Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Absolute Defense


Among the crowd, there were two unremarkable women.

One of them looked at that figure on the platform with scorching eyes. It was also uncertain what she was thinking about.

The other girl giggled as she transmitted her voice,“Hehe,seeing Mister Ye challenge the heroes under the heaven for Xiao Ruyan, I wonder what are your thoughts, Miss?”

This girl actually knew Ye Yuan’s true identity. Who could it be but Yan-er?

There was no need to talk about the other girl. It was naturally Li-er.

Actually, these few days, they had been inside this capital the entire time. If not for this master and servant pair, Ye Yuan simply would not get to see his fellow apprentices.

It was precisely because of the protection in the dark from the two of them that let those seniors of Ye Yuan survived safe and sound.

On that day when Zhao Chenggan carried a rod to ask for punishment, it stirred up the entire capital. Li-er naturally also became aware that Ye Yuan actually quietly sneaked into the capital already.

Of course, speaking of it, this was not considered quietly either.

It was just that Li-er did not think that Ye Yuan would be the first to go up the stage today and challenge all the heroes in the world!

Hearing Yan-er’s secret voice transmission, not knowing why, a hint of billow was produced in Li-er’s heart.

This was simply an inconceivable matter to her.

Didn’t Li-er’s heart only move for him?

What’s with me . . .

Towards this kind of near betrayal thing, Li-er was obviously unwilling to admit it.“What thoughts can I have? That Xiao Ruyan is known as the capital’s dual absolutes. She’s naturally as beautiful as a heavenly maiden. For Mister Ye to be able to come together in holy matrimony with her, I naturally have to congratulate him.”

Yan-er pouted her mouth and said, “Words don’t match the heart! Although Yan-er isn’t a roundworm in Miss’s stomach, to say who understands Miss best in this world, it has to be Yan-er! Miss painstakingly entered deep into the Fierce Gale World and did so much for Mister Ye. Don’t you have any thoughts about him at all?”

Li-er was secretly startled, but she refuted, “What kind of thoughts? Don’t you know that this soul ripping illness of mine still has to fall on Mister Ye? I’m doing this just to return him sufficient favor to let him treat me seriously. That’s all.”

Yan-er waved her hands and said, “Alright then, alright then. Regardless of what kind of thoughts you have, it’s also useless. After today, he’ll be somebody with a wife!”

Not knowing why, when Li-er heard these words, an intense unwillingness welled up in her heart.

. . . . . .

On another side, a similarly unremarkable person was staring fixedly at Ye Yuan, his gaze revealing immense shock!

“To think that this punk really sneaked into the capital! Not only did he infiltrate inside the capital, he even became Sovereign Star Abyss’s disciple, and even made an appearance in an imposing manner at such a grand occasion! Truly audacious to the extreme! I was saying why there hasn’t been news about him these two months all along. Turns out that he had long sneaked into the capital! However . . .Heh heh!Your good luck has come to an end today!”

This person quietly withdrew out of the crowd and ran in the direction of the royal capital!

If Ye Yuan were here, he would recognize that this person was precisely the Lan Hu who tracked him down here!

These two months, Lan Hu never left the capital the entire time. Everything comes to him who waits. He finally discovered Ye Yuan’s tracks!

It was just that Lan Hu never thought that the carrying a rod to ask for punishment a couple of days back which rocked the capital, the target of Seventh Prince’s apology, was actually Ye Yuan!

. . . . . .

On the stage, Ye Yuan was utterly clueless about this.

Xu Qing opposite him already recovered considerable soul force. He slowly opened his mouth and said, “Sovereign Xishan . . . is precisely my master! This is this Xu’s first time coming out into the society after completing my studies. I didn’t think that . . . I would actually lose so miserably. Xu Qing’s skills are trivial. I’ve lost face for master today!”

“He’s indeed Sovereign Xishan’s disciple! Sovereign Xishan has left the capital for so many years. He actually groomed a Sea Transformation Realm disciple!”

“It’s just that this disciple seems to be somewhat of a failure. He faced the Crystal Formation Realm Ji Qing with Sea Transformation Realm soul force and collapsed from exhaustion without even touching the other party’s fingertips! Truly lost face for Sovereign Xishan!”

“That’s right! Sovereign Xishan back then was ever triumphant. Even His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, showed him some respect. How high and mighty he was! But the disciple that he taught is actually unskilled to this sort of degree. It’s really a letdown!”

The fame of Sovereign Xishan was too great. In everyone’s minds, apart from the Wind Emperor, he was the incarnation of invincibility.

But his disciple actually lost with no part of his body unscathed today!

Although everyone knew that Ye Yuan was very strong in terms of divine soul attacks. But Sovereign Xishan’s disciple, as a soul martial artist, shouldn’t he be stronger in the divine soul?

Even if Ye Yuan was very monstrous, it was not to the extent where he would collapse from exhaustion, right?

This was what they could not understand, nor forgive!

Xiao Changfeng hearing Xu Qing admit it was also rather surprised in his heart. But verbally, he consoled, saying, “Young Master Xu doesn’t need to blame yourself. It’s not that you’re unskilled, but your opponent was too strong! Today’s loss was not due to lack of skill!”

Xu Qing asked in surprise, “What does that mean?”

Xiao Changfeng smiled and said, “Young Master Xu learned from Sovereign Xishan. I wonder if you’ve ever heard of divine soul absolute defense?”

Xu Qing’s expression changed, and he nearly jumped up. “A-Absolute defense! You’re saying that what Brother Ji used earlier was . . . absolute defense?”

Xiao Changfeng smiled bitterly and said, “Actually, I don’t know either. It’s just that other than absolute defense, I seriously don’t know what other means are there still that can accomplish to such an extent! Only . . . you still have to get a confirmation from Young Master Ji about the answer.”

When Xiao Changfeng guessed this answer, the astonishment in his heart was not any less than Xu Qing’s.

Divine soul absolute defense. This term was just an existence of the legends. How could it possibly really appear on a human?

Xiao Changfeng even suspected that this defense method was probably fabricated by somebody, or maybe hypothesized by some genius.

How could such a perverse defense method possibly exist?

But today, he really witnessed it!

The so-called divine soul absolute defense was regardless what kind of divine soul attack the other party executed, as long as it was unable to break through extremum of one’s divine soul, it would have no way of causing damage to them!

Such a defense measure was simply heaven-defying!

Xu Qing’s gaze involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan. But Ye Yuan just smiled and said, “Family Head Xiao is indeed experienced and knowledgeable, to actually even know about divine soul absolute defense. That’s right; the measure that this Ji used earlier was precisely divine soul absolute defense.”

The properties of the divine soul were completely different from essence energy. The cultivation system was also entirely different.

The means of divine soul attacks was likewise ever-changing. But through a deep understanding of the divine soul, one could construct a defense measure that was a hundredfold, a thousandfold stronger than protective essence energy. That was absolute defense!

Divine soul attacks were invisible and ethereal. It naturally would not have huge destructive power like that.

The innate attribute of divine soul attacks was still formed using one’s soul force to damage the other party’s divine soul.

As long as one’s comprehension of the divine soul was sufficiently deep, an absolute defense could theoretically be actualized!

Of course, even with Ye Yuan’s profound understanding of the divine soul, it also expended a huge amount of time to learn this move in his previous life.

Xu Qing was only at the Early Stage Sea Transformation Realm; he was not much stronger compared to Ye Yuan’s divine soul.

Wanting to hurt Ye Yuan under his absolute defense was undoubtedly a fool’s talk!