find me; is there some news?”

Star Abyss smiled faintly and waved his sleeves. Several human silhouettes appeared out of thin air!

This Star Abyss actually had a spatial spirit artifact too!

Seeing these few figures, Ye Yuan could not help lightly trembling all over.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Mo! Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu! Senior Apprentice Brother Tianyu! Senior Apprentice Brother Du! Senior Apprentice Brother Chen! I-It’s really great that you’re all fine!” Ye Yuan said agitatedly.

These few people were shockingly Mo Yuntian and the rest!

Apart from Mei Zhen, everybody was all here!

Ye Yuan did not think that Star Abyss was actually so extravagant; rescuing everyone in one shot!

It was just that Mo Yuntian and the rest all had vacant eyes; they were similar as the Du Cheng that Ye Yuan saw that day. Clearly, the divine soul prohibitions had yet to be removed.

“Their divine soul restrictions will be up to you to undo then. Otherwise, I can’t explain to them,” Star Abyss said.

Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and said with a nod, “You did very well. This time . . . thank you very much!”

Star Abyss smiled and said, “With my status, asking for a few slaves is still not a problem. It’s just . . . that Mei Zhen whom you mentioned is quite troublesome.”

Ye Yuan frowned and asked, “How so?”

Star Abyss said, “This batch of Endless World slaves, the highest strength is at the Sea Transformation Realm. And Sea Transformation Realm slaves are all kept by the royal family. Because that Mei Zhen is a Sea Transformation Realm expert, he was naturally kept behind by the royal family. Speaking of which, it’s a coincidence too; the one who took him in was none other than Seventh Prince, Zhao Chenggan! We were just at odds with the royal family. It isn’t convenient to open our mouths and ask for him at this time. Otherwise, it would be too obvious.”

Ye Yuan’s eyebrows knitted together even tighter. If Mei Zhen was in Zhao Chenggan’s hands, then this matter was truly quite hard to deal with.

After a long while, Ye Yuan finally slowly said, “This matter is indeed a little troublesome. But . . . I’ve remembered this favor! How about this? My present strength can’t help you much, but I’ll impart you a piece of soul cultivation formula.”

Star Abyss’s entire body trembled as he said disbelievingly, “W-What kind of soul cultivation formula?”

As the chairman of the Alchemist Association, Star Abyss naturally did not lack soul cultivation formulas. Otherwise, he would have no way of becoming a sovereign either.

But Star Abyss knew that the soul cultivation formula that Ye Yuan was imparting him would surely be extraordinary!

At least, with his present strength and status, it was impossible to get!

Star Abyss never dreamt that Ye Yuan’s recompense would actually be so generous!

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “This soul cultivation formula is called Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Art; it is a Tier 9 cultivation method.”

“T-Tier 9 cultivation method!”

Although he knew that Ye Yuan would not take some common ware to fool him, when he heard ‘Tier 9 cultivation method’ these several words, Star Abyss’s heart still failed to live up to his expectations and pounded fiercely!