Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Shameless Non Stop Battles


The moment he heard the term absolute defense, Shangguan Lingxue was also extremely shocked.

“Divine soul absolute defense? Doesn’t that mean that there’s only Ji Qing hitting people, while others can only get hit passively? This move is simply too amazing!”

Shangguan Lingyun nodded as well and said, “In the past, I only heard of absolute defense and even thought that it was just a rumor. I didn’t think that I would really witness it today! This Ji Qing is truly remarkable!”

Zhao Chenggan sneered and said, “What absolute defense? He just didn’t encounter experts! As long as soul force is stronger than him, absolute defense would only be a joke!”

“Is that so? I wonder if there’s anybody among you all that can break this absolute defense?” Shi Haoran suddenly said.

But Zhao Chenggan was not embarrassed at all. With a haughty look, he said, “Soul martial artists is just a minor path in the end. The martial artist path is the major path! He has absolute defense in terms of divine soul, but I wonder if he can block my Tyrant Martial Howling Cloud Spear?”

Shi Haoran smiled and said, “That might not be so!”

Zhao Chenggan laughed when he heard that and said, “Alright, I won’t argue with Alchemy King Shi either. Just suffering a defeat in his hands, I haven’t taken it to heart yet. However . . . he has to pass the rounds with Wenqiu and Zaihe first. The two of them are not simple people.”

Although Zhao Chenggan lost tremendous face previously, his power and influence were still present. The title of number one in the capital was not for show.

Getting Zhao Chenggan’s approval, Huang Wenqiu and Xue Ziahe appeared to be very enthusiastic.

Of course, even if Zhao Chenggan did not sow discord here, these two people could not possibly let Ye Yuan off.

But Huang Wenqiu gave a mysterious smile at this time and said, “Rest assured, Your Highness. I’ve already prepared a feast for Ji Qing. I believe that he’ll thank me.”

“Oh?Then I’ll be waiting to see it!’ Zhao Chenggan suddenly became interested.

. . . . . .

After settling Xu Qing down, this spouse finding martial competition naturally still had to continue.

But Ye Yuan’s spectacular performance already made most people shrink back. For some time, there was actually nobody who went up the stage.

Formidable divine soul attack plus daunting divine soul defense. How to deal with such a monster?

Even a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm suffered a crushing defeat in front of him. Unless Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realms took part, or else, they would simply not be Ye Yuan’s match.

“Is there anybody else going up the stage to challenge Young Master Ji?” Seeing nobody go up the stage, the judge opened his mouth to ask again.

Right at this time, a youth sprung onto the stage and said, “I’m here to challenge you!”

This youth’s strength was uncommon too; he was at the Third Level Sea Transformation Realm.

It was just that this realm was somewhat lacking to Ye Yuan. This point, everyone knew full well in their hearts.

“Is this lad’s brain damaged? Clearly aware that he isn’t Ye Yuan’s match and still run up to look for a thrashing?”

“Heh heh,maybe he’s bored out of his mind and sent himself up to let people train!”

“Really can’t understand why there are increasingly more idiots now!”

Smart people always held the majority on this earth. Fully aware that they were not a match and still going up to seek a walloping would clearly be thought of as a moron by people.

Indeed, Ye Yuan just used one God Stunning Spike, and that youth directly collapsed.

Yet, when that youth buckled, another Third Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artist directly went up to challenge. But was shot down by Ye Yuan again very quickly.

What surprised everyone was that this was only the beginning!

From then on, the young martial artists who went up the platform followed one after the other; all Second or Third Level Sea Transformation Realm.

While they were dropped by Ye Yuan very quickly one by one, everyone discovered that it was not quite right.

If it was said that one was a fool and two was a fool, it could not be that over ten in a row were morons, right?

Ye Yuan’s brows could not help furrowing. He instantly defeated his opponents directly right after coming up. The goal was to awe the audience below the stage and make most people not dare to go up the stage.

Thousands upon thousands of martial artists, even if he had three heads and six arms, it was also not possible to deal with all of them!

In comparison to using martial techniques, the God Stunning Spike was evidently more awe-inspiring. Because he did not even need to make a move.

Honestly speaking, he already achieved the effect. There was already not many people who dared to go up the stage.

While there were still some Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm and above martial artists below the stage, they all had a wait and see attitude.

These people were virtually all famed characters in the capital. Nobody was willing to come up and lose face.

It was just that he did not expect a large group of fellows who did not fear death to suddenly appear, coming up here to look for a thrashing one after another. This made Ye Yuan feel very puzzled.

His gaze involuntarily swept to Zhao Chenggan and and the others on the grandstands, and he quickly discovered that Huang Wenqiu’s expression was slightly pleased with himself. Ye Yuan understood the situation in no time.

Want to use non-stop battles to exhaust my strength? Hur hur, really . . . a pig-like brain! Since you used this kind of despicable moves, then don’t blame me for being discourteous! I want to see how many people you can send up!Ye Yuan sneered coldly in his heart.

At this time, there were clearly also some smart people below the stage who perceived that something was wrong. Their mouths involuntarily started ranting and cursing.

“Truly shameless enough! To actually use continuous battles to exhaust Ji Qing’s strength!”

“Hey, do they still want face or not? The spouse finding martial competition relies on true abilities. Using this kind of despicable moves will shorten one’s lifespan!”

“Using this kind of methods, even if they win, it won’t be honorable either! If Miss Ruyan marries this kind of trash, I’m the first to be unconvinced!”

Hearing the cursing sounds below, Huang Wenqiu had a very composed look.

Evidently, he took no notice of these admonishment voices at all.

“Hur hur,Young Master Huang really has nice means. The lofty number two expert in the capital actually use this kind of lowly method to expend your opponent’s strength. The surprise it gave us . . . really isn’t small!” The fatty Tang Zhi was very displeased by this action. He already carried a sting in his words when talking.

But Huang Wenqiu smiled and said, “Those who dare to stand on this stage will have to accept the challenge of all the young heroes under the heavens. If one doesn’t have such awareness, I think it’s best to scram down the stage early.”

Tang Zhi snickered coldly and said, “I wonder if Young Master Huang heard the words of those martial artists below? Young heroes? Young Master Huang really likes to gild your face with gold!”

But Zhao Chenggan said indifferently, “Since time immemorial, the victor becomes king, and the loser a bandit. I don’t feel that Wenqiu’s way of doing things is in any way inappropriate. Since one knows the rules of today’s spouse finding martial competition, one would need to plan out a strategy well in advance. Ji Qing dares to be the first one on the stage. Don’t tell me he’s still afraid of other people going up to challenge him?”

“Humph!Really birds of a feather flock together!” When Tang Zhi saw that these two people were colluding together, he was so angry that he snorted coldly and did not speak anymore.

“Eldest Senior Brother, these few fellows are called the capital’s number one and number two experts in vain! Simply shameless! Carrying like this, I’m afraid that Little Junior Brother he . . .” Tang Zhi’s transmitted his voice to Shi Haoran.

But Shi Haoran smiled faintly and said, “You take a look at Little Junior Brother again.”

Tang Zhi was secretly startled and involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan. Indeed, he saw that some transformation took place on his body!

Prior to this, although Ye Yuan’s body had that sort of aura which disdained all under the heavens the entire time, he did not have much killing intent.

But now, the aura on Ye Yuan’s body already became fierce and sharp!

“I’m afraid that they miscalculated; wanting to use this kind of method to deal with Little Junior Brother. Little Junior Brother isn’t some soft persimmon. This point can be seen from him using extreme measures to utterly destroy Tong Wenchang. This time, I’m afraid that Huang Wenqiu that boy’s flesh is going to hurt,” Shi Haoran said with a smile.