Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Evenly Matched


“Xue Zaihe, don’t you turn up for work but not put in the effort!” Huang Wenqiu said.

“Relax. This bit of gains and losses relation, I can still differentiate it. Talk about other things after taking care of this punk first!’ Xue Zaihe replied.

“Then that’s good. Go!”

Once Huang Wenqiu’s voice faded, the two people’s figure instantly vanished from where they stood. The speed was swift beyond comprehension. Previously, Wang Jie’s speed during the earlier battle was as slow as a snail in front of these two!

However, at that moment, Ye Yuan’s figure similarly vanished from its original spot!

Clank! Clank! Clank!

A series of metal clashing sound echoed. The martial artists below the stage practically could not capture these three people’s actions. Only from the afterimages left behind occasionally did they know that these three were in the midst of an intense confrontation.

Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe being so fast were within everyone’s expectations.

But everyone did not think that Ye Yuan could actually keep up with the pair’s speed!

Fighting two alone, they actually fought until neither could gain the upper hand!

When did Crystal Formation Realm martial artists had such speed . . .

“Too fast! I completely can’t make out their movements! Who holds the advantage right now?”

“Don’t know! I can’t see clearly either! Is Ji Qing really a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist? Did he hide his strength?”

“Impossible! From the start to the end, his essence energy undulations was Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm. It’s certain!”

“If I were on the stage, I would have died a dozen times over long ago! Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe are indeed well-deserving of being the number two experts. Their comprehension of concepts is simply not what rookies like us can compare to!”

In truth, Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe were both very wary of Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals.

The shock that the scene prior to this gave the two of them was too great.

Therefore, these two acted in concert without prior consultation and chose to attack directly; they adopted the method of hand-to-hand combat to not give Ye Yuan the chance to execute Thousand Flowing Petals.

The two of them were at the Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm. Their realm was much higher than Ye Yuan’s. They decided to use realm to crush Ye Yuan to death!

But the result of the matter did not develop as they imagined. The more Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe fought, the more alarmed they became.

Ye Yuan’s Canghua Sword danced impenetrably. In the blink of an eye, a hundred moves were exchanged, but the two of them actually did not occupy a gleam of advantage at all!

This . . . How was this possible?

How could they know that Ye Yuan comprehended the Transmission Concept and the Wind Flow Concept? In terms of movement technique and in terms of offensive power, he was only stronger and not weaker.

Apart from suffering some minor losses regarding essence energy, Ye Yuan tossed them several streets behind in other areas!

It was precisely because so that Ye Yuan could just barely fight to a draw with them. Otherwise, their outcome would not be any better than those martial artists previously.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan continuously condensed a small mass of Thousand Flowing Petals in the process of fighting them to neutralize their all kinds of attack.

With Ye Yuan’s present strength, just condensing such a small bundle of petals was basically something as swift as thought and completely did not require large-scale mobilizing of heaven and earth essence energy.

“Ji Qing’s execution of his move already reached the extent of releasing and withdrawing as he pleases. Moreover, this move of his is like the flower petals dances along with his entire being. Truly a feast for the eyes and mind!” Shangguan Lingxue praised.

Of course, not everybody was unable to capture these three people’s speed. There were many experts present and also plenty of people stronger than them. There were obviously people who could see it.

But precisely because they could see it, their understanding of Ye Yuan’s prowess became even clearer instead.

Having been through such a long period of fumbling and comprehension, Ye Yuan’s execution of the Thousand Flowing Petals already reached an extremely proficient degree.

It was also to say that Ye Yuan’s comprehension of this supreme true intent took another large stride forward.

Shangguan Lingyun nodded his head as well and said, “To wield this move to such a transcendent degree, this Ji Qing’s strength truly makes people sigh with admiration!”

Shangguan Lingxue asked rather puzzledly, “Big Brother rarely commends people. You didn’t give rise to the thought of fighting with him, right?”

Shangguan Lingyun smiled and said, “Younger Sister understands me. That’s right. An opponent like this is really hard to come by!”

Shangguan Lingxue said in derision, “Then, did Big Brother take fancy on Ji Qing this rival or took fancy on Young Sister Ruyan?”

“Haha!You and Sister Ruyan are hailed collectively as the capital’s dual absolutes. If I can marry her home, wouldn’t that be beautiful?” Shangguan Lingyun said with a loud laugh.

“If that’s the case, then Big Brother will have to kill Ji Qing on the stage today. Or else, you’d establish a terrifying enemy for yourself,” Shangguan Lingxue said with a smile.

The smile on Shangguan Lingyun’s face froze. Evidently, he had not considered this problem.

And this problem was really a dreadful issue.

If he really killed Ye Yuan, the Shangguan Family would have thoroughly offended the Alchemist Association.

As long as Star Abyss still sat on this position for a day, the Shangguan Family could forget about ever finding the Alchemist Association to refine a medicinal pill.

Such a loss was not what the Shangguan Family could bear.

And if he did not kill Ye Yuan, the grudge of snatching his wife was irreconcilable. How could Ji Qing be willing to drop the matter with him?

Although Shangguan Lingyung had immense faith in himself, facing a monster like Ye Yuan, he still really did not wish to provoke.

“Alright then . . . take it as if I never said it,” Shangguan Lingyun said helplessly.

“Hehe,I have really never seen such a Big Brother. I’m getting more and more interested in this Ji Qing,” Shangguan Lingxue said with a beam.

By the side, Zhao Chenggan’s complexion turned green once again.

Ye Yuan already entered the Heart Like Still Water State currently. Each and every action of the two people were within grasp.

Adding his subtle manipulation of the Thousand Flowing Petals, the more Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe fought, the more depressed they got.

In a twinkle, several hundred moves passed. The two of them did not gain any advantage at all!

The two number two experts in the capital’s junior generation were actually helpless against a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm when partnering up. Saying this out was an utter joke.

What made them even gloomier was that fighting until now, Ye Yuan’s essence energy did not have the slightest hint of being drained; it was as if it totally could not be exhausted!

Where did this fellow get so much essence energy?

One had to know that Ye Yuan already fought with twenty to thirty Sea Transformation Realm martial artists prior to this. Could it be that he did not expend any essence energy at all?

A massive area-of-effect move like the Thousand Flowing Petals should be extremely draining on essence energy. Why was Ye Yuan’s essence energy so abundant?

These two people discovered to their sorrow that they could not gain any bit of advantage with such a fighting method!

“Xue Zaihe!” Huang Wenqiu suddenly yelled out.

“En!”Xue Zaihe understood tacitly. The two of them withdrew their moves at the same time, pulling apart the distance from Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not continue his victorious pursuit but remained calm and composed as he stared at the two of them.

With his essence energy thickness, plus extremely precise control over essence energy, he did not fear the two of them fighting a consumption battle with him.

“Ji Qing! I admit that you’re very strong! But it ends here!” Huang Wenqiu said with a cold snort.

Clearly, he was very unsatisfied with this battle result.

But Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Whatever moves you have, just use them! I’ll receive it all!”

Huang Wenqiu sneered coldly and said, “As you wish! Xue Zaihe, don’t hide it anymore. Bring out your true abilities!”

Xue Zaihe nodded and said, “Okay!”