Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 421

Chapter 421 All Come Up



With a tragic cry, the young martial artist opposite collapsed with a loud crash!

But this time, this martial artist did not even get to emit a tragic cry and immediately stopped breathing!

Ye Yuan directly pulverized his opponent’s divine soul. Without a divine soul, the martial artist became a dead person too.

Everyone was secretly alarmed and realized that the atmosphere seemed to have become different from before.

“Next!” Ye Yuan said coldly.

This time, the next martial artist did not jump up right away.

Huang Wenqiu’s expression also changed. He knew that his methods had already thoroughly infuriated Ye Yuan. Otherwise, he would not directly deal a killing blow.

Ye Yuan’s attacks previously all just made his opponents lose their combat ability and did not kill.

Those martial artists only had to recuperate their divine soul for a while after going back and would be able to recover very quickly.

But now that Ye Yuan was aware of this kind of despicable means, he naturally would not go easy anymore.

One comes, I’ll kill one!

Two come, I’ll kill both!

He really wanted to see how many Sea Transformation Realm martial artists Huang Wenqiu could prepare to send here to die!

At this time, Huang Wenqiu said a few words in a low voice to a servant behind. That servant received the order and left.

Before long, another martial artist jumped onto the platform.

This time, there was an uproar below the stage!

Fourth Level Sea Transformation!

A heavyweight class martial artist finally went up!

Up to this point, Ye Yuan had a manner of sweeping clean all along. Everyone did not know where his limits lied.

And Third Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artists simply could not feel out Ye Yuan’s limits.

Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm. Regardless whether it was essence energy realm or soul force realm, it all went up an entire step!

Nothing more suited to use for testing Ye Yuan’s limits.

Seeing the arrival, Ye Yuan flashed a grin and said, “Finally sent a decent one up. But . . . you’re still too weak!”

The arrival said in a great rage, “Don’t belittle others! Clear my round first before talking!”

This martial artist was naturally also aware of Ye Yuan’s prowess and did not let out any boasting.

Up until now, Ye Yuan only used one move against everyone!

One had to know that among these people, regardless of whether it was essence energy realm or divine soul realm, they were all much higher than Ye Yuan!

Such a horrifying ability to leap ranks and battle seriously daunted people even from a distance.

This young martial artist was already considered outstanding among those in the same generation. But in front of Ye Yuan, he seriously could not be arrogant.

“Haha,clearing your round is it? Then . . . you have to receive it well!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

The young martial artist’s expression changed, and he immediately felt that things were bad!

However . . . it was already too late.

He only felt a blur before his eyes. A streak of swordlight already penetrated through his heart.

“H-How . . . is . . . this . . . possible?”

Finished talking, this martial artist fell backward looking up at the sky, breathing his last. He did not dare to believe this scene before his eyes even till death.

“No way, right? Ji Qing he didn’t use divine soul attacks, but used martial techniques to kill his opponent! Furthermore . . . it was still one move . . .”

“Really freaking seeing ghosts! His divine soul attacks are so strong, and even his martial techniques are actually also so formidable! The opponent was at the Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm! He finished him off in one move!”

“Too powerful! I completely did not see clearly how he attacked! Why do I feel like his martial technique is even stronger than his divine soul attack? Is he really an alchemist?”

“This Ji Qing is simply without any chinks in his armor! Unparalleled alchemy skills. Overwhelming divine soul attacks. Even his martial techniques are so powerful! My God, how can there be such a genius in this world? Does he still want people to live?”

Ye Yuan did not use very dazzling martial techniques. With his present concepts comprehension, a streak of casually released swordlight was already matchlessly powerful.

That young martial artist earlier was at best equal to Lan Bao’s strength.

Ye Yuan already finished off Lan Bao at the First Level Crystal Formation Realm. Now that he already broke through to Late-Stage Crystal Formation Realm, casually finishing off an ordinary Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artist was nothing amazing.

However, his divine soul attack was already not very useful. So he gave it up immediately.

If he could not even eliminate a cannon fodder like this, how could he get to maul the capital’s number one expert, Zhao Chenggan?

Although they were both similarly at the Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realm, Zhao Chenggan’s strength compared to that one just now was the difference of clouds and mud.

This was the disparity in concepts.

Seeing Ye Yuan finish off a Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm with a casual blow, Zhao Chenggan’s face could not help changing.

He felt an immense threat!

These few years, Zhao Chenggan had always viewed Shangguan Lingyun as his greatest adversary. But even Shangguan Lingyun could not give him such an enormous threat!

Ji Qing this brat is only at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm!

Being at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm and able to instantly kill someone at the Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm. Wait until he advanced to the Sea Transformation Realm, what can I do by then?

Looks like I must find an opportunity to kill this brat. Otherwise, the position of wind emperor will probably never reach my turn no matter what!

In Zhao Chenggan’s heart, nothing was more important than the position of wind emperor.

For the position of wind emperor, he would do anything!

But he naturally did not know that Ye Yuan completely did not care a whit about the so-called position of wind emperor, and Ye Yuan also could not possibly go and snatch whatever position of wind emperor from him.

Zhao Chenggan treating Ye Yuan as an imaginary foe; Ye Yuan was seriously wronged.

Yet . . . who asked Ye Yuan’s guise to be too good?

At this time, Ye Yuan suddenly called out in a clear voice, “Huang Wenqiu, however many people you prepared at the back, let them come together!”

The crowd was taken aback from shock. Only now did they know that the one working this never-ending battles was actually Huang Wenqiu.

But Ye Yuan calling out Huang Wenqiu so cockily still gave everyone a great fright.

Continuous battles were already shameless enough. Now, Ye Yuan actually asked the other party to come all together. This . . .

One had to know that the ones coming up at the back were definitely powerhouses.

That judge was also quite worried. He asked weakly, “Young Master Ji, this . . . doesn’t adhere to the rules, right?”

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “What doesn’t adhere to the rules is there? Coming up one by one is too troublesome. When do we have to fight until? Coming up together, resolving it is faster too.”

“This . . . this . . .” The judge looked towards Xiao Changfeng with beseeching eyes.

Xiao Changfeng mused for a moment and said with a nod, “As Young Master Ji says then!”

Huang Wenqiu’s face fell as he said, “Since you want to seek death, then I’ll help you! Ask them all to go up!”

In a short while, over ten silhouettes appeared up there vividly, surrounding Ye Yuan in the center.

When the crowd looked over, they involuntarily sucked in a cold breath!

These dozen over people were mostly Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm cultivation. There were even three people who actually already reached the Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm!

Such a lineup was seriously too strong.

One had to know that Ye Yuan was only at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm!

A Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm challenging a dozen over Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realms?

“Young Master Ji, finish them off! We support you!”

“Yeah! Utterly shameless! Come on, Young Master Ji! We’re all rooting for you!”

“Young Master Ji, I want to marry you and become your concubine!” yelled out a female martial artist.


This sort of unabashed measures already stirred up everyone’s sympathy towards Ye Yuan.

For a moment, the shouting below the platform rose one after the other. They were all supporting Ye Yuan.