Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Heroes Gather


“Family Head Xiao, this Shi wish you good luck in choosing a splendid son-in-law today!” Shi Haoran said with clasped hands.

Although Shi Haoran did not come out independently and was just a disciple under Star Abyss, nobody dared to overlook his Alchemy King strength.

Putting aside Star Abyss, Shi Haoran’s strength among the Alchemy Kings in the entire capital could also enter the top five!

Even those veteran Alchemy Kings like Yang Xiu did not dare to say that they could guarantee a win against Shi Haoran in alchemy.

Therefore, Shi Haoran’s position in the capital’s alchemy scene was actually very aloof!

Him coming by himself already gave the Xiao Family sufficient face. Now that he led his seven juniors here together, it could be seen just how astounding this scene was!

“The Xiao Family has such immense face! Alchemy King Shi generally don’t make an appearance in public activities. Today, he actually made an exception and arrived here. It’s truly out of the blue!”

“Hehe,did you guys hear? Xiao Ruyan’s relationship with Alchemy King Shi’s little junior brother, who is Ji Qing, is not shallow! This time, Alchemy King Shi most likely came to escort his little junior brother!”

“There’s such a thing? But with that Ji Qing’s strength, he probably can’t get on the stage at all, right? What’s being competed today isn’t alchemy but real swords and genuine spears; it’s about martial strength! He, a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist, simply doesn’t have a chance, right?”

“Haha,there’s no way of knowing that! However . . . Sovereign Star Abyss’s eight great disciples came as a group. No matter how one looks at it, it’s somewhat unusual!En?That . . . That . . .”

“What is it?”

“Wasn’t that Ji Qing Second Level Crystal Formation Realm? How long has it been? Why is he already Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm? What in the world happened?”

“This . . . ”

Many people discovered Ye Yuan’s transformation and were unbelievably shocked!

If, say, the Grand Pill assembly did not stir up much of a wave a month back, then the matter of the Seventh Prince, Zhao Chenggan, bearing a rod to ask for punishment already let everyone in the capital get to know Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan’s realm was naturally discussed by meddlesome people long ago.

Yet, a month of not seeing him, Ye Yuan actually broke through five realms in succession. This was seriously too inconceivable!

Xiao Changfeng laughed loudly and said, “Then, I’ll have to thank Alchemy King Shi for your blessings!Haha!”

The two people exchanged glances and burst into laughter once again.

“Alchemy King Shi and fellow masters, please, take your seats!”

From Xiao Changfeng’s mouth, Shi Haoran’s juniors all became masters. This naturally included Ye Yuan too.

Right after taking his seat, Ye Yuan felt multiple glances looking towards him. One of the gazes was very resentful. Who could it be except Zhao Chenggan?

The matter of the sanction was already over. The main army already set off. Zhao Chenggan no longer had a need to suppress his anger anymore.

The entire city knew that he hated Ye Yuan to the bone. This sort of thing did not need to be concealed, and it could not be masked as well.

Of course, as long as it was within the capital, he truly did not dare to do anything to Ye Yuan.

Not that he really dreaded that day’s promise, what he feared was the Star Abyss behind Ye Yuan.

That old fellow’s influence was too great!

But Zhao Chenggan clearly already noticed that Ye Yuan broke through five realms consecutively. Apart from hatred in both eyes, there was even deep trepidation!

There was another person sizing up Ye Yuan with thick curiosity.

Seeing Ye Yuan look over, that person gave Ye Yuan a faint smile. Ye Yuan similarly responded with a smile.

“That person is the Shangguan Lingyun who is on par with His Highness, the Seventh Prince. The position of Wind Emperor is only passed to the strongest person. Hence, the Seventh Prince’s great opponent is him!” said Shi haoran by the side.

Ye Yuan asked in surprise, “Seventh Prince isn’t the first person in the line of succession?”

Shi Haoran smiled and said, “If Shangguan Lingyun breaks through to the Boundless Realm, even if the Wind Emperor passed his position to the Seventh Prince, it will also make no difference to the matter, isn’t it so?”

Ye Yuan thought about it and nodded, saying, “It’s indeed this logic. But . . . the Wind Emperor can suppress the Shangguan Family and not let them rise up!”

Shi Haoran shook his head and said, “The reason why the Wind Emperor’s position is stable is not just because he’s the only Boundless Realm powerhouse, but because he can maintain the capital’s stability. The first-rate families all practically has sovereign level powerhouses existing. Once the Wind Emperor deliberately suppresses a family, the capital will no longer know peace. The Wind Emperor ultimately has to ascend to the Divine Realm. If he incurred public indignant, his family clan will eventually be replaced or even exterminated!”

Ye Yuan said with a realization, “So that’s the case. Looks like even invincible existences also have many things to take into consideration.”

“Haha,that’s natural! In this world, where are there invincible people? Even more powerful people have their soft spots. It’s just whether or not others can discover and make use of them.Oh,right, this Shangguan Family is the previous Wind Emperor’s family clan,” Shi Haoran said with a smile.

“No wonder the Shangguan Family is so strong!Sigh.Similarly one of the capital’s dual absolute beauties, that Shangguan Lingxue is much luckier, unlike Xiao Ruyan with no command over herself,” Ye Yuan said in amazement.

Speaking of which, Ye Yuan still had to give thanks to this other beauty to be able to enter the capital. It was just that this Shangguan Lingxue walked too closely with Zhao Chenggan and naturally kept Ye Yuan at a distance.

“Similar people, different fate. No matter how heaven-defying a person is, they are also unable to choose their parents. Xiao Ruyan’s greatest misfortune was being born in the Xiao Family. But . . . her greatest fortune was meeting you!Haha!”Shi Haoran said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan unwittingly rolled his eyes. This eldest senior brother was at it again . . .

“Eldest Senior Brother has such faith in me?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“If it were before, I would really not have much faith in you. But since master has such faith in you, I naturally believe his judgment too!” Shi Haoran said confidently.

“En?How so?”

Shi Haoran gave Ye Yuan a faint smile and explained it.

Turned out that after Ye Yuan left Star Abyss’s place that day, Shi Haoran went to find Star Abyss to express his concern about Ye Yuan’s rapid breakthrough.

But Star Abyss just said indifferently, “Your little junior brother’s talent is extraordinary. It’s just breaking through five realms; there’s no need to make such a fuss. That spouse finding martial competition, you accompany him and walk around. Don’t let people hurt him and just bring him back safe and sound.”

Very clearly, Star Abyss was brimming with confidence in Ye Yuan. Making him accompany Ye Yuan here was also just for the sake of preventing accidents from happening.

“Haha,Little Junior Brother just need to care about letting yourself go. With me around, nobody dares to do anything to you!” Shi Haoran was also full of confidence in himself.

“Haha,with these words from Eldest Senior Brother, I can rest at ease!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

Right at this time, Xiao Changfeng came to the center of the platform, and he mustered up essence energy to cry out, “Today, is the red-letter day of my little girl’s spouse finding competition! This Xiao did not think beforehand that there would actually be so many people coming here to rally! This Xiao thanks everybody here and now!”

“Family Head Xiao, enough with this. Let Miss Ruyan come out and let us broaden our horizons!”

“Family Head Xiao, I’m Miss Ruyan’s loyal fan. My worship of her flows unceasingly!”

“Yeah! This spouse finding competition, you got to let us see what the bride looks like, right?”

For a moment, there was a hubbub of voices below the platform, causing a huge din. Evidently, everyone wished to witness the elegant demeanor of one of the capital’s dual absolutes.

Xiao Changfeng smiled and said, “Everyone, hold your horses. My girl will be out right away.”