Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Spear Shadow Vs Sword Light


By the time Ye Yuan’s silhouette appeared again, only then did the afterimage gradually dissipate.

Such speed was simply unheard of!

“Indeed you have some capabilities. No wonder you dare to provoke me!”

With this exchange, Zhao Chenggan’s expression also became grave.

Very clearly, the Half-Step Sea Transformation Ye Yuan already had sufficient capital to pick a fight with him!

“You want to drag the time?” Ye Yuan looked at Zhao Chenggan with a half-smile.

Although the Origin Spirits Nine Transformations was powerful, it was clearly just a temporary increase in realm. When the time limit hit, one would recover to their initial realm and also have a series of sequela.

Of course, even so, this martial technique was powerful all the same.

Back then, there were countless records in the Medicine King Hall. Ji Qingyun also felt that this martial technique was rather interesting, and it needed to use essence fires too, which was why he took notice of it.

To think that today in the Lower Realms, he would see other people use this martial technique.

But Zhao Chenggan was not the slightest bit embarrassed having his thoughts seen through. “So what if yes?”

“Hur hur,nothing. I just want to tell you that I can last for two hours at Half-Step Sea Transformation Realm. So . . . stop scheming in vain,” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

This time, Zhao Chenggan’s expression finally changed. “Two hours?! Are you joking? The Xue Family’s Family Head using the Origin Spirits Nine Transformations can last for at most an hour’s time. You can actually last twice his time?”

The Origins Spirit Nine Transformation, this technique, was actually rather heaven-defying. Even Xue Zaihe this dabbler could break through two minor realms consecutively, let alone the Xue Family’s Family Head.

However, Xue Zaihe’s realm could only last for 15 minutes at most.

Ye Yuan’s lasting duration was actually twice of the Xue Family’s Family Head. How could Zhao Chenggan not be astonished?

“If you don’t believe, you can very well give it a try!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Humph!Try then try! Can you soar to the heaven?” Zhao Chenggan said with a cold snort.

Zhao Chenggan kept his spear and stood there, putting on a ready-to-attack starting stance. An aura which made people feel stifled crept out in all directions.

Clearly just a simple posture. People who used the spear would all display this pose. Yet, when Zhao Chenggan assumed it, it gave people a feeling of having no weakness to exploit.

At this instant, Zhao Chenggan and the long spear fused into one.

The next attack was an earth-shattering attack!

“It’s . . . It’s Spear Shadow Carnage! My god. I heard that Seventh Prince has already not used this move in front of outsiders for many years!”

“This was the self-created ultimate skill that Seventh Prince became famed for! I heard that back then, he merely relied on this one move to consecutively defeat over a dozen first-rate families’ pinnacle geniuses, and finally he fought to a draw with Shangguan Lingyun! Ever since then, the number one position of Shangguan Lingyun and him became established!”

“Heh heh,today is really an eye-opener! This is the pinnacle battle of the Fierce Gale World’s junior generation! Missing out on today, one would have to wait until who knows when!”

At this time, everyone seemed to have already forgotten what the original objective of this spouse finding martial competition was, and everyone was lost in this pinnacle battle.

Facing someone such as Zhao Chenggan, Ye Yuan’s expression was also a never before as grave.

Ye Yuan was self-confident but not conceited. Zhao Chenggan was indeed the most powerful foe that he had encountered up to this date!

The current Zhao Chenggan was akin to a fiend god descending.

A simple starting stance was actually utilized to such a miraculous realm by him. One could see that Zhao Chenggan’s comprehension towards the path of the spear had already reached an extremely profound realm.

If his conjectures were correct, the true intent that Zhao Chenggan comprehended was precisely related to the spear.

Ye Yuan knew the terror of this spear and would obviously not slight it.

Only to see him pointing to the skies with his sword, his figure transforming into nine figures. It was precisely the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art: Nine Swords Stance!

Ye Yuan had already not used the Nine Swords Stance for a long time. Compared to the Thousand Flowing Petals, its power was indeed slightly weaker.

But the Nine Swords Stance also had merits that the Thousand Flowing Petals could not match up to, and that was hard to capture movement technique as well as powerful singular offensive might!

The Thousand Flowing Petals was the sort of sneaking in during the nighttime without making any sound, while the Nine Swords Stance was that sort of explosive style powerful!

Furthermore, with Ye Yuan’s comprehension of the supreme true intent growing deeper by the day, his application of the Nine Swords Stance had a new addition.

Not only was the Nine Swords Stance not eliminated, but it also became another one of Ye Yuan’s killing move instead!

And today, the Nine Swords Stance saw the light of day yet again!

“Tyrant Martial Howling Cloud Spear! Spear! Shadow! Carnage!” Zhao Chenggan enunciated each word.

“Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art: Nine Swords Stance!” At practically the same instant, Ye Yuan’s also uttered nonchalantly.

The next moment, a shocking scene which left everyone staring with their mouths agape happened!

On the stage, there were spear shadows and sword lights everywhere, leaving everyone unable to feast their eyes fully on it!

Zhao Chenggan’s spear shadows were grand and boundless, overwhelming power and might!

Ye Yuan’s sword lights dotted the skies like stars, being all-pervasive!

Spear shadows and sword lights continuously clashed in the air, dissipating. They were colliding and dispersing continuously.

The spear shadows and sword lights each occupied half of the platform. For a time, it was actually evenly-matched!

“S-So strong! Is this the strength of pinnacle geniuses . . . ? Seriously too strong! In one breath, how many swords and spears do they want to unleash?!”

“Seventh Prince’s spear shadows, if anybody else were standing on the stage, they would probably have countless holes pierced through already, right? Also, Ji Qing’s sword lights, what kind of martial technique is this? To actually release sword lights with nine phantom images at the same time. Could it be that these nine phantasms are all real bodies . . .”

“Actually, from a certain degree, Ji Qing has already won! He’s a full major realm lower than His Highness, the Seventh Prince, and he actually fought to a draw with His Highness, the Seventh Prince. This shows that in terms of concepts comprehension, Ji Qing surpassed His Highness far too much! However . . . His Highness, the Seventh Prince, already comprehended true intent. What on earth did he, Ji Qing, comprehend?”

Ye Yuan’s performance already completely surpassed everyone’s understanding.

Martial artists who comprehended true intent were invincible existences among those of the same generation! Unless the opponent likewise comprehended true intent, otherwise, one would only get mauled.

All along, it had only been Zhao Chenggan leaping ranks to challenge others. But today, he was forced to such an extent by Ye Yuan with Half-Step Sea Transformation Realm strength.

Indeed, from a certain degree, he was already utterly defeated.

Except that the result from a fight was never something that can be determined with certainty. The strong would not possibly pity the weak either. Once they stepped onto the stage, one would only see the outcome and not look at the process.

The advantage of Zhao Chenggan’s realm was reflected very quickly. He launched spear after spear wildly, squandering his essence energy.

The balance on the stage was broken, only to see those power spear shadows gradually overshadow the sword lights!

Zhao Chenggan actually became more valiant as he fought. The unleashing of spears became increasingly faster too!

The spear shadows continuously engulfed the sword lights, gradually reducing Ye Yuan’s boundary!

Seeing this scene, Xiao Ruyan was practically on the verge of suffocating. Her fingernails already sunk deep into the flesh, cutting into her palm. But she was oblivious.

Very soon, spear shadows occupied the greater half of the platform. Ye Yuan’s defense radius only had an extremely small piece left!

Everyone held their breaths. Once the spear shadows breached the sword lights, Ye Yuan’s outcome would be being impaled by spear shadows!

“Mustn’t have anything happen! Mus . . .” Xiao Ruyan’s tears failed to live up to her expectations and flowed down once more.