Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 430

Chapter 430 Certain Death?


Zhao Chenggan’s face turned red. He wanted to refute but did not know where to begin.

The most important thing about using a spear was accumulating momentum. How could he possibly not know?

Spear Shadow Carnage, the power of this move was extremely great. His starting stance was actually accumulating momentum.

Yet, it was precisely because this move was extremely powerful that when Zhao Chenggan wanted to merged these innumerable spear ‘momentums’ into the final spear, he could not do it no matter what.

But something that he, this spear playing user, could not do, Ye Yuan who used a sword did it. This could not be said to not be a kind of irony.

This match today undoubtedly gave Zhao Chenggan a genuine battle with immense referencing value.

As long as he went back to study it in detail, perhaps he might really be able to fuse the accumulated momentum into Spear Shadow Carnage one day.

“Ji Qing, don’t you get cocky! Our fight has only just begun! Just now . . . was only merely a warmup!” Zhao Chenggan said with a black face. Clearly, he was truly enraged this time.

“Haha,of course I know that it’s only starting now. Earlier, I let you dodge that move. Next time . . . there won’t be such good luck,” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

“Humph!That’s also what I want to say to you!” Zhao Chenggan said with a cold snort.

This exchange made everyone became speechless.

“That . . . That was just a warmup? If they really fought, wouldn’t it tear down this entire plaza?”

“The might of geniuses is indeed not what the likes of us can make wild guesses about. Similarly, a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist, a hundred of me added together is not Seventh Prince’s match either.”

“Most importantly, a hundred of you added up is not even as powerful as that one Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm!”

“He’s a monster. I really want to see where his limits lie!”

Ye Yuan’s potential was seemingly limitless. Each time you thought that this was his limit, he would break through his limits again the next fight, reaching a brand new height.

Now, the surrounding spectators were long unconcerned about who would win and who would lose and was also indifferent to who Xiao Ruyan would marry in the end.

What they were most concerned with was just what extent Ye Yuan could perform to!

Could Ye Yuan defeat the number one expert, Zhao Chenggang, and replace him to become the Fierce Gale World’s rookie king?!

In the foreseeable future, as long as Ye Yuan did not die today, the future position of Wind Emperor was his for sure!

. . . . . .

Under everyone’s eyes, Zhao Chenggan pointed his spear at Ye Yuan again!

This time, he actually raised his spear with one hand over his head, while the other hand with his fingers as swords, pointing them at Ye Yuan!

Very soon, an abnormal atmosphere started to undulate out.

Everybody had yet to recover from Ye Yuan’s attack earlier. But at this time, was forcefully pulled back to reality by this sort of peculiar atmosphere.

Zhao Chenggan stood there like a statue without moving a hint for a long time.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed slightly. Regarding Zhao Chenggan’s next attack, he instinctively felt out of the ordinary.

Not just Ye Yuan, practically all the martial artists at the plaza could feel it!

“What martial technique is this? Why does it make me feel like the air is about to solidify? Wasn’t His Highness, the Seventh Prince’s strongest move Spear Shadow Carnage? What martial technique is this?”

“Are you a pig? How long has it already been since Seventh Prince used martial techniques in front of everyone? Such a long time, did you think that His Highness, the Seventh Prince, would remain marching on the spot?”

“Yeah! Most likely, between Shangguan Lingyun and Seventh Prince, they are unaware of each other’s depths now. But without question, these two person’s strength is unfathomable right now!”

In the plaza, martial artists with slightly weaker strength all felt that breathing was rather difficult. But that terror in their hearts could not be repressed no matter what.


Ye Yuan suddenly vanished from where he stood!

Zhao Chenggan’s body which had not moved for a long while finally moved slightly.

Only to see his upper body rotate slightly, but his sword finger turned to another position.

The next instant, Ye Yuan’s figure appeared again, and Zhao Chenggan’s spear and sword finger were still pointing at Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted together once more.

This probing action earlier finally let Ye Yuan confirm that he was totally locked on by Zhao Chenggan!

“Big Brother, what is this move of His Highness’s? Why does it give people such a repressing feeling?” Shangguan Lingxue’s brows were also tightly locked. Evidently, she felt rather uncomfortable too.

Shangguan Lingyun’s expression was solemn as he said, “The last time I fought with him was already a matter of three years ago! Looks like these three years, he wasn’t idling either! Ji Qing is in danger!”

“What?” Shangguan Lingxue exclaimed in shock. “How can you be so certain? Ji Qing he is so strong. He can’t possibly be in trouble, right?”

Shangguan Lingyun shook his head and said, “If Ji Qing had Sea Transformation Realm strength, even if it was only First Level Sea Transformation Realm, breaking this move isn’t hard. But sadly, even after using Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, he only has a strength at the half-step Sea Transformation Realm.”

“Why is this so? I feel that realm doesn’t seem to be that important to Ji Qing! Half-step Sea Transformation and Sea Transformation Realm might perhaps be a huge difference to others, but to Ji Qing, it doesn’t seem to make any difference, right?’ Shangguan Lingxue asked in puzzlement.

Shangguan Linyun shook his head again. “The more so for showdowns between experts, the more important realm is! Zhao Chenggan and my realm have always been more or less the same. Neither shook the other off. Don’t you find that strange?”

Only with Shangguan Lingyun saying that did Shangguan Lingxue felt rather odd.

Although these two people’s strength were well-matched, it could not be that they were also walking together in terms of cultivation in essence energy, right?

These few years, the two of them virtually always broke through realms at the same time!

Recalling now, it was really quite strange.

Shangguan Lingyun continued talking, “Martial artists’ realm is external. Everyone can see at a glance, and it simply can’t be concealed. But comprehension towards concepts is internal. Each day that we don’t face off, I’ll not know how much he comprehended. But I can confirm that even if there a gap between the two of us, it’s only just between millimeters too. Hence, the two of us would have a mutual understanding to maintain a similar realm. We all know that once one side’s breakthrough speeds up, the other side will also risk his life to breakthrough. Because as long as one side breaks through first, the other wouldn’t be a match at all!”

“But even though Ji Qing’s realm isn’t high, he still hold the advantage earlier!” Shangguan Lingxue said uncertainly.

Shangguan Lingyun said with a sigh, “Between Ji Qing and Zhao Chenggan, it is not as balanced as between Zhao Chenggan and me. The reason why Ji Qing can persist until now is by relying entirely on his concepts comprehension, which is a cut above the rest! And his greatest shortfall is his realm!”

Pausing for a moment, Shangguan Lingyun continued again, “Just now, Ji Qing already probed Zhao Chenggan. He’s unable to shake off Zhao Chenggan’s vital energy lock-on! With Ye Yuan’s concepts comprehension, as long as he has a Sea Transformation Realm strength, he can absolutely get rid of Zhao Chenggan’s lock-on! But now . . . he must forcefully resist this blow from Zhao Chenggan head-on! And forcefully withstanding this attack face on, even I will die for sure!”

“What? Even you’ll die for sure too? This . . . How is this possible?” Shangguan Lingxue turned pale with fright.

Even the Shangguan Lingyun who was ranked equally with Zhao Chenggan said that it was a certain death. Just how horrifying was the power of this attack?!