Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Nine Swords Return To One Half Moon Slash


On a corner tower at the far end of the plaza, two slightly aged silhouettes were currently watching the great battle on the stage.

One person was poised and elegant, possessing a remarkable aura of kings. It was actually a peak Divine Traversing Realm martial artist!

The other person’s strength was slightly inferior, but he also had middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm strength!

Such characters naturally had exceedingly high statuses in the capital.

If a character like Xiao Changfeng were present, they would surely be able to recognize that these two people were precisely two characters who could summon wind and call rain in the capital: Shangguan Family’s Family Head, Shangguan Wenrui, and the Xue Family’s Family Head, Xue Hongfei!

“Hong Fei, what are your thoughts?” Shangguan Wenrui opened his mouth to ask as his gaze was staring intently at the spear shadows and sword lights in the distance.

“Zhao Chenggan’s strength grows with each passing day. He’s already much stronger compared to the last time he publically made a move!” Xue Hongfei said.

“I’m not asking about that. Ji Qing possesses the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations. Don’t you have any thoughts at all?” Shangguan Wenrui said coolly.

Xue Hongfei sighed lightly and said, “I was also taken aback from shock when I saw earlier. But . . . this shouldn’t have been stolen from the Xue Family. Ji Qing’s attainments in the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations are even greater than mine! This disciple that Star Abyss took in is simply powerful until it makes people despair!”

Shangguan Wenrui shot a nonchalant glance at Xue Honfei and said, “I heard that a young man from the Endless World infiltrated into the capital. And this young man once killed the Lan Family Tribe’s middle-stage Sea Transformation Realm martial artist in the Level 5 gale region with First Level Crystal Formation Realm strength!”

Xue Hongfei’s expression froze briefly. “You mean that . . . Ji Qing is that youth? Impossible! I also suspected this matter before. But the news from the Xiao Family says that Xiao Changfeng tested Ji Qing’s divine soul before. He’s indeed somebody from the Fierce Gale World!”

“I naturally know that. But don’t you feel that this young man is very fishy? In our Fierce Gale World, other than the Wind Emperor, who else can groom such a monstrous genius?” Shangguan Wenrui said coolly.

“This . . .” Xue Hongfei thought carefully. There really was something not quite right.

Xue Hongfei pondered for a moment and seemed to have thought of something. He startled awake abruptly and looked at Shangguan Wenrui in disbelief.

Shangguan Wenrui gave a faint smile and knew that Xue Hongfei understood his meaning.

“Brother Wenrui is far-sighted, not what Hongfei can match up to!”

Shangguan Wenrui said with a smile, “Zhao Tianyin has reigned for many years and is no longer far from ascending to the Divine Realm. The battle for the next Wind Emperor has already gradually surfaced. There is bound to be a fight between a dragon and a tiger between Yun-er and Zhao Chenggan. However, this suddenly emerged Ji Qing thoroughly upset the initially stalemated situation! If today, he . . .”

Xue Hongfei took a look at the intense fighting in the distance. Ye Yuan’s situation was already in imminent danger.

“However . . . this situation currently, it’s probably very hard for Ji Qing to be ascertained of victory, right?”

“Hur hur,maybe not!”

. . . . . .

Spear shadows which blotted out the sky and earth repressed Ye Yuan’s nine figures into a very tiny radius area.

Currently, Ye Yuan was akin to a small boat hanging by a thread in the ocean, possibly overturned by the tides and winds at any moment.

But Ye Yuan’s sword lights were still not the slightest bit slow!

Sword light versus spear shadow was at a disadvantage initially.

The sword emphasized grace and agility, while the spear stressed on momentum akin to 30 thousand catties.

Plus, Ye Yuan’s realm was not the same with Zhao Chenggan’s. Him being suppressed was also something very normal.

“Haha!I’ll see how you will hide! Go and die!” Zhao Chenggan was unbelievably excited right now.

As long as he broke Ye Yuan’s sword lights, he was dead for sure!

While talking, Zhao Chenggan mustered essence energy even more feverishly. The spear shadows became even more frenzied!

Just a little bit more and Ye Yuan’s sword lights were about to be broken. However, Ye Yuan was still expressionless, as if he was oblivious to the danger.

The defense circle became increasingly smaller, tinier and tinier.

Finally, those countless spear shadows finally broke the limits, stabbing ruthlessly towards Ye Yuan’s nine figures!


Many people gave a shocked exclamation as if seeing the outcome of Ye Yuan staining the stage in blood.

Right at the critical moment, a dazzling light suddenly blasted out from the spear shadows!

“Nine Swords Return to One, Half-Moon Slash!” Ye Yuan’s voice rang out faintly as if giving that streak of light an enormous power.

The spear shadows which filled the skies actually could not inch forward anymore!

Those overwhelmingly powerful spear shadows actually gradually subsided under this streak of light!


A half-moon shaped sword light sweeping along with tremendous amounts of energy disperse those innumerable spear shadows.

And not only did the charging momentum of the sword light not diminish, but it also became increasingly faster instead!

Seeing this scene, Zhao Chenggan’s expression changed dramatically.

How could he still live if he was slashed by this gigantic half-moon shaped sword light?

In a panic, how could Zhao Chenggan still be bothered with displaying Spear Shadow Carnage? He hurriedly pulled back his spear and moved sideways!

The sword light swept past his body with a whoosh. That threatening sword qi shredded Zhao Chenggan’s protective essence energy into tattered bits.

It was also that Zhao Chenggan’s reaction was fast enough. Otherwise, he would be split into two parts right now already!

Looking at the ground again, the platform already had a deep ravine slashed into it by this colossal half-moon shaped sword light with scattered pieces of rock everywhere, looking very horrific.

Below the platform, it was dead quiet, as if they were hit by an immobility talisman.

Zhao Chenggan’s body was stinging with fiery pain. Although that sword qi was unable to harm his foundation, it gave him considerable wounds.

Each injury was reminding him that he had just brushed past the god of death.

Zhao Chenggan was looking at Ye Yuan rather blankly, somewhat befuddled by the current situation.

He clearly had victory in grasp already. Why did the situation suddenly had a 180-degree turnabout, hitting him from heaven to hell all at once?

“Hey, did you see what happened just now clearly?”

“D-Didn’t see clearly. My eyes were freaking blinded!”

“This . . . Was this a freaking skill released by a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist? I think that this skill, even if Soul Sea Realm powerhouses were standing opposite, the person would also be cleaved into two halves, right?”

After a long time, waves of commotions and exclamations sounded from below the platform.

The shock that this attack dealt him was too intense!

“Haha!Leaving no route for escape so that one would fight desperately to win! This absolute strike back is too beautiful!” Shangguan Wenrui praised.

“Accumulating momentum with the sword, flourishing with extreme decline! This boy is truly monstrous! This path of amassing momentum is patented by spear users. But, it was unleashed by Ye Yuan! This slap is really resounding!” Xue Hongfei sighed with admiration.

“If this child is really an Endless World native, he would truly be our Fierce Gale World’s calamitous disaster! No matter what, this child can’t be kept!” Shangguan Wenrui suddenly said.

Ye Yuan looked at the Zhao Chenggan who was still suffering from shock and said with a faint smile, “Ran pretty quick,eh?This move today, consider it as teaching you for free of charge. When you go back, you got to comprehend it well!”

Even if Zhao Chenggan’s face was thick, he was flushing with shame currently.

He naturally understood what Ye Yuan was talking about. This slap was really resounding in his ears!

Ye Yuan’s Half-Moon Slash was actually born from that final attack when facing off against Tian Yu. Ye Yuan fused it into the Nine Swords Stance.

But if he unleashed this attack right from the start, its power would be far from as powerful as right now.

The process of sword light clashing against spear shadows was actually the process of Ye Yuan accumulating momentum all along.

Only after waiting until the sword light was broken and Ye Yuan released all of the amassed sword intent, was there such a matchlessly powerful attack!