Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Come Down And Play?


Petals after petals danced in the air as if flower petals rained down on the entire plaza!

If they did not know beforehand that this was Ye Yuan’s sword move, people would be exclaiming in surprise at this beautiful scenery.

In a place like the Fierce Gale World, it was very rare to be able to see this kind of falling flowers flying all around wondrous sight.

Ye Yuan brought it to them!

It was just that anybody was aware that behind this beauty, an immense danger was concealed.

The flower petals which blotted out the skies and covered the earth gave people a hair-raising oppressive feeling instead.

“Ohmy God. Is this really a martial technique unleashed by a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm? It’s too preposterous, right?”

“The quantity of these flower petals is probably several times of that move previously! He finished off over a dozen Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realms in one move just now. How horrifying will the power of this move be?”

“This move is too heaven-defying! I really can’t imagine how a Seventh level Crystal Formation Realm can manipulate so much heaven and earth essence energy! How exquisite does one’s manipulation ability have to be?!”

Indeed, Ye Yuan’s control over essence energy had already completely surpassed their imaginations.

In terms of control of essence energy, Ye Yuan was Divine King level!

And his abilities in this area were completely attributed to alchemy skills.

In his previous life, Ye Yuan was extremely meticulous in refining pills, and his requirement towards control of essence energy was harsh to the extreme. Only then did he have such exquisite control abilities.

In the past, Ye Yuan was a housewife who could not cook a meal without rice. Now that his strength increased dramatically and his essence energy was ample, he could unleash this aspect to its pinnacle!

Controlling heaven and earth essence energy was not having it at one’s beck and call, but to control the heaven and earth essence energy within a certain radius with the essence energy within the martial artist’s own body as the foundation.

Now that Ye Yuan broke through five realms in succession, the essence energy in his body showed an exponential increase. The essence energy that he could control naturally also increased exponentially.

Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe were still brimming with confidence earlier. But currently, their faces had a never before seen grimness.

Such power was simply appalling!

The pair exchanged glances, and understood each other without words!

“Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade, Advancing With Indomitable Will!” Huang Wenqiu roared, charging at Ye Yuan with a lightning-like momentum.

“Starfire Ablazing Prairie!” Xue Zaihe lightly flicked his finger. A small tuft of flames flew out swiftly, vanishing in a blink of an eye!

The two people bore down menacingly. Ye Yuan mind stirred. Two clumps of flower petals blocked their incoming path.

“Thousand Flowing Petals, explode!”

Faint explosion sounds echoed in the air, wanting to stop the two people’s incoming path.

However, the Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade and Origin Spirit Nine Transformations were not some common wares.

Only to see Huang Wenqiu pressing forward like a hot knife cutting through butter the entire way, splitting the clumps of flower petals!

While Xue Zaihe formed a no-mans-land for himself with formidable strength.

At the same time, the small tuft of flames that he controlled suddenly appeared by Ye Yuan’s side!

Yet, it did not have the Starfire Ablazing Prairie’s momentum as imagined. Because the instant that it appeared, there were already innumerable flower petals enveloping it.

Inside that bundle of flames contained horrifying power. However, it was wrapped up by limitless flower petals.

The petals exploded unceasingly, frittering away that mass of flames’ power.

While on Huang Wenqiu’s side, only to see him split the sea of petals into two halves with one blade!

A horrifying streak of saberlight passed through the flower petals sea, cleaving towards Ye Yuan!

But Ye Yuan unhurriedly controlled the boundless petals to continuously explode around the surroundings of the saberlight.

By the time the saberlight arrived in front of Ye Yuan, it was already just an ordinary attack.

Ye Yuan casually flicked with his hand. The saberlight dissipated.

Huang Wenqiu’s expression changed drastically. This was his Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade’s strongest attack. This streak of saberlight was enough to freaking cleave ordinary Late-Stage Sea Transformation Realms into two halves! It was actually effortlessly resolved by Ye Yuan just like this!

Huang Wenqiu gritted his teeth, mustered up all the momentum of his saber, and slashed towards Ye Yuan once again!

However, there were petals exploding non-stop around him, hindering his advancement. There were too many flower petals. Clumps after clumps exploded ceaselessly, seemingly without end.

Ye Yuan was clearly not far away. But Huang Wenqiu felt that this bit of distance was a short distance away, but poles apart.

Just like this, his speed became increasingly slower.

This Wind Rebelling Frenzied Blade move stressed about accomplishing in one vigorous effort.

But this one vigorous effort was forcefully worn down by Ye Yuan.

Depleted by the second and exhausted by the third.

Without that momentum of pressing forward with indomitable will, even if the saber technique was stronger, it would not be much stronger.

The saber momentum that Huang Wenqiu accumulated for a long time dissipated to nothing like this.

The saber momentum exhausted, Huang Wenqiu was instantaneously enveloped by infinite flower petals, going from offense to defense!

While on this side, Xue Zaihe already sunk into the boundless flower sea.

Although the flower petals were unable to break through his defense for the time being with him relying on his powerful Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm cultivation, he could not do anything to those flower petals either.

Just eradicated one batch, and there would immediately be a vast quantity of flower petals replenishing over.

This sort of fighting method really made people have an impulse to vomit blood.

And that bundle of flames that he fired out was already like a candle flame in the wind currently; tottering on the edge of extinguishing.

Seeing the great battle on the platform, everyone below the stage all held their breaths.

They had never seen before that martial artists could still fight like this!

“Young Master Ji’s martial technique is simply unheard of! These flower petals look very weak. So many countless flower petals together give people a feeling of being unmatched!”

“Yeah! Moreover, Young Master Ji’s attention is divided into three; he’s controlling those flower petals to deal with the two people and a bundle of flames. This feeling of releasing and withdrawing it as he pleases really makes people revere!”

“No matter how powerful the attack, going through those countless petals’ self-detonation and erosion, it would rapidly become weak and feeble. This kind of feeling is like falling into a quagmire.”

The flower petals in the sky became increasingly sparse. Just as the petals were about to dissipate to nothing, Huang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe finally could not hold out anymore, and the flower petals breached their defenses!



Two miserable cries sounded out on the platform at the same time, making people’s hearts tightened when heard.

“The two mighty number two experts were defeated like this?” The audience below the stage still did not dare quite believe this until now.

How many years had it been since anyone from the capital’s junior generation dared to challenge Xuang Wenqiu and Xue Zaihe?

Apart from Shangguan Lingyun and Zhao Chenggan, these two people could virtually be said to be invincible existences!

But today, under their teaming up, they actually lost in the hands of a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist.

The impact this conclusion gave people was seriously too great!

Even if Ye Yuan killed so many Sea Transformation Realm martial artists previously, the impact it brought was also not as great as now!

Ye Yuan stood at a corner of the platform dressed in white. Clearly quite young, yet gave people a feeling of insurmountable!

The current Ye Yuan was akin to a heavenly deity descending upon the world; invincible!

The shock that Ye Yuan gave everyone today could no longer be described using words.

Crossing ranks to battle was every genius’s inherent skill.

But crossing ranks to battle like Ye Yuan, the people completely could not imagine it!

One had to know that Ye Yuan’s opponents could virtually be said to represent the highest standards of the entire Fierce Gale World’s junior generation!

Such a victory was too soul-stirring.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly turned around to look at Zhao Chenggan, saying nonchalantly, “Your Highness, the Seventh Prince, want to come down and play?”