Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Shangguan Lingyuns Anticipation


When Ye Yuan’s voice fell, everyone’s hearts plunged!

“I’m a little hard of hearing. What did Ji Qing say just now?”

“He . . . He wants to challenge His Highness, the Seventh Prince! I-I didn’t hear it wrongly, right?”

“I really don’t know how to use words to describe my current emotion. In this world, apart from Shangguan Lingyun, there’s actually somebody who dares to challenge His Highness, the Seventh Prince!”

“Yeah! Seventh Prince is a genius martial artist who comprehended true intent; on a completely different level from Huang Wenqiu and the rest! Ji Qing . . . actually dares to challenge even him!”

“Why do I feel like something is not quite right? Isn’t this a spouse finding martial competition? Why did it suddenly become a martial arts tournament? The matter of His Highness, the Seventh Prince, courting Shangguan Lingxue is publicly known. As long as Ye Yuan doesn’t provoke him, it’s impossible for him to come down!”

Ye Yuan’s words instantly ignited the entire plaza!

Challenging the capital’s number one, the candidate for wind emperor, how formidable the strength and how much courage did this need?!

“Heh,you’re sure that you want to challenge this prince?” Zhao Chenggan said with a cold snicker.

Towards Ye Yuan’s courting death action, Zhao Chenggan was naturally very welcoming.

He had long wanted to eliminate Ye Yuan. Now, with this open and above-board chance to kill Ye Yuan, he obviously did not wish to let it slip by.

Even with Ye Yuan using a powerful move such as the Thousand Flowing Petals previously, Zhao Chenggan still had full confidence in eliminating Ye Yuan!

“Little Junior Brother, don’t be reckless! I know that your strength improved greatly. But Zhao Chenggan’s strength is absolutely not as simple as you imagine!” Shi Haoran’s brows knitted and he transmitted his voice.

Xiao Ruyan was so anxious that she almost wanted to jump down. She hurriedly transmitted her voice, “Young Master Ji, the pair’s strength earlier is much weaker compared to Zhao Chenggan. You . . . You better not provoke him!”

But Ye Yuan smiled lightly and did not say any more. However, his meaning was understood by all.

He was not joking but really wanted to challenge Seventh Prince!

Zhao Chenggan sneered and said, “You aren’t thinking that you have the qualifications to challenge me after winning the two of them, right? Since you’re seeking death, then I’ll help you!”

Finished talking, Zhao Chenggan floated down.

Arriving on top of the platform, Zhao Chenggan’s long spear jerked and was full of overbearingness from start to end.

“Haha,a vanquished opponent actually has the guts to challenge this Prince! This Prince admires your foolishness greatly! It’s just that even I kill you today, I won’t marry Xiao Ruyan either. Don’t you worry.”

Once he stood on the stage, Zhao Chenggan’s tyrannical aura could not be concealed anymore.

Especially with that long spear in his hands, it raised his aura to the peak even more so.

Every action carried a breath-taking power!

The number one expert among the younger generation lived up to his reputation.

Hearing Zhao Chenggan’s words, Xiao Ruyan heaved a sigh of relief. But she was also secretly worried for Ye Yuan.

Zhao Chenggan already had not exhibited his strength in front of people for a long time. Most likely, even Shangguan Lingyun wasn’t sure of his current strength.

But nobody doubted Zhao Chenggan’s present strength!

“I will seek vengeance if there is a grudge. I entered a retreat for a month and broke through five realms consecutively. This was all for you. Hence, you should feel honored!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Last time, Zhao Chenggan not only nearly killed Ye Yuan, he even almost killed White Light too.

This grudge was not what an apology could skate over.

If Zhao Chenggan sincerely apologized, then forget it. But the entire capital all knew that Zhao Chenggan was only forced by the circumstances.

If not for Star Abyss exerting pressure on the Wind Emperor, it was entirely impossible for him to come to apologize.

Ye Yuan was about to leave the Fierce Gale World soon. With Ye Yuan’s personality of not leaving revenge through the night, how could he possibly wait until the future?

Therefore, today, this fight was unavoidable!

“Hahaha!So what if you consecutively broke through five realms? You’re not thinking that only you can break through, right? The reason why this Prince was only at the Sixth Level Sea Transformation Realm was not because this Prince couldn’t break through, but it was because this Prince was deliberately suppressing my realm! Hence . . . open your eyes!” Zhao Chenggan laughed wildly.

All of a sudden, Zhao Chenggan’s long spear shook. An absolutely powerful aura undulated out!

On the platform, an essence energy tempest actually formed!

“This . . . His Highness, the Seventh Prince, is actually breaking through! He’s going to break through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm! If he breaks through successfully, then Ji Qing won’t have any hope at all!”

“What’s Ji Qing doing? Isn’t he going to go forward to interrupt Seventh Prince’s breakthrough? Watching him break through passively?”

“Sigh. . . It’s useless. Since Seventh Prince dares to break through in front of him, he naturally isn’t afraid of him interrupting! This is a powerhouse’s absolute self-confidence! Furthermore, in that battle prior to this, Ji Qing’s essence energy is also pretty much depleted, right?”

“But speaking of which, Seventh Prince actually broke through his bottleneck for Ye Yuan. This in itself should be an affirmation and placing importance on Ji Qing, right?”

For a time, storms raged on the platform. Zhao Chenggan’s aura was in the midst of continuously rising!

For geniuses like Zhao Chenggan, what was most important for them was not realm breakthrough, but it was comprehending concepts.

When a martial artist was young, it was the most optimal time to comprehend concepts. Once their potential was exhausted, wanting to comprehend concepts again would be as hard as scaling to heaven.

At that time, it also signified where the limits of a martial artist lay.

Therefore, pinnacle geniuses never took breaking through realms to be of importance. Most of their time was used for comprehending concepts.

Zhao Chenggan and Shangguan Lingyun, these people all did not deliberately cultivate essence energy but reached Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realm at this age. It could be seen how great their talent was!

Ye Yuan naturally also placed priority on comprehending concepts. Hence, his essence energy realm was not high all along.

If he went all out to break through, he would be able to break through to the Soul Sea Realm in less than half a year.

To an Alchemy Emperor, using medicinal pills to pile on realms was seriously too easy.

Zhao Chenggan did not meditate to absorb essence energy. He just held his spear and stood there, but his aura was still in the midst of rising non-stop.

Sixth Level Sea Transformation Realm to Seventh Level was not a small threshold. But in front of Zhao Chenggan, it was dismissed so easily.

This was the number one person of the capital’s junior generation!

Shangguan Lingxue’s face did not have any visible change in countenance. She looked at Shangguan Lingyun and said with a smile, “Big Brother seems to be regretting a little!”

Shangguan Lingyun said with a regretful face, “Yeah. I thought of a really good idea just now to go down and fight with Ji Qing. But he actually challenged His Highness, the Seventh Prince. It makes me feel really dejected.”

Shangguan Lingxue raised her eyebrows and asked, “What idea?”

“Hur hur,I just have to go down and defeat him, then fake defeat.”

“To think that you can think of that! But Ji Qing is already an arrow at the end of its flight, while His Highness is like the midday sun. Is there still anything worth competing in this match?”

“You think this way? Too shallow! How can a shockingly brilliant character like Ji Qing challenge Seventh Prince under the circumstances where he doesn’t have room for maneuver?”

“En?Could it be . . . that move earlier was still not his limit? But his essence energy has already reached its limits as well! Furthermore, His Highness even broke through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm. I seriously can’t think of how he should respond.”

“Heh heh,I’m also very much looking forward to it!” Shangguan Lingyun said with a laugh.