Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Terrifying Battle


“There’s nothing that is impossible! The offensive power of a spear is extremely strong in the first place. Zhao Chenggan comprehended true intent too. If my conjectures are right, this move should have encompassed all of his comprehension towards attack and is no trifling matter. Of course, if I were his opponent, I obviously wouldn’t wait foolishly for him to come and stab me. When it comes down to it, Ji Qing is still too disadvantageous in terms of realm,” Shangguan Lingyun said confidently.

“Then, do you think that Ji Qing can ward off this blow?” Shangguan Lingxue asked curiously.

“I don’t know! I completely can’t figure out Ji Qing’s ins and outs. In comparison to Zhao Chenggan, this is a more terrifying adversary. Because you’ll never know what kind of surprise he’s going to bring you next!” Shangguan Lingyung said with a grave face.

Although Shangguan Lingyun and Zhao Chenggan had already not had a frontal battle for a long time, everyone grew up together and could more or less estimate each other’s strength.

But Ji Qing was different. Since standing on the stage, Ye Yuan’s means had been emerging in an endless stream!

Divine soul attack, absolute defense, Thousand Flowing Petals, and Half-Moon Slash. Even the Xue Family’s ultimate technique, Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, Ye Yuan used it even better than the Xue Family’s Family Head.

No one knew what kind of perverse move Ye Yuan would use next.

. . . . . .

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and actually closed his eyes!

This scene gave everyone a huge shock.

“What is Ji Qing doing here? Gave up on resisting?”

“Maybe . . . he’s preparing some move?”

“Prepare what ass move?! Don’t you see that he didn’t maneuver any essence energy at all? Seventh Prince’s next move is bound to be an extremely deadly attack. He’s still not launching any martial technique now. Isn’t this waiting for death?”

Zhao Chenggan was also slightly stunned when he saw this scene. But this did not hamper him from continuing to strengthen his momentum!

The essence of this move from Zhao Chenggan was momentum!

He could not release Spear Shadow Carnage’s accumulated momentum, but it did not mean that his comprehension on momentum was a total mess.

On the contrary, in comprehension on momentum, Zhao Chenggan was extremely formidable!

It also because of this that he created this current move!

The momentum of Spear Shadow Carnage was too hard to amass.

“Heh heh,you know that you can’t avoid this hit so you gave up on resisting? But I won’t show mercy!” Zhao Chenggan said with a cold laugh in his heart.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly opened his eyes. A majestic aura undulated out with him as the center!

“Are you trying to force me to have a head-on confrontation with you here? Fine, as you wish!” Ye Yuan’s calm voice entered the ears of everyone present here.

This voice was so composed that it made people feel hard to get close to as if Ye Yuan was a person from another world!

“This . . . This is Heart Like Still Water! That’s right! This is absolutely Heart Like Still Water! The heart realm that even Zhao Chenggan is unable to comprehend, this boy actually comprehended it at the Crystal Formation Realm!” Shangguan Wenrui who had been calm the entire time finally showed an astonished look.

“Truly unbelievable! He’s only sixteen. Heart Like Still Water, there might not even be one in a hundred million martial artists that can comprehend it! How on earth did he do it?” Xue Hongfei said with a vicissitude of emotion.

Under anticipating eyes, Ye Yuan’s two palms was gradually brought up from the sides. Two distinctly different essence energy attributes extended out from his two palms!

A miniature whirlwind was held in the palm of his left hand. The whirlwind was currently expanding rapidly, gradually taking on the features of a wind dragon!

A small cluster of pale yellow flames was held in the center of his right hand. The flame grew increasingly vigorous as it blazed, gradually forming a fire dragon!

Ye Yuan was currently mobilizing heaven and earth essence energy frenziedly right now!

Half-step Sea Transformation could only mobilize heaven and earth essence energy in an extremely small radius area. But to Ye Yuan, Half-Step Sea Transformation was already enough to let his affinity towards heaven and earth essence energy reach an exceptionally terrifying extent.

Ye Yuan entered Heart Like Still Water State in order to maximize this affinity to muster even more essence energy!

At this instant, Ye Yuan was also already staking it all on one last throw!

Zhao Chenggan’s momentum was still in the midst of rising rapidly!

Right then, Zhao Chenggan’s aura finally rose to its peak!

“Tyrant Martial Howling Cloud Spear, Glimpse . . . of . . . Heaven!” Zhao Chenggan gave a low cry.

A spear pierced out, sweeping along with boundless heaven & earth essence energy; violent to the extreme!

Where it passed by, sand and stone were flung all around! The entire stage was already pulverized to dust by his one spear!

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s palms pushed. Two small dragons gushed forth, instantaneously tangling together!

“Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon!” Ye Yuan roared.

In the process of the intertwining, the two small dragons actually gradually merged into one, becoming a colossal dragon of wind and fire!

The gigantic dragon roared as it swept over towards Zhao Chenggan. It actually gave off a series of dragon roars!

Xiao Changfeng’s expression changed abruptly, and he yelled out, “Quick! Quickly dodge!”

Actually, no need for him to shout. Everyone below the stage already noticed something off.

These two people’s moves were overly terrifying. Once they clashed together, they completely dare not imagine what would happen!

Current, the entire platform had already turned into fine powder. Blast waves rolled out in all directions wave after wave!

Looking at the distinguished guests on the stand, they had long left their seats.

While the audiences were thrown into confusion, the two people’s attacks collided together!


An explosion sound which reverberated through the skies sounded out, shocking until everyone’s eardrums hurt.

A dazzling light spread out like the sun, blinding the people until they could not open their eyes at all!

“Quickly run!Ahh!”A martial artists thought that he had retreated to a safe distance. But he quickly discovered something wrong and was sent flying by the enormous air blast.



. . . . . .

Miserable cries rose after one another. Only to see martial artists being sent flying by the enormous air blast one by one.

The power of a single attack was utterly appalling!

“What . . . What on earth happened? What the hell did those two people do?!Ouch!So painful!”

“Is this freaking hell the battle of Sea Transformation Realm martial artists? When were Sea Transformation Realm martial artists powerful to this extent?”

“What happened to those two people? Who in the world won?”

“Don’t know. I completely can’t see at all! That blinding light has already persisted for over a dozen breaths and actually hasn’t dissipated yet!”

Many people squinted, wanting to see what happened inside that bundle of light. But they only saw a vast expanse of white light and could not see anything at all.

Several more breaths passed. The white light finally dissipated slowly. The first thing that reflected in the eyes of the audience was a stretch of ruins.

The platform had already disappeared entirely, and what replaced it was a huge pit!

In the huge pit, Zhao Chenggan stood with his spear. That appearance was very intimidating.

And opposite him, Ye Yuan was struck out over a hundred feet away, his clothing tattered, and injuries all over his body, looking very alarming.

Once Xiao Ruyan saw, her eyes immediately turned red!

She pulled down the head veil with a grab and rushed in front of Ye Yuan like flying. Propping Ye Yuan up, tears flowed down with a pitter-patter.

Ye Yuan’s eyes were tightly shut, his complexion pale white, looking feeble to the extreme.

“Young Master Ji, a-are you alright?”